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  1. [22:18] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): ((hey bud do me a favor))
  2. [22:19] Ashley Senfire (larrytc18): ((Me or him))
  3. [22:19] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): ((Jr))
  4. [22:19] Jr Marshmello (slientboy): what
  5. [22:19] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): ((One, Dont TP into a sim and then attempt to join an RP. Actually get around like the rest of us. Two Try not to kill my officers like ya almost just did))
  6. [22:20] Jr Marshmello (slientboy): wtf u talking about
  7. [22:20] Jr Marshmello (slientboy): i frove here
  8. [22:20] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): ((You heard me.))
  9. [22:20] Jr Marshmello (slientboy): drove*
  10. [22:20] Ashley Senfire (larrytc18): ((Marsh I'll eat your rear section if you don't skiddadle from my way >:( ))
  11. [22:20] Jr Marshmello (slientboy): fuck off you pig
  12. [22:20] Ashley Senfire (larrytc18): Oh god.
  13. [22:21] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): Okay for one
  14. [22:21] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): Im not a Pig im talking to you OOCly
  15. [22:21] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): Two
  16. [22:21] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): if you want to make this OOC
  17. [22:21] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): Your time in CC
  18. [22:21] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): Will be in my Jail
  19. [22:21] Ashley Senfire (larrytc18): (( I'mma just edit myself over y'all if you're alright with that :v ))
  20. [22:21] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): Do we have a problem here or should I let the sim owner handle it?
  21. [22:22] Jr Marshmello (slientboy): ur just being a dic when u know nothing
  22. [22:22] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): Dude
  23. [22:22] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): Im not Blind
  24. [22:22] Jr Marshmello (slientboy): obviously u are
  25. [22:22] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): So
  26. [22:22] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): You got two options
  27. [22:22] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): Shut up and return to your staging area
  28. [22:23] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): Or we can take this anther route
  29. [22:23] Jr Marshmello (slientboy): go eat donut
  30. [22:24] Kami Windbreaker (kamadan.aboma) is offline.
  31. [22:24] Jr Marshmello (slientboy): have a nice day officer
  32. [22:24] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): No
  33. [22:24] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): Your gunna wait
  34. [22:24] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): The sim owners gunna talk to you
  35. [22:24] Jr Marshmello (slientboy): ok
  36. [22:24] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): Its that guy right there
  37. [22:24] David Admiral (trent.admiral) waves
  38. [22:24] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): Ashley feel free to edit around us
  39. [22:25] ᴉnɥ Ɩ-ɥn llnq (bull.hui): your good
  40. [22:25] Ashley Senfire (larrytc18): (( Alright ))
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