Counseling on a Pfriday part 2 [talking] (Anon, Dazzlings, m

May 22nd, 2015
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  1. > The first thing you did when you and your son got home was to banish him to the bathroom
  2. > If he wants to spring this kind of stuff on you, he gets the dirty jobs
  3. > As for yourself, you rush around the front room, putting things away
  4. > Your feelings about your son's plans aside, you were taught to present a clean home to guests
  5. > For that and other reasons, Anon Jr's room is off limits
  6. > You have a bag of trash in your hand when the phone rings
  7. > You set the bag down with a sigh, and answer the phone
  8. "Hello?"
  9. > "Hello, Dr. Anon? I hear your son is planning a sleepover for tonight. An interesting guest list too."
  10. > Your blood runs cold at Principal Celestia's voice
  11. "I intend to kick them out around ten, to be honest."
  12. > "Might I offer an alternative?"
  13. > What
  14. "What? I mean, what do you have in mind?"
  15. > "I believe we should encourage a certain amount of normal behavior with the Dazzlings. To that end, Luna and I volunteer as chaperones to Junior's little get-together."
  16. > That is... odd
  17. "Ma'am, I-"
  18. > "Please, call me Celestia."
  19. > You swallow
  20. "Celestia. I don't think teenage boys and girls sleeping over is normal behavior, let alone behavior to encourage."
  21. > There's silence on the line for a long moment
  22. > "...I do have another reason for our coming to the sleepover."
  23. > Your heart speeds up, adrenalin coursing through your system
  24. > "There was a time when Luna refused to go to school."
  25. > Oh, not what you were thinking
  26. > Good?
  27. "Oh?"
  28. > "Let's just say that we had a rivalry, and I was winning. The last straw was when her last friend left her to join the popular kids. She withdrew to her room, and for what seems like a thousand years, we didn't see much of each other."
  29. "Even though you lived in the same home?"
  30. > "I wasn't exactly eager to interact with her either. At first, I resented her. After a while though, I just didn't know how to apologize. It had been too long, and we were both set in our ways. To make a long story short, we reconciled, but much of Luna's youth was spent in isolation. She's never even gone to a sleepover."
  31. > Ah
  32. "Hence your offer."
  33. > "Hence my offer."
  34. > You rub your face with one hand, and sigh
  35. "Looks like we're going to have a sleepover after all."
  36. > "Thank you, Dr. Anon."
  37. "Please, call me Anon."
  38. > She laughs
  39. > "Thank you, Anon. See you at seven."
  40. "Right, see you then."
  41. > The phone clicks and you chuckle ruefully
  42. > You get the feeling this night is going to spiral out of control, and you don't know whether or not you want it to
  43. > Well, one thing's for sure
  44. "Junior! The Principal and the Vice Principle are going to be chaperoning."
  45. > He appears at the top of the stairs, and gives you two thumbs up
  46. > "Getting two glasses of milf, very impressive."
  47. > You roll your eyes
  48. "Uh huh. You might want to reconsider your porn viewing plans."
  49. > He smiles winsomely
  50. > "Aren't you going to, ahem, distract them by that time?"
  51. "Son, I'm going to be backing them up on the no porn front."
  52. > "Shit."
  53. "Speaking of which, you better leave that bathroom spotless, my bosses may end up using it."
  54. > Anon Jr. salutes, and returns to his labor
  55. "Wait, are they expecting dinner?"
  56. > His head pops around the corner
  57. > "Don't worry, I ordered pizza in advance. We should be good."
  58. "Thinking ahead, I like it."
  59. > He grins and disappears around the corner
  60. > You gaze into the dinning room
  61. > You better get back to work too
  63. > Pizza boxes in the oven
  64. > Public rooms spic and span
  65. > You're as ready as you'll ever be
  66. > Door bell rings
  67. > You open the door to find Celestia and Luna
  68. "Welcome to my home."
  69. > Celestia smiles and hands you a bottle of cream soda
  70. > "Thank you for having us. In lieu of wine, we thought soda would be appropriate."
  71. "Indeed it is. Please, come in and have a seat, I'll join you in a minute."
