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Perapera Chinese: “Current browser only” mode bugfix and use

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Apr 4th, 2016
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  1. Bug: When in "Current browser only" mode, I had to manually enable the extension for every tab. Disabling worked for all tabs at once though. It didn't seem like an intended behaviour and Rikaichan does it differently
  3. Fix:
  4. It's just a partially reversion to Rikaichan code. (bro.cperapera==null) could be elaborated into (bro.cperapera===null || bro.cperapera===undefined) if you still prefer to keep it strict
  6. Useless condition: I have no idea why ((ppcConfig.enmode > 0) || (ppcConfig.enmode < 2)) is there. That's always true for any integer ppcConfig.enmode, and so has no effect. Rikaichan (hope I'm not annoying with this one) does have just (rcxConfig.enmode>0) in there
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