House Kaliaxix Session 7

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  3. Jun 13 16:04:02 <SqueeGM>       When we left off, Lehkurehn had been given a new mission by Tehdnehr: He would accompany a caravan to a neighboring town willing to negotiate for its cargo of imported spices, foods, fabrics, and metals. The roads are dangerous this time of year, but the reward would be handsome. The caravan sets out in two days' time, so the rest of the party (Kerosis) has until then to decide whether or not they wish to accompany him.
  4. Jun 13 16:05:12 <SqueeGM>       It's about midday, Lehkurehn and Hotehkhehn, who will have decided to stay behind for obvious reasons, having ventured out to buy supplies with their payment from the last job, while Lahodin and Kerosis stayed behind and talked, mostly, though Lahodin would also choose to resume her kitchen duties.
  5. Jun 13 16:05:17 <SqueeGM>       On the way there, Lehkurehn and Hotehkhehn had rendezvoused with a group of strange tombdogs who worshipped a leader, Iaxihrehn. Lehkurehn had promised to worship him as well in exchange for saving his life, but seemed to have little intention of doing so.
  6. Jun 13 16:07:13 <Lehkurehn>     So we are back to start of day 1?
  7. Jun 13 16:07:22 <SqueeGM>       The middle of day 1.
  8. Jun 13 16:09:50 <Lehkurehn>     Welp. Gonna go look around the manor and see if there's any incense.
  9. Jun 13 16:12:20 <SqueeGM>       Hakohlixix, seeing Lehkurehn pass by, pipes up from his spot near the door. "Ah, Lehkurehn! Tehdnehr said that he has a job for you while you're waiting for the caravan to leave."
  10. Jun 13 16:13:36 <Lehkurehn>     "Ah, does he?"
  11. Jun 13 16:14:22 *       Lehkurehn will head over to Tehdnehr's room and poke his head in. "You wanted to see me, sir?"
  12. Jun 13 16:18:09 <SqueeGM>       "Ah, yes," Tehdnehr says, looking away from the window he's standing at. "It would be best for you to oversee the caravan as it is assembled. I recommend you head down to town; they should be docking and unloading some of the boats now."
  13. Jun 13 16:19:45 <Lehkurehn>     "Same old, same old then. Anything else?"
  14. Jun 13 16:22:13 *       Kerosis doesn't seem to have anything important to deal with, and will go gawk at said boats.
  15. Jun 13 16:23:52 *       Lehkurehn will head into town then.
  16. Jun 13 16:24:33 <SqueeGM>       Lacking any further instruction from Tehdnehr, Lehkurehn heads into town with Kerosis, occasionally stopping to inspect flowers so she can see if they're medicinal.
  17. Jun 13 16:26:44 <Lehkurehn>     "So Kerosis, how're handling life in Kaliaxix?"
  18. Jun 13 16:27:44 <Kerosis>       "So far things seem to be working out well enough... I do wish I had more supplies to work with though."
  19. Jun 13 16:28:57 <Lehkurehn>     "Heh. We're a bit cheap on supplies. The old doctor was a towndog and handled that stuff himself."
  20. Jun 13 16:30:50 <Kerosis>       "Come to think of it, I haven't thought to ask just why it was you needed a new doctor. I suppose the old one was called away somewhere?"
  21. Jun 13 16:34:03 <Lehkurehn>     "He was getting up in years and got sick. 'Could cure others but couldn't cure himself. Never had an apprentice, don't think he had the patience for teaching."
  22. Jun 13 16:36:29 *       Kerosis nods. "A shame that."
  23. Jun 13 16:39:08 <SqueeGM>       The architecture of the town comes into view, looming spires in the center of town peeking over the smaller buildings.
  24. Jun 13 16:39:41 <Lehkurehn>     "True enough," Lehkurehn yawns. "On the other hand, it gave us the excuse to take control of the town's medical services," He winks at Kerosis
  25. Jun 13 16:41:04 <SqueeGM>       2#3d6 DC 8
  26. Jun 13 16:41:10 <Dicey> SqueeGM, DC 8: 10 [3d6=5,1,4], 6 [3d6=4,1,1]
  27. Jun 13 16:41:10 <Kerosis>       "Y-yes, well. Hopefully I'll be able to handle things."
  28. Jun 13 16:42:27 <SqueeGM>       Inside, towndogs mill about on their own business, no one paying particularly much attention to Lehkurehn. He spots a guard in his House's colors standing on the roof of a building, a sackful of javelins around his waist, overlooking the street.
  29. Jun 13 16:43:51 <SqueeGM>       He and Kerosis head down the same way that they went to the docks on Kerosis's first day here, and note a solitary Housedog leaning against a wall with a spear.
  30. Jun 13 16:44:10 *       Lehkurehn gives him a wave as he makes his towards the docks.
  31. Jun 13 16:44:33 <Kerosis>       "I suppose they're stepping up security around here a little then?"
  32. Jun 13 16:45:59 <Lehkurehn>     "Attacks on housedogs, merchants with poison, there's no reason they wouldn't."
  33. Jun 13 16:47:41 *       Kerosis nods. "Stands to reason... and I suppose it's nice to know those aren't routine occurrences."
