Gatorbait - Sunset Shimmer of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee

May 31st, 2014
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  1. >"You get only ONE quick peek, okay? I shouldn't have taken that bet.."
  2. >Sunset Shimmer sighs and rolls her jacket off of her shoulders before trying the arms around her waist.
  3. >the impromptu leather skirt hangs down past her mid thigh, but as she shifts her weight from one leg to the other, you spot more of the creamy smooth skin exposed underneath.
  4. >The girl scowls at you, crossing her arms over her chest several times before shaking her head and giving a frustrated huff.
  5. >"You, you better appreciate this."
  6. >Her voice has lost some of the bite from a few seconds ago, and you spot a flicker of uncertainty in her eyes.
  7. >Fingers dance along the hem of her shirt for a moment before Sunset lets out a sigh and resigns herself to her fate.
  8. >With sudden intake of breath, the school bitch grabs the bottom of her shirt and yanks upwards.
  9. >Her exposed belly bristles with goosebumps as it's exposed to the chilly bite of the air.
  10. >Your eyes linger upwards, settling on the meager melons that rest on her chest.
  11. >Less than a handful but still enough to ogle, you smirk and let the mental image sink into your br-
  12. >Wait.
  13. >Wait a second.
  14. >You scowl and take a step towards Sunset Shimmer.
  15. >Her already flushed face burns brighter as she stammers.
  16. >"Wh-what are you doing? No, no touching allowed!"
  17. >She gives a small shriek as your hand reaches out and grabs her chest.
  18. >The silicon insert pops easily out of her bra and into your hand.
  19. >You wave the supple substance in Sunset's face with a smirk, taunting her.
  20. >But still, the bitch doesn't let go of her shirt.
  21. >If anything, she's even redder than before, her breathing coming in short labored gasps as her eyes flit between the plastic in your hand and your face.
  22. >She licks her lips and whimpers as you take the padding from the other side of her chest as well, leaving her swimming in a too large bra.
  23. >The leather whispers in the quiet space between the two of you as Sunset seems to grind herself on the air.
  24. >"P-please, don't tell anyone.."
  26. >Sunset's once passable breasts hardly qualify as bug bites at this point
  27. >Your lip curls up into a scowl and you tell her as much
  28. >A light sheen of perspiration appears on the attractive cunt's forehead as she bites down on her lip
  29. >"I, I know they're small, but what about what's on the insi-"
  30. >Oh no, hell no.
  31. >You interrupt her without a second thought and proceed to lay different things you've seen her do:
  32. >Pitting friends and lovers against one another,
  33. >Going out of her way to ruin school-sanctioned events,
  34. >Strong arming her way onto the student council,
  35. >And more.
  36. >Each one building towards the core of your argument; her chest isn’t just flat, she’s concave on the inside.
  37. >Sunset flinches and begins to pull her shirt down.
  38. >Without thinking, you reach out and slap her across the face.
  39. >The stinging mark of your palm blazes against her heavily colored cheeks.
  40. >With another unsteady breath, Sunset lifts her shirt back to her shoulders, waiting.
  41. >You lean over for a better look, eyeing her bullet-like nipples as they quiver in the night air.
  42. >Sunset whimpers in discomfort and you can see her arms flex a few times as she nearly covers herself, but endures the fresh round of teasing.
  43. >Her hips rock against the air, a girlish scent tickling at your nose.
  44. >Fucking minx.
  45. >At last you finish tearing her down and place a hand on her shirt.
  46. >The two of you pull it back to her waist, the girl’s sharp green eyes flaring to life as though back to her old self.
  47. >Her still quivers voice and she gives constant glances towards the falsies still in your hand.
  48. >"You're, awful, you know that?"
  49. >Of course you do.
  50. >Patting Sunset gently on the cheek, you tell her that the two of you are done here
  51. >"So, I can have those back?"
  52. >There's a hopeful lilt at the end of her voice
  53. >You shake your head
  54. >Shimmer's face falls as you explain if she wants them back, she's got to work for them.
  55. >After several seconds of silence, she turns to you and nods
  56. >"What do I need to do?"
  58. >Early the next morning, you find yourself smiling at the Queen Bitch, falsies and all.
  59. >She refuses to meet your eyes, but she knows the rules.
  60. >Today from the time the first bell rings to the end of the day, she has to be a sweetheart to everyone.
  61. >And more than that...
  62. >She's not allowed to say no.
  63. >To anyone.
  64. >If she does, you'll expose her for the insecure, flat-chested cunt she is.
  65. >If she makes it through the whole day, you'll leave her alone.
  66. >You grin a little at the thought.
