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  1. Hello there.
  4. I would like to tell you first I'm sorry about that. Your documents, files, database, most are in original places or some moved to your local data. If you want to regain access to your local disk, all your files, documents, etc please send 2 BTC (Bitcoin) to this address: 15W3WjTsvx6Ao1vj9DiiYGuSTKcPHcFDqS as fast as you can and email me at If you dont know what bitcoin is, please ask me for bitcoin website that you can buy it fast or search on google for a local Bitcoin shop or ATM and transfer 2 BTC to this address: 15W3WjTsvx6Ao1vj9DiiYGuSTKcPHcFDqS
  6. It's not my fault if you are try to format disk and lose all. Here are only one way to get all back and regain access to your local hard disk drive and this way is to send 2 Bitcoin to this address: 15W3WjTsvx6Ao1vj9DiiYGuSTKcPHcFDqS
  8. It's just business not trying to get your money and then to not give to you the bitlocker password. Waiting for your reply to my email address ( or if the gmail not work ) if you wanna get the bitlocker password.
  10. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.
  12. Thanks for your time!
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