  34. Jun 13 16:49:25 <Lehkurehn>     "Were they I'd think we'd have more than one doctor."
  35. Jun 13 16:49:55 <SqueeGM>       The guard nods lazily at Lehkurehn, mumbling, "Greetings offered, of-Kaliaxix," as the two of them pass by. A towndog spots them traveling and runs up, grinning, holding his hands up with the palms closed together. "Ah, of-Kaliaxix, wait! I have an offer for you." He spreads his palms open, revealing six seeds resting on his fur. "These are seeds for the rare hyumbalai plant, which is rumored to cure any ailment. I myself hav
  36. Jun 13 16:49:55 <SqueeGM>       e no green thumb, but they would surely be of use to House Kaliaxix, yes?"
  37. Jun 13 16:54:44 *       Lehkurehn looks at kerosis. "You know about plants right?"
  38. Jun 13 16:55:02 <Kerosis>       "I've never heard of such a thing, and I do try to make it my business to know the medical properties of various herbs..."
  39. Jun 13 16:55:46 <SqueeGM>       "It is from the birddemon remnant," the merchant explains. "It is said that it was a gift from one of their demons to a loyal follower."
  40. Jun 13 16:56:57 <Lehkurehn>     "Well what does it do? Is it edible?"
  41. Jun 13 16:57:23 <SqueeGM>       "The seed? No. You have to grow it, and the leaves can be eaten."
  42. Jun 13 16:58:43 <Kerosis>       "Hmm... and just what sort of conditions do they require for growing?"
  43. Jun 13 17:02:27 <SqueeGM>       "It is from the bird archipelago, so who knows? The islands there range from freezing cold to swelteringly tropical. Having seen the pictures of the grown plant, however, I would recommend you try growing it in a hot room with lots of water."
  44. Jun 13 17:02:58 <SqueeGM>       "Admittedly, they are just paintings."
  45. Jun 13 17:03:25 <Lehkurehn>     "What do you think? Want to try it?"
  46. Jun 13 17:04:58 <Kerosis>       "Well... it they're as effective as you say, that would be quite the useful thing to have... I do have to ask though, who gave these to you?"
  47. Jun 13 17:06:41 <SqueeGM>       "There was a ship that came through here a few days ago from there. He said he had seen all he ever wanted to see and wanted to get out of the shipping business as fast as possible, so he sold his goods at any price. I recognized these from a book."
  48. Jun 13 17:08:55 <SqueeGM>       The seeds are rough and bumpy, nearly black in color, with a yellow spot on them that seems to have something clear coming out, possibly a seedling.
  49. Jun 13 17:09:06 <Lehkurehn>     "Hmm. I hope a housedog got some of that deal."
  50. Jun 13 17:09:59 <Lehkurehn>     "Let's try it. What harm could they do besides upset the decor?"
  51. Jun 13 17:10:07 *       Kerosis nods.
  52. Jun 13 17:10:51 <SqueeGM>       "Excellent! I think you will agree that one coin each is a fair price."
  53. Jun 13 17:13:26 <Kerosis>       "I suppose it would be..."
  54. Jun 13 17:14:22 *       Kerosis checks her pockets, trying to recall whether it was coinsor pennies that were worth more."
  55. Jun 13 17:14:43 <SqueeGM>       A Kaliaxix coin is worth four Kaliaxix pennies.
  56. Jun 13 17:15:22 <Kerosis>       "I believe this would be enough for two then?"
  57. Jun 13 17:15:50 *       Kerosis forks over a coin and 4 pennies.
  58. Jun 13 17:16:29 <Lehkurehn>     "Hold up!"
  59. Jun 13 17:17:07 *       Lehkurehn takes kerosis' coins and makes proper change
  60. Jun 13 17:17:35 <SqueeGM>       For two seeds?
  61. Jun 13 17:18:13 <Lehkurehn>     yes
  62. Jun 13 17:18:41 *       Lehkurehn gives kerosis a look. Oh well.
  63. Jun 13 17:20:10 <SqueeGM>       The merchant lets his tongue hang out as he accepts the money from Lehkurehn. "Yes, indeed. Thank you, I will be able to turn this into something slightly more useful for me in my present circumstances. Like food." He carefully picks two seeds out of his hand and gives them to Kerosis, depositing the rest in a small purse. "Good luck. Remember: Lots of heat and water."
  64. Jun 13 17:21:06 *       Kerosis nods, and carefully pockets them away in her bag.
  65. Jun 13 17:21:33 <Lehkurehn>     "Well then. Let's make our way to the docks."
  66. Jun 13 17:24:31 <SqueeGM>       The two of them head through the warehouse district into the docks, where the sparkling blue ocean water expands infinitely in front of them. There are several ships tied to harbor, and dockhands are busily unloading two of them and stacking up the crates.
  67. Jun 13 17:25:33 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn is greeted with equal parts hurrahs and jeers. "Lookit me, sir, I'm working fifteen percent harder!" one of them cries.
  68. Jun 13 17:27:03 <Lehkurehn>     Lehkurehn's tongue lols as he greets the dock workers.
  69. Jun 13 17:29:23 <SqueeGM>       There's a pause in the cheerful atmosphere as a ship appears on the horizon, pursued by three others close behind it. "Hold on," someone says, "that looks like pirates to me."
  70. Jun 13 17:29:24 *       Lehkurehn approaches a worker. "Greetings, I'm looking for the boats unloading for the caravan."
  71. Jun 13 17:29:54 <SqueeGM>       Distracted by the sight, the worker idly waves at the boxes they're currently unloading, though everyone has stopped, straining to get a better look.