  67. >There's no way she's making it, you've taken steps to see to that.
  68. >The first student approaches her, one of the poindexters.
  69. >"H-h-h-hey Sunset..."
  70. >Ugh.
  71. >You groan.
  72. >Sunset sneers, but it quickly morphs into a smile.
  73. >"Yes?"
  74. >There's a liquid snort as the student runs a finger under his nose
  75. >"I didn't do my homework last night. Give me yours."
  76. >The Colossal Cunt glares back at you.
  77. >Waving at her, you motion for her to respond with a flick of your fingers.
  78. >Growling, the green-eyed devil slings her backpack around and digs through it for a few seconds.
  79. >Shoving the papers in the nerd's direction, she huffs and storms off.
  80. >The egghead seems stunned for a moment, then grins.
  81. >Glancing around a few times, he pockets the paper and scurries off.
  82. >Revenge must have been too much for him and now he's going to beat off in one of the stalls.
  83. >Whatever, you've got bigger fish to fry.
  85. >The rest of the day continues in much the same manner.
  86. >It took a little doing, but you managed to convince students to go up and ask for all kinds of things
  87. >One of the fashionistas gave Sunset a scathing commentary on her wardrobe in the main hall
  88. >Another nerd asked to give her a wedgie
  89. >A jock flipped up the back of Shimmer's skirt and forced her to admit that she liked it
  90. >On and on it went.
  91. >But you were legitimately surprised that she didn't break.
  92. >Girl is made of tougher stuff than you realized.
  93. >Doesn't matter though, you're sure to get her with this next one.
  95. >Sunset stalks towards her final class, clearly fuming as she glares at the other students around her.
  96. >Rounding a corner, you see a hand shoot out and grab the slender girl by the arm.
  97. >She gives a short squeak of surprise before turning to face...
  98. >"Flash!"
  99. >She laughs a little and wraps her arms around his neck.
  100. >"Don't scare me like that. I've had the most awful day!"
  101. >The guitarist smiles and nods.
  102. >"So I've heard, you've been pretty busy, haven't you?"
  103. >Sunset smirks and flips her hair behind her shoulder.
  104. >"Nothing I can't handle, sweetheart."
  105. >Flash nods before biting his lip.
  106. >He glances over Shimmer's shoulder as she begins to ramble about her day.
  107. >You give him a slow nod and step back to watch the fireworks.
  108. >"...And then this disgusting nerdlet came up to me and grabbed my panties, and he-"
  109. >"Sunset, I need to ask you something."
  110. >The girl stops cold as Flash cuts her off and places his hands on her shoulders.
  111. >Several seconds pass at a snail's pace before the Queen Bitch clears her throat and dons a shaky smile.
  112. >"W-What is it, Flashy?"
  113. >A moment longer to steel his nerve, and blue-haired boy hurriedly blurts out.
  114. >"I think we should break up!"
  115. >In his haste to get the statement out, he'd all but shouted it down the hall.
  116. >Sunset Shimmer freezes, her eyes wide as she gapes up at him.
  117. >The entire school turns as one and settles their focus on the not-so-happy couple.
  118. >A full thirty seconds tick by, and you see Worst Whore clenching both of her fists in time with the thudding of her heart.
  119. >You grin, taking out a video camera to record this moment for posterity
  120. >This is the moment where you get to ruin Sunset Shimmer, in front of EVERYONE!
  121. >The bitch gulps and blinks her eyes
  122. >For a moment, you almost think you see a tear
  123. >But then she smiles
  124. >Leans up
  125. >And kisses Flash briefly on the lips.
  126. >With a quivering voice, she nods and smiles.
  127. >"Right. See you around, Flash."
  128. >Wat.
  129. >The crowd gasps as Shimmer turns on her heel and walks away
  131. >Did...
  132. >Did that seriously just happen?
  133. >Your camera falters a little as Sunset walks by.
  134. >She shoots you an evil look, even as her eyes quiver with barely contained tears.
  135. >"Get that thing out of my face!"
  136. >Before you can say anything, she's gone and Flash is throwing an arm around your shoulders, grinning from ear to ear
  137. >"Listen, buddy; I don't know what you did to Shimmer that got her to agree to that, but just know that you're in my good graces from here on out. You're the best!"
  138. >As Flash continues yuking it up, you catch sight of Sunset beyond the crowd.
  139. >She's been pulled aside by a cheerleader, the Bitch Behemoth nodding mutely in time with the other's words.
  140. >Finally, the cheerwhore takes Sunset by the hand and pulls her further down the hall.
  141. >Back in the deepest recesses of your brain, you wonder if she really deserved to get that embarrassed.
