The Enchantress: Chapter One [Abandoned][Rewrite Pending]

Dec 26th, 2014
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  1. The morning sun shone brightly through the window, rousing Velvet from her sleep. Before the unicorn could even sit up and stretch, she was reminded of her doppelganger laying next to her. It was rare for Velvet to take one of her toys to her personal bedroom, for this one she made an exception. Her horn glowed and she fired a spell at her double. Green flames began to eat away the similarities of the dirty impostor next to her, revealing the hole marred legs and wings of the Changeling and the black carapace of the rest of its body. Velvet looked into its eyes, the Changeling stretched and mumbled, saying nothing directly to Velvet as it got up and lazily left the room and heading back down to the basement where it belonged.
  2. Velvet got more use out of her Changeling than any of her other slaves. It could imitate her perfectly; voice, appearance, personality. It was a dream come true, the crown jewel of her collection. She used all the others simply for sex for the sake of it, but with the Changeling, it was a different story. For Velvet, the ability to almost literally make love to herself, to fuck herself was the single greatest feeling she had ever had. There was not a single thing in the world that she loved more than herself. As an added bonus, she could feed her pet Changeling enough this way, too.
  3. Though there was something nagging at Velvet, she wanted change, she wanted something new. She went through a quick mental checklist of her collection. She had a dragon, a diamond dog, a changeling and a griffon for her permanent slaves and she currently had an Earth and Pegasus pony as temporary slaves. She tried not to keep ponies for long, only because it would be noticeable if a pony were to just disappear for ever, though to combat those who would report her, she simply wipes their mind of their entire encounter. The risk of being caught, especially living a lifestyle like hers, was great and the punishment would be greater. Laying in bed, Velvet fantasized about getting caught, her collection and power taken away from her, only to be left at the mercy of Princess Celestia.
  4. She walked down the aisle, angry faces staring at her from all sides, the tallest among them, those of the princesses directly in front of her. Each of her slaves ready to testify; their minds awake and free from her spells that numbed them and made them submissive to her will. Each one goes on at length of their capture and at the ways in which she twisted their bodies and turned them into a myriad of other creatures, it would take days to go through the entire list. In both reality and fantasy, Velvet rubbed her dripping pussy with a hoof and used her magic to stimulate her clit. She didn't even try to hide the fact, shouts of anger rose through the chamber at her blatant vulgarity, which only encouraged her.
  5. Then, there was a deafening shout “SILENCE!” It was Princess Luna, the entire hall became quiet. Velvet’s magic fizzled out and she was enveloped by the glow of Celestia's magic as she rose into the air and her hoof pulled away from her wet cunt. The Princess spat out Velvet’s sentence for her crimes, to be locked away for eternity. The glow around Velvet grew brighter before a flash of light whisked her away, to a dungeon different from what was expected. Princess Celestia disappeared in a flash of light soon after as the crowd dispersed and Velvet’s former slaves were freed.
  6. Velvet flopped onto the floor the moment she reappeared. Before she could even rise to her hooves, a metal collar was placed around her neck, chaining her to the wall. She looked about the room surprised to find instead of cold damp cobble, silken pillows and curtains and the softest of carpets similar to her own basement. The Princess approached her without saying a word and just looked at her, studying her. Velvet was turned around by Celestia's magic and was forced to kneel her forelegs as her rear was raised up high and her tail was pulled out of the way. She couldn't even turn her head to see what the Princess was doing as her head was held down and forced to look forward by the magic as well. A minute passed then two, then three before she felt the weight of the Princess mounting her rear. Velvet struggled against the inevitable until she felt the tip of the strap-on penetrate her moist, needy pussy.
  7. The stimulation of masturbating to her fantasy had proven to be too much as a stunning orgasm rocked Velvet’s body, dampening the sheets on her bed. She lay there blissfully imagining being powerless and brutally fucked by the Princess. Velvet eventually opened her eyes and decided it was time to get out of bed. She went into her extravagantly large shower and spent the next hour cleaning and grooming herself, using the mirrors she had installed on the walls to admire herself, though she had to use magic to keep them from steaming up. She dried off and brushed her silky mane, she admired herself in the mirror again for several minutes before deciding she was ready for the day.
  8. Deciding it was a nice day for breakfast outside, she brewed a cup of tea, toasted a bagel and went to her balcony. Upon stepping outside, she noticed there was a huge commotion in the town; ponies flooded the streets to the town square. Curious, she sat down in the shade of the umbrella at her table and ate while watching the crowd. By the time she was done, the crowd had gotten smaller, but not by much. Velvet had noted that many ponies that were leaving had newspapers. She wasn't one to read the news often, though she did read it from time to time ever since Tirek came through. That whole incident nearly had her collection exposed; luckily she managed to overcome that debacle.
  9. Picking up her best sunhat and shades, she sauntered over to the mirror, fitting both onto her head before stepping outside. Velvet locked the door behind her and followed the twisting path from her front door to the large iron gate at the edge of her property. She admired the hedges and flowers and fountains as she had hundreds of times before, as she had every single time she left her home. She eventually made it past the gate and into the town. Each street was jam packed with ponies of all shapes and sizes, far too busy for the likes of Velvet. But she did manage to get a peek at what the commotion was about, the news-stands were surrounded, just as she predicted.
  10. Rather than fight the crowd, she turned to look at the ponies who had already left the busy street and were standing or sitting nearby reading their papers or in conversation with one another. She noticed a stallion who was talking to a number of other ponies had a paper drooping out of his saddlebag, mostly obscured by the pony standing next to him. Velvet discreetly used her magic to pull the paper from the bag without being seen. Satisfied with her prize, she left immediately and returned home. She sat at the table on her balcony with the paper and another cup of tea. She unfolded the paper and nearly dropped it upon seeing the front page.
  11. The headline read “Alien creature trapped in Equestria!” and featured a picture of a tall and strange looking two legged creature with two arms, it was standing with Princess Celestia on one side and Princess Twilight on the other. As she read into the article she found this creature calls itself a “human” and is from a vastly different world. The article goes on to say he would be staying with Princess Twilight while she tries to learn more about him and teach him of Equestria while he’s trapped here. Velvet stared at the image of the human for several minutes, studying every detail she could from the grey-scale image before whispering to herself “I must have it.”
  12. Velvet rushed inside to her desk with the paper and she scanned the article for his name. Once she found it, she retrieved her best writing paper, inkwell and quill and began writing.
  13. “Dear Anon…”
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