  72. Jun 13 17:30:44 <Lehkurehn>     "Huh-?"
  73. Jun 13 17:31:48 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn recognizes Kehxilehn as the one who moves first. "Get off the boats!" he shouts. "Where's the guards? Go get the guards! I know the caravan guards are around here somewhere!" The dockhands start to abandon ship, hastily climbing down riggings and in some places jumping off boats in their haste to retreat to the docks and arm themselves.
  74. Jun 13 17:33:17 <Kerosis>       "Pirates? Those aren't usually something to worry about in a town like this, are they?"
  75. Jun 13 17:34:14 *       Lehkurehn runs to intercept Kehxilehn yelling over the commotion, "What's the situation?" knowing when the workers are up in arms it must be serious
  76. Jun 13 17:34:51 <SqueeGM>       "They hit the docks occasionally, miss," Kehxilehn explains. "It's a smash-and-grab kind of thing. You get a weapon into everyone's hands and you run for the House's attention and try and hold them off and keep them from getting away with too much until they get here."
  77. Jun 13 17:35:24 *       Lehkurehn draws his dagger
  78. Jun 13 17:35:47 <SqueeGM>       "It looks like they're following a merchant ship in but we can't be sure that's not just more pirates."
  79. Jun 13 17:36:14 <Latrehkiks>    Latrehkiks manages to catch up to Kehxilehn himself, panting slightly. "How many pirates does it look like?"
  80. Jun 13 17:37:39 <SqueeGM>       "At the minimum, three boats' worth. That's the worst we've had to deal with in a while." Kehxilehn darts around, helping fellow workers onto the docks from the water and giving orders. "It might be best if you just stay back and let us handle it."
  81. Jun 13 17:39:09 *       Kerosis retrieves the dagger from her bag. "Well, if the idea is to scare them off..."
  82. Jun 13 17:40:36 *       Latrehkiks turns his gaze out to the sea, at the incoming vessels as he unsheathes his dagger. "Here's hoping it ISN'T pirates, for once."
  83. Jun 13 17:41:45 <SqueeGM>       "I'm just hoping it's three instead of four. It'll be good to have a doctor right here already, that's for sure."
  84. Jun 13 17:43:02 <SqueeGM>       Kehxilehn puts his hand on Latrehkiks's shoulder. "Lehkurehn, greetings offered from Latrehkiks. Latrehkiks, greetings offered from Lehkurehn. I assume you are going on this caravan we have heard about so I am sure you will be better acquainted later."
  85. Jun 13 17:44:58 *       Latrehkiks gives a nod to Lehkurehn, letting his tongue lull slightly as his muscles relax. "Assuming we survive, that is quite much the truth. I apologize for this meeting being so hectic! I hope we get more time to become acquanted."
  86. Jun 13 17:46:10 *       Kerosis squeaks out a quick "Hello," while trying to take in the situation.
  87. Jun 13 17:46:24 <Lehkurehn>     "Agreed. Where are the guards? Get spearthrowers on the roof!"
  88. Jun 13 17:48:18 <Latrehkiks>    "There should be some spearthrowers already up there." Latrehkiks looks up at the rooftops.
  89. Jun 13 17:50:02 *       Lehkurehn goes and finds a defensible position like a wuss.
  90. Jun 13 17:50:35 <SqueeGM>       "The guards are coming, hopefully, we are holding out for them." Kehxilehn glances worriedly at the boats fast approaching. "We will need to fight them off ourselves in the meantime." He looks back at Lehkurehn. "Now do you see why we demand more pay?"
  91. Jun 13 17:51:55 <Lehkurehn>     "we'll discuss it if we survive."
  92. Jun 13 17:53:09 <Latrehkiks>    "If they're any slower, I'm going to hope even more that this isn't a pirate attack! What's keeping the rest of the guard, anyway?" Latrehkiks asks, looking around.
  93. Jun 13 17:54:36 <SqueeGM>       Kehxilehn starts to edge out of the way. "They have to go and get all the guards in the city, what do you think? Hey, move out of the way, I don't think they are stopping." He stares as the boats get bigger and bigger.
  94. Jun 13 17:55:58 *       Latrehkiks nods in agreement as he does indeed 'get out of the way'. By which he means he follows where the others had gone.
  95. Jun 13 17:59:25 <SqueeGM>       The tombdogs on the dock scramble away, and there's just enough time to see a birddemon at the helm as the lead boat hits the dock with a sickening crack, crashing into the wood with a creaking groan. He's thrown forward by the collision, squawking as he grabs onto the feet of the bird-shaped demon hovering near him and uses him like a parachute, sailing forward into the assembled tombdogs and knocking a few of them over.
  96. Jun 13 18:02:33 <Lehkurehn>     Lehkurehn is clearly shaken by this
  97. Jun 13 18:02:50 <SqueeGM>       The other three ships arrive more conventionally, lowering gangplanks onto the dock and climbing off squawking with glee. Fighting quickly breaks out, as dock workers and the caravan guard force clash with the pirates as they try and grab crates and steal them back up onto the ships.
  98. Jun 13 18:03:07 *       Kerosis does her best to look all brave and confident, which still involves quite a lot of nervous glancing about.
  99. Jun 13 18:04:07 *       Latrehkiks tightens his grip on his buckler and dagger, preparing himself.
  100. Jun 13 18:04:38 <SqueeGM>       Kehxilehn is quickly engaged in a one-on-one, fighting khopesh to rapier desperately to push the birddemon back as another one menaces Latrehkiks on his way to nab a box.
