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  1. [21:28:12] Nat: if i was to host a call with sum1 how could i get their ip :O, reply on skype not ts :P
  2. [21:28:55] Rogie: something to do with command prompt and connections
  3. [21:29:04] Nat: yeyeyeye i kget that far
  4. [21:29:11] Nat: commamd prompt then i type in
  5. [21:29:15] Nat: netstat -n
  6. [21:29:17] Nat: then lots of ips come up
  7. [21:29:30] Nat: but i have no idea what one is theirs
  8. [21:29:53] Rogie: close out of your browser
  9. [21:29:58] Rogie: its showing the IP's of all the sites too
  10. [21:30:28] Nat: so its more accurate when im only on skype
  11. [21:30:34] Nat: with no other apps open
  12. [21:32:39] Nat: dont tell anybody
  13. [21:32:43] Nat: but i kinda have a dos tool
  14. [21:32:52] Rogie: probably a keylogger
  15. [21:32:53] Nat: nope
  16. [21:32:55] Rogie: gf account
  17. [21:32:57] Nat: it works
  18. [21:33:03] Rogie: yeah i bet
  19. [21:33:08] Rogie: why the hell would you need a ddos tool
  20. [21:33:10] Nat: idk
  21. [21:33:22] Nat: got it for the fun lmao
  22. [21:33:26] Nat: it takes down sites
  23. [21:33:35] Rogie: you know its highly illegal?
  24. [21:33:44] Rogie: you get caught using that and you'll get taken to court
  25. [21:34:17] Nat: "today we have a 15 year old boy accused of ddosing a runescape player for 1b"
  26. [21:34:18] Nat: lmao
  27. [21:34:30] Nat: imagine that haha
  28. [21:35:07] Rogie: jagex know your using it they'll perm ban you
  29. [21:35:14] Rogie: trust me it isnt worth it
  30. [21:35:29] Nat: ive only used it once, it  wasnt to a rs player tho
  31. [21:35:46] Rogie: what on
  32. [21:35:49] Nat: a site
  33. [21:35:52] Rogie: which one
  34. [21:36:00] Nat: a shitty little mp3 download site
  35. [21:36:30] Nat: im gonna get the ip of my school
  36. [21:36:41] Nat: write it on the under of my forarm
  37. [21:36:45] Nat: and dos my school
  38. [21:36:56] Nat: take it down for atlest 48 hours lmfao
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