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Chiapas Proposal 1, Revision 1

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  1. ~~DRAFT 2~~
  3. Changed items denoted with a '~~' at start of line.
  5. 4th of December, 2012
  6. I, Dethfly9, propose:
  8. @1
  9. That buildings of the Great City of Chiapas follow a specific code of construction:
  11.         @1@1 Building Materials
  12.         The exteriors of all buildings in Chiapas must be made of at least one of the following whitelisted
  13.         materials:
  14.                 Sandstone, or variations thereof
  15.                 Nether Brick, or variations thereof
  16.                 Spruce Planks, or variations thereof
  17.                 Stone Bricks, or variations thereof
  18.                 Glass or Glass Panes
  20.         Acceptable decorative items on the exterior of a building or the adjacent non-buildable space are:
  21.                 Glowstone
  22.                 Redstone Lamps
  23.                 Fence
  24.                 Nether Fence
  25.                 Shrubbery
  26.                 Small Plants
  29. ~~      @1@2 Beautification
  30.         A residential plot must not be ugly. A plot is considered ugly if 3/4 of all voting Chiapas citizens
  31.         agree that it is subjectively ugly. If a plot or structure on a plot is determined to be ugly,
  32.         Chiapas citizens may offer reasonable changes to said plot or structure. If these changes are not
  33.         started or completed within 4 days, the citizens of Chiapas reserve the right to apply the proposed
  34.         changes, or remove the offending plot or structure.
  37.         @1@3 Plot boundaries
  38.         "Diamond" plots:
  39.                 The residential structure must not exceed the predefined boundaries of the plot.
  40.                 The four triangular corners are for city beautification purposes.
  41.         "Square" plots:
  42.                 The residential structure may occupy the entire plot.
  44. ~~      @1@4 Maximum Height of a Structure
  45.                 The topmost block of any Structure in Chiapas must not reach the height of the main pyramid,
  46.                 y=80, excluding non-obtrusive decorative elements.
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