  101. Jun 13 18:05:49 <SqueeGM>       1d20 initiative
  102. Jun 13 18:05:49 <Dicey> SqueeGM, initiative: 3 [1d20=3]
  103. Jun 13 18:06:11 *       Lehkurehn goes to back up Kehxilehn
  104. Jun 13 18:07:04 <Latrehkiks>    1d20 initiative
  105. Jun 13 18:07:05 <Dicey> Latrehkiks, initiative: 5 [1d20=5]
  106. Jun 13 18:07:07 <Kerosis>       1d20
  107. Jun 13 18:07:07 <Dicey> Kerosis, 1d20: 4 [1d20=4]
  108. Jun 13 18:07:23 <Lehkurehn>     1d20 ini
  109. Jun 13 18:07:23 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, ini: 19 [1d20=19]
  110. Jun 13 18:07:27 *       Latrehkiks goes after the bird demon on his way to a box.
  111. Jun 13 18:08:52 *       Lehkurehn tries to attack the flanks of the bird menacing Kehxilehn.
  112. Jun 13 18:09:56 <SqueeGM>       1d20 init2
  113. Jun 13 18:09:56 <Dicey> SqueeGM, init2: 10 [1d20=10]
  114. Jun 13 18:10:02 <SqueeGM>       1d20 init kehxilehn
  115. Jun 13 18:10:02 <Dicey> SqueeGM, init kehxilehn: 8 [1d20=8]
  116. Jun 13 18:13:09 <SqueeGM>       Combat 1: Lehkurehn, Birddemon 1, Kehxilehn; Combat 2: Latrehkiks, Kerosis, Birddemon 2
  117. Jun 13 18:23:29 <Lehkurehn>     1d6
  118. Jun 13 18:23:29 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, 1d6: 1 [1d6=1]
  119. Jun 13 18:23:36 <Lehkurehn>     ew
  120. Jun 13 18:23:53 <SqueeGM>       1d4
  121. Jun 13 18:23:53 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d4: 1 [1d4=1]
  122. Jun 13 18:24:27 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn lunges at the birddemon Kehxilehn is fighting, but it sees him coming and maneuvers around the dock worker to avoid the attack.
  123. Jun 13 18:25:02 <SqueeGM>       1d6-1;1d4-1
  124. Jun 13 18:25:02 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6-1: 0 [1d6=1]; 1d4-1: 1 [1d4=2]
  125. Jun 13 18:25:08 <SqueeGM>       1d6
  126. Jun 13 18:25:08 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6: 1 [1d6=1]
  127. Jun 13 18:25:30 <SqueeGM>       Thankfully, it has little better luck skewering Kehxilehn, who retreats back to Lehkurehn's side and swings at it with his khopesh.
  128. Jun 13 18:25:35 <SqueeGM>       1d6-1
  129. Jun 13 18:25:36 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6-1: 3 [1d6=4]
  130. Jun 13 18:25:39 <SqueeGM>       1d4
  131. Jun 13 18:25:39 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d4: 2 [1d4=2]
  132. Jun 13 18:26:29 <SqueeGM>       2d12
  133. Jun 13 18:26:29 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 2d12: 12 [2d12=9,3]
  134. Jun 13 18:27:27 <SqueeGM>       The birddemon yelps as Kehxilehn swings at him, but the demon on his back swipes its wing around in front of him, the khopesh bouncing off of it.
  135. Jun 13 18:28:11 <SqueeGM>       Meanwhile, in the other fight...
  136. Jun 13 18:28:48 <Latrehkiks>    1d6;1d4-1
  137. Jun 13 18:28:48 <Dicey> Latrehkiks, 1d6: 2 [1d6=2]; 1d4-1: 1 [1d4=2]
  138. Jun 13 18:30:13 <SqueeGM>       1d6
  139. Jun 13 18:30:13 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6: 2 [1d6=2]
  140. Jun 13 18:30:56 *       Kerosis will just swing wildly away here, mainly hoping to just scare him off more than land a hit, but who knows?
  141. Jun 13 18:30:58 <Kerosis>       1d6
  142. Jun 13 18:30:58 <Dicey> Kerosis, 1d6: 5 [1d6=5]
  143. Jun 13 18:31:59 <SqueeGM>       1d6
  144. Jun 13 18:31:59 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6: 2 [1d6=2]
  145. Jun 13 18:32:43 <Kerosis>       1d5;3d6;1d20
  146. Jun 13 18:32:43 <Dicey> Kerosis, 1d5: 3 [1d5=3]; 3d6: 12 [3d6=5,6,1]; 1d20: 15 [1d20=15]
  147. Jun 13 18:35:23 <Kerosis>       1d20
  148. Jun 13 18:35:23 <Dicey> Kerosis, 1d20: 20 [1d20=20]
  149. Jun 13 18:36:02 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis shields her eyes and flails at the birddemon as it is distracted fending off Latrehkiks's attacks, sinking her curved dagger into the birddemon's leg, and also into an artery, with surgeonlike precision. Blood comes gushing out of the wound immediately, and the bird screams with pain, lashing out wildly at her.
