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  1. 1st: Cutscene with all the starting stuff.
  3. 2nd Movie starts
  4. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. 1.
  6. 2. person escaped jail
  7. 3. he went into a tunnel where no body will see him (he made a kewl looking ok base)
  8. 4. 5 years later
  9. 5. with cool cutscene
  10. 6. his new lab to do his crime
  11. 7. his plan was to kill the president and steal all the money(not gunnar be ez)
  12. 8. then he started creating a team to defeat the presidents security forces
  13. 9. he robbed the bank 10 times leaving no trace it was him and framed someone
  14. 10. and then he started his plan one of his team members got framed by him and is salty
  15. 11. the team was searching information
  16. 12. the person who escaped jail orded techonoligical fastest pcs to make the proccess faster
  17. 13. and then he found that the president has a key which can opened a vault of government taxes
  18. 14. the vault of taxes cosits of the largest peoples money pile this is where all the money of rich humans come here
  19. 15. then he made up a plan to steal the key from the president sneakily
  20. 16. the thanksgiving day is held on nov 28th
  21. 17. the president is doing a celebration at the middle of the cityc
  22. 18. and the he made up a plan to kill the president and steal the key
  23. 19. after months of tiering work he finally made a weapon
  24. 20. the bio weapon which has the ebola virus
  25. 21. and this virus can kill the president(he might survive)
  26. 22. the ebola virus is only safely trapped inside of the cia agents lab which is only govenment and fbi can access through
  27. It gets out and one dud died when making
  28. 23. the person made up a plan to access this safety lab you know going down from the roof with a rope and all
  29. 24. one agent of his team found a piece of infomation paper with the map of the blox house
  30. 25. the agent told there is a id card which can open these doors
  31. 26. so he kidnapped a fbi member and wore his uniform and got his card
  32. 27. and then on november 19th he used the id card made a face looking like the a fbi agent and went inside stole the ebola virus microbe and a bio blaster
  33. 28. on november 28th he made his first strike and the city sniping
  34. 29. as soon as the president said happy thanksgiving he striked he told his team to wear up like his security offices and steal the key
  35. 30. the agents stole the key and gave to the man
  36. 31. but a fbi officer saw a security officer giving the key to the man
  37. 32. he told his fbi agents about this
  38. 33. the fbi agents were searching everywhere for this person
  39. 34. and found that the ebola virus was stolen in the lab
  40. 35. the agents made up the plan
  41. 36. the man enterd the key to the vault of tax
  42. 37. stole about 1000Billion dollars
  43. 38. the fbi agent vitnessed this robbery
  44. 39. he received from his phone and shot him with his pistol
  45. 40. the man avoided the bullet
  46. 41. and shooted the pistol
  47. 42. the pistol ran out of amo
  48. 43. the agents couldnt cover one security camara
  49. 44. and the man saw that that camara was rec
  50. 45. the police security didn't  tracked his face down
  51. 46. the police tracked down his location buy the finger prints left in the kidnapped guy
  52. 47.his team got arrested
  53. 48. to this day he is not to be found
  54. 49.end
  55. 50.credits
  56. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  58. Characters:
  59. Jessie
  60. Min
  61. Weer
  62. Zaf
  63. Nomi
  64. Ropu
  65. Jez
  66. Raoger
  67. Pew
  68. Deois
  69. more character choosen over time
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