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Aug 4th, 2017
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  1. After the trial barok asks ryuu and susato to meet in the courtroom. so the whole gang is there (+ masked man). barok begins to talk about why he has a disdain for the japanese
  3. ...16 years ago 3 japanese exchange students came. one is susato's father. and the other...... barok walks toward the professor's wax status in the middle of the courtroom. the mask on his head is locked, but he got the key from rozaic. as you can probably guess from the flow of this conversation it's a japanese guy. The reason why his identity couldn't be revealed is because it would have caused a shitstorm between japan and britain's growing relationship
  5. suddenly the masked man begins trembling...... and then screams very loudly. I could already tell by the voice but he then proceeds to remove his cape and mask to reveal that yes, he is asougi. he rushes toward the professor and .........recognizes him as his father, one of the exchange students. ryuu and susato of course are fucking SHOOK and the three exchange brief comments before ryuu hands asougi back his sword (what the fuck I nearly cried here). he then cuts the head off of the statue. then he says he must go and leaves the courtroom.
  7. (susato later says her father once spoke of a fellow exchange student dying of disease in london.....)
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