Hexferry disconected

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >You're Anonymous and in Equestria with the mothponies
  2. >and you are a bit worried about Hexferry
  3. >one evening she questioned you about human world music and the two of you spended the evening listening to stuff
  4. >and Hexferry seemed to like it
  5. >then she colored her mane and tail black
  6. >then came the black clothing with studs and spikes and chains
  7. >and there she is, sipping on her honey, wearing her black vest and red/black checked skirt with those socks of hers
  8. >and it seems she has drawn a heart around her left eye with makeup
  9. >you keep sipping your morning energy drink
  10. "Anon, I was thinking about a piercing on my genitelia"
  11. >you proceed to spit the energy drink out comically
  12. >"What!"
  13. >Hexferry looks at you questionably
  14. "I think it would be cool"
  15. >you slam the can of energy drink down onto the table, sending some of it flying around
  16. >"That's it!"
  17. >you get up and scoop Hexferry up into your arms and walk to your music collection as she struggles and makes angry moth noises
  18. >"No more music"
  19. >you scoop all the cds into the trashcan and then go to Hexferrys room
  20. >"No more computer"
  21. >you push the computer onto the ground and it shatters aas Hexferry starers in shock
  22. >and then you walk to the bathrom while ripping clothes off of Hexferry
  23. "Anon stop!"
  24. >"Do not worry Hexferry, I will cleanse you"
  25. >you walk with her intot he shower room with yoru clothes on and start tp wash Hexferry as she scruntches angrily at you
  26. >"Yes, wash the filth away, cleanse the ferry..."
  27. >you rinse off all makeup and dye off of her
  28. "Anon you're scaring me!"
  29. >you pay no heed ot her heathen words and keep rubbing her
  30. "Anon it hurts!"
  31. >"Well you should have tought of that before"
  32. >you finish washing Hexferry and now dry her vigorously off with a towel while she shivers a bit in shock
  33. >after you are satisfied she's dry you scoop her up again
  34. >this time she does not resist
  35. >You carry her to the table and place her on her seat
  36. >then you taker a deep breath and start the morning up all the way from the beginning
  37. >"Good morning Hexferry, nice to see you finally woke up"
  38. >you fetcha nother energy drink from the fridge
  39. "Anon...I tought you could only drink one energy drink per morning or it made your stomach go ba-"
  40. >you stare Hexferry dead in the eyes
  41. >"What are you talking about, this is my first Energy drink today"
  42. >Hexferry quiets down rather fast and you sip your drink
  43. >the rest of the breakfast was rather silent
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