  150. Jun 13 18:37:38 <SqueeGM>       1d6
  151. Jun 13 18:37:38 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6: 1 [1d6=1]
  152. Jun 13 18:41:08 <Kerosis>       1d6 still I believe?
  153. Jun 13 18:41:08 <Dicey> Kerosis, still I believe?: 6 [1d6=6]
  154. Jun 13 18:41:24 <Kerosis>       1d6-1
  155. Jun 13 18:41:24 <Dicey> Kerosis, 1d6-1: 2 [1d6=3]
  156. Jun 13 18:41:37 <SqueeGM>       1d6
  157. Jun 13 18:41:38 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6: 5 [1d6=5]
  158. Jun 13 18:42:23 <SqueeGM>       The birddemon stumbles on its bad leg as it flails at her, but narrowly avoids a punishing second strike from Kerosis's dagger.
  159. Jun 13 18:38:06 <Lehkurehn>     1d6
  160. Jun 13 18:38:07 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, 1d6: 4 [1d6=4]
  161. Jun 13 18:38:20 <SqueeGM>       1d4
  162. Jun 13 18:38:20 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d4: 4 [1d4=4]
  163. Jun 13 18:39:13 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn swipes at the birddemon with his dagger, ignoring the cries of anguish from the one Kerosis just stabbed; they blend in with the sounds of screaming and dying across the whole dock, as bird and dog alike are stabbed, sliced, and thrown into the water.
  164. Jun 13 18:39:27 <SqueeGM>       1d6-1;1d4-1
  165. Jun 13 18:39:27 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6-1: 1 [1d6=2]; 1d4-1: 2 [1d4=3]
  166. Jun 13 18:46:09 <Lehkurehn>     1d6 dodge
  167. Jun 13 18:46:09 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, dodge: 5 [1d6=5]
  168. Jun 13 18:47:44 <SqueeGM>       The bird narrowly dodges the swipe and returns with one of its own, forcing Lehkurehn to backpedal, but Kehxilehn is there to back him up.
  169. Jun 13 18:47:48 <SqueeGM>       1d6-3 att
  170. Jun 13 18:47:49 <Dicey> SqueeGM, att: -1 [1d6=2]
  171. Jun 13 18:47:56 <SqueeGM>       1d4 dodge
  172. Jun 13 18:47:56 <Dicey> SqueeGM, dodge: 2 [1d4=2]
  173. Jun 13 18:48:19 <SqueeGM>       Unfortunately, somewhat of a stalemate is achieved. Meanwhile...
  174. Jun 13 18:48:55 *       Latrehkiks swings at the quite injured birddemon.
  175. Jun 13 18:49:00 <Latrehkiks>    1d6-1;1d4-1
  176. Jun 13 18:49:00 <Dicey> Latrehkiks, 1d6-1: 0 [1d6=1]; 1d4-1: 1 [1d4=2]
  177. Jun 13 18:49:35 <SqueeGM>       1d6
  178. Jun 13 18:49:35 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6: 2 [1d6=2]
  179. Jun 13 18:50:47 *       Kerosis winces a little, but keeps flailing away.
  180. Jun 13 18:50:49 <Kerosis>       1d6-1
  181. Jun 13 18:50:49 <Dicey> Kerosis, 1d6-1: 0 [1d6=1]
  182. Jun 13 18:50:58 <Kerosis>       (OK, winces a lot)
  183. Jun 13 18:53:16 <SqueeGM>       1d6
  184. Jun 13 18:53:16 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6: 5 [1d6=5]
  185. Jun 13 18:53:39 <SqueeGM>       2d6;3d6;1d20;1d20
  186. Jun 13 18:53:39 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 2d6: 11 [2d6=6,5]; 3d6: 12 [3d6=1,5,6]; 1d20: 12 [1d20=12]; 1d20: 14 [1d20=14]
  187. Jun 13 18:56:22 <SqueeGM>       The bird savagely attacks Kerosis, swinging his rapier down as she weakly waves her dagger at him, even through the blood loss. It intersects neatly with her right hand as she raises it to defend herself, slicing it off neatly at the wrist. The wound promptly begins gushing blood.
  188. Jun 13 18:59:25 <SqueeGM>       1d6-1
  189. Jun 13 18:59:25 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6-1: 1 [1d6=2]
  190. Jun 13 18:59:40 <Kerosis>       1d6
  191. Jun 13 18:59:40 <Dicey> Kerosis, 1d6: 4 [1d6=4]
  192. Jun 13 19:00:20 <Kerosis>       and I believe I'm good for a flaily counter there before dropping yon dagger and screaming my head off?
  193. Jun 13 19:00:33 <SqueeGM>       nope, you have to be 4 over
  194. Jun 13 19:00:35 <SqueeGM>       that's only 3
  195. Jun 13 19:00:49 <Kerosis>       ah
  196. Jun 13 19:01:14 <SqueeGM>       He tries for another swing at Kerosis, but the tombdog has already abandoned her spot, fleeing for safety and screaming in pain.
  197. Jun 13 19:01:24 <Lehkurehn>     1d6 stabbity
  198. Jun 13 19:01:24 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, stabbity: 3 [1d6=3]
  199. Jun 13 19:01:31 <SqueeGM>       1d4
  200. Jun 13 19:01:31 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d4: 1 [1d4=1]
  201. Jun 13 19:01:35 <SqueeGM>       2d12
  202. Jun 13 19:01:36 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 2d12: 7 [2d12=1,6]
  203. Jun 13 19:02:03 <SqueeGM>       Lehkurehn tries for another stab at the bird, but just as it seems like he's about to connect, the demon on its back bats his hand away with its wing.