  142. >After all, she's just a normal girl.
  143. >...Wait a fucking minute.
  144. >She's the Queen Bitch, the Colossal Cunt, the Sultan of Sluts and Titan of Twat
  145. >She deserved everything that came her way, and the entire school would agree with you!
  146. >So why are you still bothered that she looked so upset?
  147. >You give Flash a small smile and a weak excuse before rolling his arm off your shoulder.
  148. >Heading down the hall, you try to catch sight of the cheerleader who made off with Sunset.
  149. >But she's long gone.
  150. >It would be better if you let sleeping dogs lie and allowed things to happen as they would normally.
  151. >You're not in the business of giving a shit about Sunset Shimmer.
  152. >It's her fault she's a bitch.
  153. >It's her fault no one likes her.
  154. >The only thing you did was give everyone an outlet for how they really feel about her.
  155. >...
  156. >Damnit.
  157. >You cut your last class and spend the rest of the day searching from room to room for some sign of the stupid slut.
  158. >Finally, you make your way down to the gym.
  159. >No one's scheduled to use it, but there seem to be some students hanging around anyway.
  161. >One of the jocks spots you and waves.
  162. >"And there he is, the man of the hour."
  163. >Again, you find yourself as a leaning post for another student, though this guy reeks of B.O. where Flash was just drenched in cologne.
  164. >While you suppress a gag, the meathead continues.
  165. >"You're one of a kind, you know that? You must have some real dirt on Sunset."
  166. >He grins and puts his face close to yours.
  167. >"How about you clue us in on it too?"
  168. >When you don't respond, the jockstrap huffs and rolls his eyes.
  169. >"Whatever, the fact that she's willing to go so far to protect it is enough. Since you're the one holding the cards, we'll bump you up to priority, huh?"
  170. >Some of the other students groan but the gorilla shoots them a glare.
  171. >"We owe everything to this guy, got it?"
  172. >With a firm pat on the back, he directs you into the locker room.
  173. >The usual musky stench is overpowering.
  174. >There's a small crowd of boys in the corner.
  175. >Off to the side, you can see the cheerleader from before grinning, holding her phone up to the inside of the circle.
  176. >Between their legs, you can see flashes of red and gold.
  177. >"Oh, hey!"
  178. >The cheerslut says with a chipper perk, turning the phone towards you.
  179. >"You're just in time for the big finish!"
  180. >Some of the boys glance back and grin before stepping aside.
  181. >Sunset Shimmer kneels in the middle of the crowd, surrounded by half a dozen dicks.
  182. >She's got her hands on two of them, while the others are stroking themselves off.
  183. >Her cheeks are stained a deeper red than you've ever seen before.
  184. >One of the boys grunts and his spooge splashes into her hair.
  185. >The pepwhore smacks him
  186. >"Idiot! It's supposed to be a group cumshot, remember? Couldn't you hold out a little longer?"
  187. >While the greaser mutters an apology, the girl turns to you and smiles.
  188. >"So, I guess we're in need of another. You can take her mouth, if you want. She already said it was okay with her, but no one's been brave enough yet."
  189. >Maybe you should have thought this through more...
  191. >Sunset stares up at you with dead eyes, her scowl obvious as she continues mechanically pleasuring the boys around her.
  192. >Everything seems so far away as the two of you stare at one another.
  193. >And that's when you decide.
  194. >Even if she is a tremendous whore, this isn't right.
  195. >You say as much.
  196. >The cheerslut smirks.
  197. >"Well it doesn't really matter now, does it?"
  198. >She waves her phone back and forth a few times.
  199. >"We've already got you on candid camera and you're the reason she's like this in the first place."
  200. >Fuck.
  201. >She's been recording the whole time
  202. >With a short giggle, the whore winks
  203. >"So, since I've got you by the balls, why don't you whip out your dick and make this bitch's mascara run?"
  204. >See, this is why you don't try to fix things
  205. >It always blows up in your face
  206. >As you grunt and wrestle with the internal dilemma, a chime goes off in the school
  207. >The cheerleader huffs
  208. >"Come on already! School's over, the janitor's going to be in here soon!"
  209. >There's a sudden cry out from the semi-circle of boys that causes the girl to turn her attention back to them
  210. >Sunset is has both of the dicks her hand in a vice grip, turning them a dark purple as she grits her teeth
  211. >"Who the hell do you think you are?"
