Removing blood from patients

Aug 25th, 2015
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  1. 79444How do you remove blood for therapeutic reasons when donating is not an option
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  3. Hanalei RobertsAug 24 5:57 PM
  4. Has anyone removed blood from a patient who is ineligible to give blood, but could use the removal for therapeutic purposes? Can you pay them to take it and throw away at the red cross blood bank centers? Should I just use a larger gauge needle and fill a few 60 ml syringes. Would a 23 butterfly work? I don't see why not. I don't think I want to remove a whole pint that way. When I used to give blood it was through a 18 gauge needle and somehow a bag would just fill up. Plain old gravity? Do you get those bags from a medical supply company? I don't see why my butterfly syringe idea would not work. Ideas? Concerns?
  5. Hana Roberts ND
  6. Kapaau HI
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