BWR - Changelog 30/09/23

Sep 30th, 2023 (edited)
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  1. Huo-Long Heater
  2. ~ Fixed oversight with explosion caused when heavy suicides or switches teams
  3. The Eyelander
  4. ~ Fixed health penalty changes to weapon on spawn and killing
  5. ~ Fixed speed boost on-kill not applying
  6. + Reduced max secondary ammo penalty to -50% (was -75%)
  7. Bug fixing with these two weapons, as well as trying to lessen the downside on the eyelander due to it's less impactful snowballing.
  9. The Manmelter
  10. + Added 100% damage bonus vs burning players
  11. - Removed crits on burning players
  12. - Removed +50% damage bonus
  13. This change is meant to make crits with the weapon more impactful if they properly combo it with their flames, without making long range snipes too powerful.
  15. The Vita-Saw
  16. - Organs capped at 4 max
  17. The ability to stack endless amount of healing and crit swings in one's pocket was rather intense, so limiting it to only 4 heads should help encourage the medic spread the heals more.
  19. Ullapool Caber
  20. + Increased damage on explosion to +15% (was +10%)
  21. The damage was still a bit inconsistent due to fall-off, with this it should more reliably kill a light class in one hit.
  23. The Machina
  24. + Projectile penetrates buildings (limited to first target up to 256 HU past building)
  25. An attribute oft requested to help the Machina stand out more, allowing it to take care of engineers hunkered behind their sentries.
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