  204. Jun 13 19:02:19 <SqueeGM>       1d6-1;1d4-1
  205. Jun 13 19:02:20 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6-1: 5 [1d6=6]; 1d4-1: 0 [1d4=1]
  206. Jun 13 19:02:23 <SqueeGM>       1d6
  207. Jun 13 19:02:23 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6: 3 [1d6=3]
  208. Jun 13 19:02:59 <SqueeGM>       2d6;3d6;1d20;1d20
  209. Jun 13 19:02:59 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 2d6: 12 [2d6=6,6]; 3d6: 10 [3d6=2,4,4]; 1d20: 17 [1d20=17]; 1d20: 3 [1d20=3]
  210. Jun 13 19:03:05 <Lehkurehn>     "Can we get some air support on this bird?!"
  211. Jun 13 19:04:31 <SqueeGM>       It doesn't seem to be interested in him, pursuing the better-armed Kehxilehn. Bringing its sword up, it fakes him out with a curved swipe, ducking under his arm and severing his foot off with a mighty blow. It starts to bleed a little badly.
  212. Jun 13 19:05:07 <SqueeGM>       1d6-1
  213. Jun 13 19:05:07 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6-1: 4 [1d6=5]
  214. Jun 13 19:05:09 <SqueeGM>       1d4
  215. Jun 13 19:05:09 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d4: 3 [1d4=3]
  216. Jun 13 19:05:12 <SqueeGM>       2d12
  217. Jun 13 19:05:12 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 2d12: 6 [2d12=2,4]
  218. Jun 13 19:06:36 <SqueeGM>       2d6;3d6;1d20;1d20
  219. Jun 13 19:06:36 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 2d6: 6 [2d6=1,5]; 3d6: 17 [3d6=6,5,6]; 1d20: 8 [1d20=8]; 1d20: 1 [1d20=1]
  220. Jun 13 19:09:53 <SqueeGM>       Kehxilehn shouts in pain as he hits the dock, unable to stand on one foot. He grits his teeth, ignoring the pain, and shouts for help from his fellow dockhands, before rearing up and scoring a deep blow on the birddemon's left arm, before the demon can react. It hangs on to the rest of his arm only by ribbons of flesh and muscle as Kehxilehn pulls his sword back out, the bird shrieking as blood gushes onto the dock, stumbling
  221. Jun 13 19:09:53 <SqueeGM>        dizzily away.
  222. Jun 13 19:11:15 <Lehkurehn>     "Dammit."
  223. Jun 13 19:11:27 *       Latrehkiks snarls and takes another swing at the annoying bird. "You aren't going to get away with this."
  224. Jun 13 19:11:29 <Latrehkiks>    1d6-1;1d4-1
  225. Jun 13 19:11:29 <Dicey> Latrehkiks, 1d6-1: 3 [1d6=4]; 1d4-1: 1 [1d4=2]
  226. Jun 13 19:11:46 <SqueeGM>       1d6
  227. Jun 13 19:11:46 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6: 4 [1d6=4]
  228. Jun 13 19:12:54 *       Kerosis drops her dagger, does her best to bandage a wrist-stump one-handed.
  229. Jun 13 19:12:59 <Kerosis>       3d6+1
  230. Jun 13 19:13:00 <Dicey> Kerosis, 3d6+1: 16 [3d6=6,4,5]
  231. Jun 13 19:14:10 <SqueeGM>       The bleeding pirate spins around as Latrehkiks swings at him, ducking under his dagger. Kerosis, meanwhile, finds a place sitting next to a crate to regather her shattered nerves, tension driving her fingers as she wraps a tourniquet around her bleeding stump of a hand, keeping it from getting any worse.
  232. Jun 13 19:19:19 <SqueeGM>       1d6 @ Latrehkiks
  233. Jun 13 19:19:20 <Dicey> SqueeGM, @ Latrehkiks: 2 [1d6=2]
  234. Jun 13 19:23:11 <Latrehkiks>    1d6 dodge
  235. Jun 13 19:23:11 <Dicey> Latrehkiks, dodge: 4 [1d6=4]
  236. Jun 13 19:23:36 <SqueeGM>       Latrehkiks easily dodges the birddemon's hobbled swing, as blood continues to run down his leg.
  237. Jun 13 19:24:46 <SqueeGM>       Meanwhile, a towndog dock worker runs up to Kehxilehn's aid in the first battle, brandishing a long dagger.
  238. Jun 13 19:24:49 <SqueeGM>       1d20 init
  239. Jun 13 19:24:49 <Dicey> SqueeGM, init: 5 [1d20=5]
  240. Jun 13 19:28:47 <Lehkurehn>     1d6 pls
  241. Jun 13 19:28:48 <Dicey> Lehkurehn, pls: 2 [1d6=2]
  242. Jun 13 19:30:53 <SqueeGM>       1d4
  243. Jun 13 19:30:53 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d4: 2 [1d4=2]
  244. Jun 13 19:31:40 <SqueeGM>       er, -2
  245. Jun 13 19:31:51 <SqueeGM>       2-3
  246. Jun 13 19:31:54 <SqueeGM>       so -1
  247. Jun 13 19:31:59 <SqueeGM>       2d12
  248. Jun 13 19:32:00 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 2d12: 14 [2d12=12,2]
  249. Jun 13 19:32:03 <SqueeGM>       alas
  250. Jun 13 19:32:37 <Lehkurehn>     "Someone shoot this thing!"
  251. Jun 13 19:33:44 <SqueeGM>       The birddemon stumbles back away from Lehkurehn, its left arm swinging slightly from its straps of flesh. The demon on its back wraps its wings around it, protecting it from Lehkurehn's dagger.
