KH2FM (PS2): Trial Mode

Oct 25th, 2018
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  1. Trial Mode is a Rom Hack/Mod of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, made by Sonicshadowsilver2. There are 100 Stages and after completion of a certain amount of worlds, you can save your game, receive a few rewards from chests, and visit some shops to refill on Potions/Ethers at each Resting Point. Certain Stages also have chests, and some Bonus Levels have been altered along with Drive Form EXP and Starting AP for all Difficulties.
  3. If you die before reaching the next Resting Point, you will go back to the previous Resting Point as if you got a Game Over. Only exception to this is if you die to Armor Xemnas I, Armor Xemnas II, and Final Xemnas due to how dying works during Final Battles and restarting the fight where you died on.
  5. Installation:
  6. To be able to play Trial Mode, you must have a copy of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and get the following:
  7. - PCSX2
  8. - F266B00B.pnach:
  9. - Copy the entire Pastebin linked above, paste it in Notepad/Wordpad, then make sure it's named as "F266B00B.pnach".
  10. - Make absolutely sure that "File name extensions" is checked!
  12. Once you have obtained the above things, place the F266B00B.pnach in "This PC/Documents/PCSX2/cheats" after setting up PCSX2, then click on "System" and "Enable Cheats".
  14. List of Stages can be found here:
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