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  1. Ok, brief run-down
  2. . the atk cap on drudd is koing 252/0 plume after sr + 1 round of lefties via z dragon, but this will basically encapsulate most of what i mean deem as key benchmarks (standard dhelmise / 252/0 king after sr being big). speed is for [modest] exeggutor-a down, creep doesn't seem to have escalated quite to the point where max jolly is worth and our steel is liable to get ohkoed by sr+dm on a bad roll. 132 hp / 12 def > 144 hp ensures you're never 2hko'd by sneasel knock
  3. . blastoise is pretty much fine as is. i will say, however, that on running numbers i feel like fast toise is maybe something to reconsider here; the offer of extra safety vs cat and (jolly) pangoro to me feels like an over-correction to me, and that while it'll probably get the job done all the same, having it retain the option of eating two edges from opposing aero feels to me just as worthwhile, if not maybe more for its more threatening endgame and the broader utility of a bulkier toise. your call, 240 hp / 220 def / 48 spe bold would be where i'd stand on it
  4. . i really feel like i missed something, but maybe everyone's just been gentleman's agreement-ing out of creeping aeros? cuz like we don't have a sturdy ground and our water is not that sturdy, if another aero is gonna go for edge that freely then the least i figure we do is ensure we can at worst tie. if not, then 56 hp / 168 atk / 100 def / 184 spe; you can opt out of predictions vs toge and sneasel by just never dying to stab from full and shard after sr, respectively, and it finds the extra hp to ensure you always live specs tinted lens air slash from sigilyph. overall i feel like dropping atk from aero to be pretty acceptable nine times of ten, it's playing like a utility way before it's a cleaner in the majority of games so having liberty to play it out earlier is gonna get more mileage than a stronger edge into a water, especially with plume in the back. current one specifically looks to cover z bb from braviary after sr while keeping as much in hp for fires.
  5. . incineroar needs, like, 232 atk to ensure it rk's panda under normal conditions so fuck it. figy > iapapa means that a (usually -atk natured) trick user confuses itself if it snatches and thereafter eats the berry
  6. . ok, so after crunching numbers on it all, plume mirrors are kinda just a crapshoot w/o z poison or team support that ensures the opposing plumes black sludge is negated (either consistent item removal or scald burns); max/max calm plume is still liable to drop to a +2 from the opposing plume given a top-end roll and completely forfeits any right to speed creep, so ultimately the most likely plume to win if they both are staring each other down from neutral is one that hits 298 spa (enough to always 2hko from +2) and the most speed. comes down to deciding where you want to stop and recognize you want plume for more than just the mirror, so this is my best approximation of that; hits the spa benchmark for the mirror, buffers it out sufficiently for the usual attacks (i believe the benchmark was again for exeggutor, though there were implications for sceptile hp ice as well), and push creep as best as one can. the major conceit here is going to always be [specs] heliolisk, there is something of a pressure to pursuit trap via aero here. whether that is worth or not is on you.
  7. . again, ran these numbers before, not much happening with this and frankly pulling atk from this mon is tough as is. personally, i've preferred adamant; winning a scarf toge speed tie always feels actively bad to me, and in comparison the slight uptick in attack makes some marginal gains in always ohkoing aero, making clicking a stab move into a yet-to-be-locked lisk feel like less of an auto-loss, etc. fwiw, i did 252 atk / 24 spd / 232 spe on that, all preference there.
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