  252. Jun 13 19:43:38 <SqueeGM>       1d6-1;1d4-1
  253. Jun 13 19:43:38 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6-1: 2 [1d6=3]; 1d4-1: 1 [1d4=2]
  254. Jun 13 19:43:58 <SqueeGM>       1d6-1
  255. Jun 13 19:43:58 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6-1: 5 [1d6=6]
  256. Jun 13 19:45:07 <SqueeGM>       It recovers its senses, raising its remaining arm with its rapier and stabbing at Kehxilehn on the floor revengefully, but Kehxilehn scurries away, leaving a trail of blood from his ankle stump.
  257. Jun 13 19:46:13 <SqueeGM>       Kehxilehn opts to continue to crawl away, rather than engage the bird again in his weakened and woozy state.
  258. Jun 13 19:46:24 <SqueeGM>       1d6-1
  259. Jun 13 19:46:24 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d6-1: 1 [1d6=2]
  260. Jun 13 19:46:29 <SqueeGM>       1d4
  261. Jun 13 19:46:29 <Dicey> SqueeGM, 1d4: 3 [1d4=3]
  262. Jun 13 19:48:05 <SqueeGM>       The dockhand swings at the bird, which stumbles backwards, raising its weapon, and walks off the edge of the dock, splashing into the water with a squawk.
  263. Jun 13 19:49:47 <SqueeGM>       Meanwhile, the bird that Latrehkiks is facing falls onto its knees, the tiny demon perched on its shoulder flapping its wings as it flumps face-first onto the wood.
  264. Jun 13 19:50:00 <Lehkurehn>     "push them back! Secure the cargo! Move out the wounded!"
  265. Jun 13 19:50:47 *       Kerosis will try and get Kehxilehn bandaged up too while the ol' adrenaline and shock are working together still.
  266. Jun 13 19:51:00 <Kerosis>       3d6+1
  267. Jun 13 19:51:00 <Dicey> Kerosis, 3d6+1: 11 [3d6=5,3,2]
  268. Jun 13 19:51:55 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis crawls over to where Kehxilehn is lying, who watches her with slight amusement. "They got you as well, of-Kaliaxix? How ironic." He glances down at his own stump. "I guess my days of lifting boxes are over."
  269. Jun 13 19:52:24 <Latrehkiks>    "No time to rest! Get the wounded out of here, now! Secure what cargo you can!" Latrehkiks shouts to the dockhands.
  270. Jun 13 19:52:46 *       Kerosis nods, and looks to see if anyone else is hurt.
  271. Jun 13 19:53:12 <Lehkurehn>     "You all right Kehx?"
  272. Jun 13 19:53:26 <SqueeGM>       There is a shout from behind them as the guard arrives, and the remaining birds take to their feet, retreating onto their boats with as many boxes as they could grab under a rain of javelins.
  273. Jun 13 19:55:07 <SqueeGM>       The dock is scattered with the dead and dying, not including those who are floating in the water. Dock workers try and help their injured acquaintances out of the water before they drown, and Kerosis has plenty of work available for her.
  274. Jun 13 19:55:07 <Latrehkiks>    "Fashionably late.." He mumbles under his breath. "But always appreciated." He finds his way over to Kehxilehn and Kerosis now. "How are things holding up over here?.."
  275. Jun 13 19:55:27 <SqueeGM>       "I lost my foot," Kehxilehn mumbles. "And it seems your doctor lost her hand."
  276. Jun 13 19:57:16 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis has managed to get his foot bandaged up so it won't bleed anymore, at least.
  277. Jun 13 19:57:16 *       Latrehkiks nods and catches his breath. "Yeah.." He pats Kehxilehn's shoulder carefully before looking around for wounded to relocate.
  278. Jun 13 19:57:28 <Lehkurehn>     "Better hands than heads. Let's get you up."
  279. Jun 13 19:57:57 <SqueeGM>       "That is true."
  280. Jun 13 19:59:20 <Lehkurehn>     "So it seems you're out of a dock job, eh? What are your plans?" he says as he helps Kehxilehn to his foot
  281. Jun 13 20:00:00 <SqueeGM>       "I'm still the head of the union," he says, putting an arm around Lehkurehn's shoulders. "I suppose I'll find a desk job and keep doing that."
  282. Jun 13 20:01:14 <Kerosis>       3d6+2
  283. Jun 13 20:01:14 <Dicey> Kerosis, 3d6+2: 15 [3d6=2,6,5]
  284. Jun 13 20:01:21 <Kerosis>       3d6+2
  285. Jun 13 20:01:21 <Dicey> Kerosis, 3d6+2: 12 [3d6=1,3,6]
  286. Jun 13 20:01:22 <Kerosis>       3d6+2
  287. Jun 13 20:01:22 <Dicey> Kerosis, 3d6+2: 14 [3d6=5,6,1]
  288. Jun 13 20:01:56 *       Lehkurehn helps over to where the wounded are gathering and then goes to inspect the cargo damage.
