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  1. In the beginning the only reason they got a spot on our team was because of the great opportunity we had; they got put in with guys who probably were never going to be good players."
  3. The biggest challenge is getting that chemistry back. After the team traded away defenseman Cody Franson this summer and then lost winger Brendan Gallagher, it is going to take more than just finding chemistry for them to get where they're planning to go.
  5. Garrison said the biggest hurdle in building a successful team will be convincing players there is a purpose for them on the team.
  7. "You've got to be clear and it's not just a bunch of guys that are here because they know what they're signed to," he said. "What's important? What's the plan? Where are you going? You gotta make the guys understand what they're really meant to do."
  9. Garrison said the team needs to keep the team together and not bring in free agents for a month or two because when the guys start to feel their bodies getting stronger they will lose their cohesion and cohesion is Garrison said the team needs to keep the team together and not bring in free agents for a month or two because when the guys start to feel their bodies getting stronger they will lose their cohesion and cohesion is important on the field. That will be an adjustment for us."
  11. The Cowboys were the first team to play on national television, an indication that the Cowboys have the game within their grasp.
  13. "We'll be playing in front of a nationwide audience, we're going to be on a nightly network, and it's going to be interesting to see from that standpoint," said defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli. "We really think this is a game where we have some opportunity. We don't want to leave anything on the field."
  15. The Cowboys have played two games on national television since winning a franchise-record 17 straight from 2012-14 and Marinelli said he is excited about how the fans will respond to one of the biggest games of his tenure.
  17. "That's good for me, personally. They know I do things a lot different than what they think I should do," Marinelli said.
  19. "That's part of the learning process, and to learn how to do that, and to learn how to do it better, because that's a huge thing."
  21. The Yankees are in need of a starting pitcher who can complement last year's starting rotation, and, if things go right, could even win a bullpen title in 2013. But in a sense, that will all depend on how much the team decides to spend in free agency.
  23. "What you've seen all summer is that there are a lot of good pitchers out there," Peralta said.
  25. In particular, Peralta is intrigued by a trio of pitchers: Yovani Gallardo, Lance Lynn and Jason Hammel.
  27. "I can't stand those guys and those pitchers," Peralta said. "I think those three pitchers are really good and should make the rotation. I don't think they're going to cost $100 million."
  29. Although the Yankees have high expectations of their young starters, in free agency, it's possible that none of them could come cheap -- unless they were to sign Hammel and Gallardo.
  31. "There's the big picture -- we need to be able to keep everybody healthy, which means everyone is healthy and is capable to pitch against some good pitchers. And that's a lot of time," said Yankees manager Joe Girardi. "There are some guys that are going to get paid at a higher level, and at a much higher price.
  33. "But the big picture is to be able to keep guys healthy."
  35. Hammel and Gallardo are two of the top pitchers in the game, and the Yankees can afford both.
  37. It's possible that the Yankees could be looking at Hammel's contract next winter, although if he signs elsewhere, it makes more sense to keep him here, with a low-cost, high-impact pitcher.
  39. The Yankees could also keep Gallardo, although if he's willing to take the long-term deal that Gallardo wants, he might find a place next to Hammel. The two have the most potential to be a great tandem next season, and as long as Gallardo is a Yankee, the Yankees will be happy to keep him.
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