  72. > You pass by the living room on your way to the kitchen
  73. > Anon Jr is sitting stiffly in the recliner, a nervous smile on his face
  74. > Heh
  75. > You put the soda away and return to the living room
  76. > The sisters have chosen the loveseat, so you take the spare chair off to the side
  77. > Luna nods at you
  78. > "Your home is much cleaner than I expected. I applaud your efforts."
  79. "Thank you?"
  80. > "Sister!" Celestia hisses
  81. > Luna tilts her head to the side
  82. > "Is it not impressive? Two males, living alone, and yet there are no socks nor used tissues to be found."
  83. > Celestia smiles weakly
  84. > "Very impressive. So, Anon! How are things at work?"
  85. "Pretty good. Aside from three notable cases, people have been getting along rather well. I do wonder if all the unusual events have unified the student body more than what otherwise might be."
  86. > Celestia relaxes a bit, and nods in agreement
  87. > "I'm not sure why the school is such a magical locus, but I can't complain about the results."
  88. > The door bell rings
  89. "Junior, would you like to get that?"
  90. > He jumps up, keen to escape the relatively boring conversation
  91. > The three adults shamelessly eavesdrop
  92. > Anon Jr opens the door
  93. > "Welcome, ladies, to the anonapalooza!"
  94. > Sonata giggles, Adagio murmurs a thank you, and Aria grunts
  95. > The girls settle on the couch with stilted pleasantries to the adults
  96. > An awkward silence descends
  97. > Sonata gazes at you, then your son
  98. > "Soooo...are we gonna watch the porn or what?"
  99. > Aria facepalms
  100. > Adagio covers Ms. Dusk's mouth, laughing nervously
  101. > "What she meant was...ah, "
  102. > Anon Jr. sits stock still in fear
  103. > Luna raises her eyebrows and smiles at him politely
  104. > "Oh, how interesting. What's the title?"
  105. > Principal Celestia shoots you a panicked look
  106. "I don't think that pornography would really be appropriate, considering the group..."
  107. > The vice-principal tilts her head
  108. > "Why not? We are all adults, except for your son. From what I have gathered, he is the one who recommended it, so the damage is done. Am I missing something?"
  109. > Her confidence fell a bit in that last sentence, and she seems almost fragile in some way
  110. > You'll have to be gentle
  111. "The fact remains, they are students and we are in positions of power over them. It would not be appropriate to expose them to eroticism in our presence, and we shouldn't leave them alone for such a morally questionable activity."
  112. > You can see her thinking this over
  113. > Then Adagio crosses her legs and leans forward with an earnest smile
  114. > "Dr. Anon, you are thinking of this in the wrong way. You've said that you would do your best to earn our trust, and that we could trust you. What better way to build on that, than by sharing secret but harmless confidences?"
  115. "My sexual preferences are not harmless little secrets. I also spoke of respecting boundaries, but it looks like the principle didn't sink in."
  116. > Adagio leans back in mock alarm
  117. > "Your preferences aren't harmless? I'm sorry, but now we are morally obligated to find out about your dangerous fetishes that you struggle to keep secret. Don't you agree, Principal Celestia?"
  118. > Your boss opens her mouth, but Luna speaks first
  119. > "Is it pedophilia? Or maybe non-con? Furries? What are you hiding, Doctor?"
  120. > You close your eyes and pinch the bridge of your nose
  121. "My preferences are not dangerous. It's just a bad idea for students to know things like that about their teachers or counselors. Honestly, I'm sure my tastes are no more eccentric than yours."
  122. > Celestia glances apprehensively between Luna and you
  123. > Perhaps another voice of reason will join the discussion
  124. > "In that case, I think we must see your pornography."
  125. > Or not
  126. > You try to keep the hurt off your face, but some of it must have showed
  127. > Celestia smiles a little helplessly at you
  128. > "Don't misunderstand, it's because I trust that it won't be terrible. It's a little unorthodox, but I do think the Dazzlings would benefit from understanding you on more equal terms. After all, you are quite aware of their sexual preferences."
  129. > Sonata has the decency to blush
  130. > Aria is merely bored
  131. > Adagio is nodding along seriously
  132. > Junior is looking at you like you are some sort of god
  133. > Luna is clearly bewildered at the fuss
  134. "Alright, alright. Who am I to blow against the wind? Go for it, son."
  135. > Junior lurches into action, pulling a blank DVD case from his backpack and putting the disk on the tray
  136. > So much for having a normal sleepover.
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