  289. Jun 13 20:03:16 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis sets to work on the injured as Lehkurehn inspects the cargo. While Kerosis is saving lives and limbs, Lehkurehn determines that the dockhands were able to save 80-90% of the cargo, and keep them from getting on the docked boats to access the cargo there. However, there is a ship still "docked" in the middle of the dock. That's going to be costly to fix. The other three ships are sailing away with their goods.
  290. Jun 13 20:03:36 *       Latrehkiks rubs the back of his head after moving another injured, before spotting Lehkurehn walking towards the boats. He jogs over to catch up. "That was pretty nasty today."
  291. Jun 13 20:06:03 *       Lehkurehn calls over a dock worker. "Can we salvage the wrecked ship? or sell it to fix the docks?" Lehkurehen regards Latrehkiks. "It always is. They're as bold as they are desperate."
  292. Jun 13 20:06:29 <SqueeGM>       Kehxilehn hops over to where he can lean against something and starts to bark orders to his workers, getting the wounded cleaned up and moved once Kerosis is finished with them and trying to return to a semblance of productivity with the dockhands, most of whom survived uninjured. "Hey, Lehkurehn! Those who lost their limbs will have days off to heal, paid, yes? And those who lost their lives will have their families compensa
  293. Jun 13 20:06:29 <SqueeGM>       ted?"
  294. Jun 13 20:07:46 <Latrehkiks>    "Isn't it the truth." Latrehkiks sighs. He looks at the 'docked' ship and shakes his head.
  295. Jun 13 20:07:50 <SqueeGM>       The worker inspects the ship. "It's still floating, that's a good sign. Might want to see what's on her, though, since the pirates had her."
  296. Jun 13 20:07:53 *       Kerosis will go find yon severed hand to... look into preserving in case she ever ends up dead, apparently.
  297. Jun 13 20:08:16 <Lehkurehn>     "Sure thing," he barks back.
  298. Jun 13 20:09:19 <SqueeGM>       Kerosis finds her missing limb in a pool of blood, still warm, its fur matted. Kehxilehn makes a face. "Any chance you can reattach that?"
  299. Jun 13 20:12:17 <Lehkurehn>     "So I don't think I got a real introduction before that mess," referring to Latrehkiks
  300. Jun 13 20:17:15 *       Kerosis just shakes her head.
  301. Jun 13 20:17:41 <SqueeGM>       "Shame."
  302. Jun 13 20:18:56 <Latrehkiks>    "Ah, yes! Sorry." Latrehkiks lets out a long breath. "Since proper greetings were had in a hustle... Greetings offered of-Kaliaxix. I am Latrehkiks of Kaliaxix. I'm one of the caravan guard, and shall accompanying it's journey."
  303. Jun 13 20:22:58 <Lehkurehn>     "Greetings given. I'm Lehkurehn of-Kaliaxis, forever burdened with being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let's go check out that ship."
  304. Jun 13 20:23:31 *       Lehkurehn ushers some dock hands to follow him onto the pirate ship.
  305. Jun 13 20:24:16 <Latrehkiks>    "Hahah. Yeah. That sounds like a good plan." Latrehkiks says, stretching upwards a little before following Lehkurehn onboard.
  306. Jun 13 20:26:02 <SqueeGM>       The dockhands set up a ladder into the ship, and the two of them climb up top accompanied by several others. It's a ghost ship... literally. There are slaughtered bodies everywhere, above which float the ghosts of those slain men. "About time you got here," the ghost of a merchant says. "Look what they did to my ship!"
  307. Jun 13 20:29:58 <Latrehkiks>    ".. Well. I can't say I'm surprised, but I also wasn't expecting this. Although it's worrysome that they've grown so bold." Latrehkiks looks at the ghost. "I apologize. But I must ask, do you recall how far out you were when you were attacked?"
  308. Jun 13 20:30:01 <Lehkurehn>     "Look what they did to my men. So what went down here stranger?"
  309. Jun 13 20:32:15 <SqueeGM>       "We were attacked by pirates out at sea. They slew us to the last man, except for the traitors who jumped overboard, and when we came back they'd commandeered the ship and were heading who knows where. I'm glad they took us back to our homeland, at least, instead of dumping us in some godforsaken foreign island. Please bring me to a qualified embalmer, quickly. I don't want to be all rotten right out the gates."
  310. Jun 13 20:33:39 <SqueeGM>       (presumably godforsaken is a rough translation)
  311. Jun 13 20:36:30 <Lehkurehn>     "We can do that. What was your home port so we can get you to the proper crypts?
  312. Jun 13 20:38:07 <Kerosis>       3d6+2  that's a wrap
  313. Jun 13 20:38:07 <Dicey> Kerosis, that's a wrap: 8 [3d6=2,1,3]
  314. Jun 13 20:41:16 <SqueeGM>       "Haxoxildehnradnisis-em-a," the merchantdog replies.
  315. Jun 13 20:41:55 <SqueeGM>       One of the dock workers coughs. "We can take care of this, of-Kaliaxix. Kehxilehn can sort all the bodies here out."
  316. Jun 13 20:43:14 <Lehkurehn>     "Alright, I'll leave it to you then."
  317. Jun 13 20:43:37 *       Lehkurehn hops down the ladder
  318. Jun 13 20:43:51 *       Latrehkiks nods and makes his way off of the boat as well. "Lingering around here, we'll only get in the way."
  319. Jun 13 20:48:43 <SqueeGM>       Alright, that's a wrap.
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