  212. >She violently twists her wrists back towards the boys, causing them to drop to the ground as their dicks bend in an unnatural way
  213. >She punches another in the crotch, while grabbing the testicles of the fourth, giving them a firm squeeze
  214. >The remaining two boys, including the quick-shot greaser, manage to pull up their pants and run away screaming before Sunset gets her hands on them
  215. >Stepping over the boys, the green-eyed devil stalks toward the cheerleader
  216. >The girls continues to back up until her back hits the lockers
  217. >Sunset lunges forward, putting a hand on either side of the girl's head
  218. >"I asked you a question!"
  219. >The cheerleader whimpers and shoots a hopeful glance to you.
  220. >Sunset doesn't have any of that, and brings her knee up into the girl's middle.
  222. >"Who the hell do you think you are telling him what to do?"
  223. >While the cheerslut is gasping for air, Sunset grabs the phone out of her hand and slams it against the ground.
  224. >For good measure, she brings her boot down on it, grinding her heel until the hard plastic scatters across the floor.
  225. >Giving the girl a few more seconds to catch her breath, Sunset then puts her hand under the pepwhore's jaw and slams the back of her head against the lockers again.
  226. >"Nobody touches him but me, got it?"
  227. >The once peppy pom-pommer gives a strangled sound as she nods.
  228. >"Atta girl."
  229. >Sunset smiles and throws her away from the locker.
  230. >As the bruised girl scrambles for the door, the devil woman calls after her.
  231. >"Just remember, if I hear even the slightest rumor about something happening in this locker room, I'll make it so you're begging to be on the same level as me!"
  232. >The door slams shut and Sunset sighs.
  233. >The boys you saw weren't the first, she's got slick white spots all over her jacket, face and hair.
  234. >With a scowl, she crosses her arms over her chest and glares at you.
  235. >"Now. What to do with you?"
  237. >This is it.
  238. >You're well and truly fucked.
  239. >You close your eyes and wait for the inevitable.
  240. >Goodbye life.
  241. >Or balls at the very least.
  242. >Several seconds pass before you hear the girl grunt.
  243. >"Here."
  244. >The feel of warm leather against your hands snaps you back to the real world.
  245. >Her jacket now rests in your hands.
  246. >Stripping out of her skirt, she shoots you a look.
  247. >"Well don't just stand there. I'm going to take a shower, so you focus on cleaning my jacket and make sure no one comes in."
  248. >As she turns away, you notice a significant wet patch on her panties.
  249. >The girlish scent from the night before tickles at your nose again, temporarily washing away the male musk permeating from the lockers.
  250. >Shaking your head, you go about taking care of her request.
  251. >Sunset's shower lasts about ten minutes, long enough that you can taste the scalding heat the water in the air.
  252. >After throwing her a towel, she dries herself off and redresses, including sliding her falsies back into place before taking her jacket from you.
  253. >You're not sure how well you managed to do, but she hasn't killed you yet.
  254. >With a sigh, she throws the jacket over her shoulder and eyes you again.
  255. >"...I'm not going to lie, you're a real piece of work. But, on some level I enjoyed being on the receiving end of all that."
  256. >You shrug and offer a small smile.
  257. >"It was almost, exhilarating."
  258. >With a wistful sigh, Sunset closes her eyes.
  259. >And then she jabs a finger into your chest.
  260. >"But if you EVER try something like that again? I'll rip your dick and balls off with my teeth, got it?"
  261. >For the sake of the testicular treaty, you nod without hesitation.
  262. >Sunset smile and pats you on the cheek before leaning up and giving you a quick peck.
  263. >"I've got my eye on you."
  264. >You can't be sure, but as she leaves you think she's swinging her hips a little bit more.
  265. >The door slams shut, leaving you along with your thoughts.
  266. >You really messed this one up, but got away by the skin of your teeth.
  268. >You've learned your lesson.
  269. >No way you'll make the same mistake twice.
  270. >Smiling to yourself, you walk out of the locker room.
  271. >Your hand falls to your pocket, where you thumb the memory card from the phone.
  272. >Next time, you'll think the whole thing through...
  274. >You're not really sure why you're going to the Fall Formal
  275. >You don't even have a date.
  276. >But, whatever.
  277. >It'll be nice to see Shimmer get hers
  278. >As you step out of your car, you see a crowd around the statue out front.
  279. >Sunset's shouting something at the freak girl, Twiggle Spergle, or whatever.
  280. >T.S. throws her the crown and there's a sudden flash of light.
  281. >A red-skinned devil creature stands in Shimmer's place.
  282. >She cackles a few times.
  283. >And then she spots you.
  284. >With a slow grin, she lifts her top revealing two hefty and very, very real tits.
  285. >Your brain explodes from the sheer glory of her fiery busom.
  286. >Totally worth it
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