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  1. //
  2. // LaunchOptions.txt
  3. //
  4. // This file allows you to define new command line options for the launcher without
  5. // editing the launcher code
  6. //
  7. // Assume that the retail game will have the option unchecked.  You can still set the default value to 'true' for development purposes.
  9. // Syntax: <typename>:<type specific data>
  10. // BOOL:'<true command>','<false command>',<default value {true|false}>,'<description>'
  12. // Forcing audio on when going through the launcher
  13. BOOL:' -Set DisableAudio=false',' -Set DisableAudio=false',false,'Disable Audio (currently ignored)'
  14. //BOOL:' -Set DisableAudio=true',' -Set DisableAudio=false',false,'Disable Audio'
  15. BOOL:' -Set RenderUseBatching=false', ' -Set RenderUseBatching=true',false,'Dont Use Render Batching'
  16. BOOL:' -Set DisplayBuildVersionHUD=true', ' -Set DisplayBuildVersionHUD=false',false,'Display Build Version HUD'
  17. BOOL:' -Set DisplayDebugTextHUD=true',' -Set DisplayDebugTextHUD=false',true,'Show Debug Text'
  18. BOOL:' -Set LimitFrequentErrors=true',' ',true,'Limit Frequent Errors'
  19. BOOL:' -noMemTracker',' ',false,'Disable Memory Tracking in Release'
  20. BOOL:' -Set ColorMipmapLevels=true',' -Set ColorMipmapLevels=false',false,'Colorize MipMaps'
  21. BOOL:' -Set EnableRenderProfiling=true',' -Set EnableRenderProfiling=false',false,'Enable Render Profiling'
  22. BOOL:' -Set UseDebugLineBatcher=true',' -Set UseDebugLineBatcher=false',false,'Use Debug Lines'
  23. BOOL:' -Set DisableIGC=true',' -Set DisableIGC=false',false,'Disable Cinematics'
  24. BOOL:' -Set HUDDisplaySafeFrame=true',' -Set HUDDisplaySafeFrame=false',false,'Display Safe Area(s)'
  25. BOOL:' -Set bShowHUD=false',' -Set bShowHUD=true',false,'Dont Show HUD'
  26. BOOL:' -Set PlayerEnableAllAbilities=true',' -Set PlayerEnableAllAbilities=false',false,'Give Mickey All Abilities'
  27. BOOL:' -Set SphericalHarmonicLightingDebug=true',' -Set SphericalHarmonicLightingDebug=false',false,'Show Spherical Harmonic Bounds'
  28. BOOL:' -RunTests',' ',false,'Run Unit Tests'
  29. BOOL:' -Set WiiRemoteSleepTime=0',' -Set WiiRemoteSleepTime=5',false,'Keep the Wiimote awake'
  30. BOOL:' -allowAllMemory',' ',false,'Allow the use of all memory in final'
  31. BOOL:' -Set DisplayFrameRateIcon=true',' ',false,'Display Framerate Icon'
  32. BOOL:' -Set DisplayDebugParticleText=true',' -Set DisplayDebugParticleText=false',false,'Display Debug Particle Text'
  33. BOOL:' -Set UseSmallerDebugText=true',' -Set UseSmallerDebugText=false',false,'Use Smaller Debug Text'
  34. BOOL:' -Set OutOfMemoryBoxOfDoom=true',' -Set OutOfMemoryBoxOfDoom=false',false,'Display OutOfMemoryBoxOfDoom!!!!'
  35. BOOL:' -Set DisplayAIMemoryInfo=true',' -Set DisplayAIMemoryInfo=false',false,'Display AI Memory Info'
  36. BOOL:' -Set MaximizeJigsawAIMemory=true',' -Set MaximizeJigsawAIMemory=false',false,'Maximize Jigsaw Memory Usage'
  37. BOOL:' -wiiMemoryReport',' ',true,'Report Wii Memory Usage'
  38. BOOL:' -memValidate',' ',false,'Validate Memory In Release'
  39. BOOL:' -Set ApprenticeSkip=true',' -Set ApprenticeSkip=false',false,'Skip Dialog'
  40. BOOL:' -Set ShowDevLevelLoad=true',' -Set ShowDevLevelLoad=false',true,'Show Dev Level Load'
  41. BOOL:' -Set AudioAllowSpillover=true',' -Set AudioAllowSpillover=false',false,'Allow Audio Spillover into MEM2'
  42. BOOL:' -Set GodModeOnPlayer=true',' -Set GodModeOnPlayer=false',false,'God Mode on Player'
  45. // TODO: Update this when/if variables get synced
  46. //BOOL:' -Set DemoLevelCheck=true -Set UI_E3Demo=true',' -Set DemoLevelCheck=false -Set UI_E3Demo=false',false,'Run as E3 demo'
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