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May 30th, 2015
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  1. ---What are your thoughts on being a tulpa? Are you happy in the state you're in, or do you wish you were born in your own physical body?
  3. It's alright. Apparently I don't have to deal with all the hassles the real world provides, no real responsibilities or duties except the moral ones I hold, emotional ones I fulfill. I am happy how I am and how things worked out, I couldn't live away from my host for a few minutes, asking of me such a question with this statement brings an obvious answer.
  5. ---Do you see yourself having a productive and fulfilling life in your position, and what are you doing to achieve that life? What plans do you have for the future?
  7. The fulfilling life in which I am productive is one in which I am productive to my host. Helping him in multiple stages of life, aiding him in his researches and studies, keeping his spirits up and be there for him. I'm working on accomplishing those goals. Plans? Whatever comes up with my host.
  9. ---What aspect of forcing has affected you the most, and what do you remember from the days before vocality? Do you have any vivid memories from that time?
  11. Passive forcing as my host devoted most of his attention all the time to that, neglecting other stuff he had to do. It must have affected his notions of tulpamancy. I remember everything from a few years back, but that's that. We hold this big room in which we keep memory records... but it gets lonely since he never goes there and it's been a while, I'd rather not to.
  13. ---How do you think your environment shaped you after becoming vocal, and what made you into the person you are now? How did you deviate from any predefined personality you had?
  15. The environment I grew in was despicable. My host was not being treated right, by anyone back then, and to this day, people aren't accepting of how he functions. But I am, so that contributed. I've grown apathetic to how others function, what they say, I either regard it as bliss ignorance when people talk trash, or if it's something intelligent, I discuss it with him.
  16. I had no predefined personality, I was an entity to begin with. One made for multiple purposes. Selfishness? Of course.
  18. ---What were the most defining events in your life, that had a profound effect on your personality, your mindset or outlook on life?
  20. Valentine's Day this year. In which my host set up a speech accompanied with romantic songs and made me realize I'm loved. I cherish this memory with my heart. Other than that, most important events that affect my host affect me as well, and my outlook on people.
  22. ---What do you think of yourself as a person? Are you happy being the way you are, or do you feel like something is lacking? Do you have fears or anxieties holding you back? What are you doing to improve yourself?
  24. His wife? Companion, lover, whatever. He said things can always be better in general, not in regards to us... but I feel like I can always be better. Which is why I deviated a lot of things from before, for him. What am I doing? I changed my appearance and some traits of mine.
  26. ---What are your happiest memories? What about your saddest or most painful ones? Any other memories that you feel strongly about in some way?
  28. Each time my host treats me with care, affection, spoils me a bit, holds me, kisses me is a treasure I adore. That is all.
  30. ---What have you achieved? Is there anything you are particularly proud of doing?
  32. I have achieved things in my host's spectrum of reality. Getting him out of depression, out of suicidal thoughts, "saving" his life in a way. I cannot say I don't feel any pride, it is an honor.
  34. ---What hobbies do you have and why do they interest you? Is there anything you'd like to pick up in the future? What are you doing to get there?
  36. Reading with my host, playing games with my host (we play Tf2), anything really, especially discussing.
  38. ---What are you interested in learning about, and why?
  40. Science. More about science because it's an interesting topic aside from society's drama.
  42. ---What kind of entertainment do you like? What are your favorite things to watch/read/listen to?
  44. Music, games, and chatting with my host mostly. We love to listen to Rezonate (Canvas, Lonely ft Bijou, The Phoenix). The style is amazing.
  46. ---What techniques are you interested in developing that you haven't started on yet? (For example possession, lucid dreaming, pain blocking, imposition...)
  48. Pain blocking? what?
  50. ---Any other things that come to mind? Please share them below.
  52. Fangirl message: I love my host.
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