Lonely Ryuu

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  1. >Lonely-Ryuu's birthday
  2. >The shrine is overgrown with weeds and creepers
  3. >The Shirohebi priestesses have all left her, telling her she's a worthless lizard who can't even help the Humans in the nearby valley harvest crops or bring rain
  4. >That she should just lose all of the Faith and disappear like the good-for-nothing Goddess she is
  5. >She's sitting alone in her room, a small homemade cupcake with a single candle lit on it
  6. >Her shoddy, hand-sewn dolls seated around the table with her
  7. >The cupcake is chocolate
  8. >She always hated chocolate, it's bitter and it's far too rich for her
  9. >As she's choking and sobbing on it, crying herself a "Happy Birthday", there's a small shuffling sound outside
  10. >She moves towards the wooden walkway outside of her room
  11. >There's a small box tied with a pretty pink bow on top of it, with a small placard attached to it
  12. >"I want to believe", it reads
  13. >Inside the box is a small jade magatama on a make-shift necklace of leather cord
  14. >She sees the young boy trying to be stealthy as he runs back towards the village path
  15. >Her heart skips a beat as she clasps the magatama in both of her claws, holding it to her heart, her tears drying up
  16. >It was the first time somebody had given her a present
  17. >She would cherish it forever
  19. >Some time later, the boy re-appears at the shrine
  20. >His face is bruised, one eye swollen shut
  21. >The local band of Oni children and others had beaten him up for defending the "False Goddess" of the mountain and sticking to the old faiths
  22. >She doesn't approach him, watching from the shadows as he cries to himself, almost mocking himself and his father for their rigidness in their beliefs
  23. >A Ryuu who has no Faith, able to accomplish anything? Surely it was a cruel jest, it'd be better if the world just disappeared
  24. >She calls out to him, the soft voice garnering his attention
  25. >She's shrunk in size considerably due to the lack of faith or spirit energy from humans, looking more like an adolescent than a five hundred year old dragon
  26. >He perks up and pretends to act tough for her, smiling a toothy smile
  27. >She giggles back when he nearly falls over after seeing the gift on her neck, the rosy red blush on his face
  28. >He runs off, coming back the next day and the day after that
  29. >Tending for the shrine by re-painting it, re-shingling it, picking weeds and tending to the yards
  30. >She's utterly confused as to why he's putting himself through such backbreaking work in order to please her
  31. >Early mornings he tends to his father's fields, then spends the rest of the days at her shrine
  32. >The days are peaceful and quiet now
  33. >As he lays his head in her lap, she smiles, tracing her claws in his hair
  34. >For one person to go through such lengths, it was either a fool's errand or.... No, it couldn't possibly be
  35. >It shouldn't be
  37. >Spring becomes Autumn, and with it a daytime shower
  38. >She swallows hard, contemplating what she's about to do as she sees the boy coming up the path, carrying water on his shoulders on a wooden pole
  39. >There's a brief pause when she asks him if he knows how a Goddess such as her obtains Faith from the humans
  40. >He responds matter-of-factly the duality of her existence and that of a Curse Goddess
  41. >The Curse Goddess would eat the hardships of the people and make the land easy to till and their aches to disappear
  42. >Allowing her to reap the Faith, which would be like poison to her counterpart
  43. >She nods to him, stammering there's also a more... direct way
  44. >It's the moment of truth
  45. >Grabbing his hands in her claws, she leads him towards the back of the shrine and tells him to wait outside as she makes preparations
  46. >In a few minutes, she calls out to him
  47. >He enters, afraid at first to enter what'd be considered the Holy of Holies
  48. >His fear doubling as he sees her reclining there, naked, the folds of her labia a rosy pink color
  49. >She tells him it's the most efficient way
  50. >That she'd only ask him to do this if he loved her as much as she believed he did
  51. >He gulps heavily, asking her what to do
  52. >At her request, he undresses, feeling the stirring in his groin
  53. >There's a fire lit in both of them as she moves forward, tenderly hugging him, wrapping around his lower legs with her serpentine half
  54. >His youthful body is hard, lean with muscle from the fields
  55. >She almost resents herself for having regressed into this form
  56. >There's a hardness pressing against her stomach, his arousal apparent
  57. >He moans softly, humping, rubbing her abdomen with his cock
  58. >She giggles and draws him closer with her tail
  59. >Her lips are soft as she kisses him, cooing she loves him, and that she hopes he won't hate her for this
  60. >He whispers he could never do that to his Goddess
  62. >He starts to dry hump her again in between kisses
  63. >Her stomach is so smooth, and it feels so nice
  64. >There's something welling up inside of his shaft
  65. >He's scared, but she reassures him it's his body responding to the pleasure
  66. >His cock pulses as it jettisons the muddy white fluid onto her mostly flat chest, he's apologizing profusely to her now
  67. >She giggles and tells him it's perfectly natural for one's first time to be so fast, and that it didn't even take the edge off of him
  68. >He's watching with some fear as her claw reaches down to his still-erect member and guides the head towards her lower lips
  69. >She tightens her hold on him and presses their bodies together as she guides him into her grasping sheath
  70. >It's painful at first for her, muscles that hadn't been used for centuries re-awakening and pulling on his girth
  71. >It feels good, almost too good
  72. >He grunts, shooting another load inside of her
  73. >Both of them topple over as she grinds herself on him, telling him how much she loves him, has always loved him
  74. >They both get lost in each other's bodies, their combined heat feeling like they're melting together
  75. >Several days pass as they stay conjoined, she's fully reverted to her buxom, adult form
  76. >Her lover is suckling on her breast like a babe as she works him to a final, cataclysmic orgasm
  77. >Giving him the feeling of flight, his warmth seeping into her stomach
  78. >She kisses him on the forehead after they seperate, the boy nuzzling his face into the pillow
  79. >The room is thick with the miasma of sweat and coitus
  80. >But she has other work to do
  81. >She falls backwards, into the Earth itself
  82. >Becoming one with it
  83. >Thunder cracks above the valley, a downpour starting, making the land soft to till and fertile
  84. >The villagers below are confused beyond their wildest dreams
  85. >But the boy's father falls in religious reverence to his knees, supplicating himself
  86. >Above, in the clouds, a large silhouette can be seen
  87. >A Dragon, the antlered lion's head swimming with its body
  89. >Years pass
  90. >The shrine is bustling with activity now
  91. >A Shirohebi miko tends to the shrine now, smiling in her adolescent innocence how the Goddess of the Mountain was kind enough to allow her to serve her given the sordid past her kind had with the Ryuu
  92. >A young man wearing a blue kimono patterned with koi and lily pads walks past her, his wooden sandals clacking on the stone path
  93. >She's confused at first, wanting to stop him
  94. >An elderly woman from the valley smiles and gives her an 'ara ara', asking her if she knew who he was
  95. >She responds with having no idea
  96. "If your Mistress is the Heavens, then that boy is the Earth. Without those two, this shrine... this valley would be nothing."
  97. >The Shirohebi remains confused until she notices her Mistress practically flying into the stranger's arms
  98. >Nuzzling her face into his neck as he pats her on the head
  99. >Such a childish Mistress, wanting to be spoiled
  100. >By... By...
  101. >She can feel the nosebleed as she turns around, noticing the wedding band on both the young man's right hand and her Mistress' claw
  102. >They both look back at her and smile warmly, heading into her living quarters in the back
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