Horny Henry Walkthrough

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  1. Level 1 - Day -
  2. 1. Go to the right side of the house where the Power Switch is and turn if Off so that the Garage Door will Open
  3. 2. Go inside the Garage and find the note with the password on it. It is a receipt , click on it and rotate it to view the number. (4815)
  4. 3. Enter the number and open the main door of the house. Remember that you need to click Enter (Green button) for the door to unlock. It won't unlock by just typing the numbers.
  5. Note - While inside the house it is always best if you:
  6. a. Always Crouch to generate less noise
  7. b. Do not go near people
  8. c. Do not cross their line of sight.
  9. d. Sometimes it is best to let them walk away or towards their destination and then moving
  11. 4. CROUCH (ctrl button) and go behind the old man window (do not go near the old man) in the living room. There is a Key on the small desk there. Grab it.
  12. 5. CROUCH towards the kitchen and get the Oil.
  13. 6. Go at the basement and unlock the door
  14. 7. Go down the basement and turn off the water
  15. 8. Go back upstairs (main floor) and WAIT until the milf goes upstairs. DO NOT try to walk behind her since she will see you. Just... wait!
  16. 9. Exit the house and go behind your house (main house that you spawned. Go behind in your yard and find the "Legal Weed". Pick it up
  17. 10 . Press TAB to view your Inventory. Click on the Weed and COMBINE it with the Oil.
  18. 11. Go back into the house , go upstairs and WAIT outside her door (open it but do not enter) until she is looking out the window. When she is looking out the window RUN towards the closet door and push it open (hold mouse and move left) so you can walk inside.
  19. 12. Wait until she goes again to the window
  20. 13. Quickly exit the closet , drug her drink (near the bed) and rush back inside
  21. 14. WAIT until she goes near the drink , she will drink it (animation missing so you will only see her go near the drink) and then she will exit the bedroom and go in her son's room (For Patreon reasons I do not mention families etc so it is just a character in her house)
  22. 15. You can open his door and spy (Lean with Y or X or any other key you want to setup in the configuration)
  23. 16. Exit the house , go behind the house and Look through his window
  25. End of Level 1
  26. Level 2 is a bit harder but the flashlight will point you the way... I will post the walkthrough later
  28. Notes - You will get caught by them numerous times , don't worry , just try to go a step further each time.
  30. Level 2 - Night -
  31. walkthrough?:
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