Brap Manifesto

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  1. Let's tally the farts, shall we? 0:02 Right away, we get a juicy fart that let's us know we are in for a ride. X1 0:10 A smaller rumbler, but no less impressive, especially since only 8 seconds have passed. X2 0:18 Now, that one sounded like it hurt. Plus, it came with a little baby toot afterward! X4 0:34 Very small toot. Likely just escaped from entering the Child's Pose. X5 0:36 This is where she proves her farts are no joke. What starts as an airy squeak builds into a nasty ripper that no doubt smelled disgusting. Her sigh of relief afterwards only proves its power. X6 0:46 Just ten seconds later, the previous fart is capitalized upon with an exceptionally airy release. X7 1:07 Another ripper that sounded forceful. At this point, I'm worried for her well being! X8 1:41 A classic fart. No doubt a stinker. X9 1:43 A quick, ominous sounding follow up. She better make sure she doesn't stain her underwear... X10 2:01 A very wet release, proving her pants are probably in danger. X11 2:05 Another excessively airy fart, which ends on a bubbly/wet note. The smell is no doubt unholy at this point, as it even scares her into trying more basic poses. You know a fart is impressive when it even gets the dealer rattled. X12 2:24 A nicely pitched toot. Her small grunt afterwards means it must have felt nice. X13 2:26 An aftershock. A small, bubbly fart. X14 2:36 Sounds like she had to force this one out. She better be careful! X15 2:46 Yet another fart, this time, even she seems surprised! X16 3:02 Now THAT was wet. I bet our eyes would be watering from the smell at this point. X17 3:19 She's even farting while she talks, now! How is she still gassy? X18 3:25 A sudden, bassy release. This proves she's not even close to being done. X19 3:40 Baby toot, but it counts! X20 3:51 A classic Zipper Fart. Her ass must be on fire at this point! X21 4:22 A fart while doing a split? The force alone just might boar a hole into the floor! X22 4:50 A DEVASTATING fart with 5 sections. The first is a roaring beast of a bassy fart, which sets the stage for the next, longer, bassy rip. Quickly followed by a wetter, smaller rip, then another, then a final, small pip. All the while, our lovely lady is moaning with pleasure. This nearly ten whole second-long hell-spawn of a fart deserves Five stars. Even she seems worried about utterly massive that fart was! X27 5:04 A sike out. What appears to be a tiny poot, reveals itself to be a hefty release. How did she have that much gas after her previous fart?!? "Yikes" indeed! X29 5:28 Another Masterpiece. Anyone standing behind her at this point would probably have felt tremendous wind burning across their face. I bet the smell would have done a number on them, as well. This girl is a farting MACHINE. X30 5:38 Yet there is still more. Another large, windy release dropped like it's nothing. Her sigh afterwards makes it clear this helped with a lot of pressure in her gut. To put it simply, this girl's ass is DEADLY. The cherry on top is the closing toot a second later. X32 5:55 A futile attempt to hold in gas, it seems. This earthquaking fart proves that her gas is just too powerful to be contained. X33 6:01 As if to prove even more that she can't hold in her gas, a higher pitched wet fart forces it's way out. Judging from her reaction, I bet that one stung coming out. X34 6:03 The final fart of a triple combo. Her ass is a machine gun, at this point. X35 6:09 How. The. Fuck. Just when you think she MUST be out of gas, she drops a copious amount of gas, both airy and a ripper, before she can even fully assume her yoga position. Is there no limit to her gassiness? I'm surprised she hasn't blown off her pants yet! X36 6:16 Baby poot. X37 6:21 Ho-lee SHIT. This fart (Which sounded like a fucking revving plane engine) probably made the entire room shake. Incredible power. What sort of fart demon possessed her?!?. Her butt is definitely a beast to be feared. X38 6:32 An admirable answer to her previous fart. It's almost as if this fart only exists to say "Her tank is not empty yet! Not even close!" X39 6:54 One-two combo! Knock-Out!! X41 7:13 Just when you thought her gas couldn't get any worse, she drops an SBD. You'd probably need a gas mask to stay in the same room as her for more than 7 minutes. X42 7:41 Micro farts. Is she finally out of gas? X44 7:43 Nope. She's still got some gassy surprised left. X45 8:13 Smaller, but no doubt incredibly smelly. The texture of the two fart's sound proves that much. X47 8:40 Another tiny one. I'd definitely eat that one up. X48 8:42 Another airy one. She makes it look so easy! X49 8:46 WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? There was no warning! I thought she was cooling down, but she suddenly ripped a juicy one! And that was fart number FIFTY. And to top it all off, she strings two more farts into it! Is she a Goddess? X52 8:51 Christ, she's farting so much, I can't even keep up with the time stamps! Jesus Christ, woman, what the fuck did you eat?!? X53 8:58 IT NEVER ENDS. And this release was fucking COLOSSAL. That seals it: This beautiful, sexy girl is a MONSTER farter. Her innocent giggle afterwards just makes it all the more sexier. I wouldn't be surprised if this woman could convert men into Fart Fetishists. X54 9:09 A rumbler of a toot. God, I would love to stick my nose right up her but for that one and feel the vibrations myself. Of course, my nose would probably suffer big time. X55 9:11 Times Two Combo. I wouldn't be surprised if the room she is in becomes radioactive at this rate. X56 9:13 Fucking HELL. She's still going? X57 9:18 These rips are on a whole new level. That fart sounded like a dying duck. X58 9:49 What the fuck crawled up her ass and died? I wouldn't be surprised if the entire house smelled like pure shit at this point. X59 9:57 How is she STILL GOING?!? She could probably kill someone with her infinite gas! And it's so wet...! X60 9:59 A double-decker finish. These two farts are infinitely wet, and I have no doubt after hearing these that she REALLY needs to go to the bathroom. X62 10:50 You can hear this final fart in her gut just before she even let's it rip. The perfect sign off: Not too big, not too small, but ensures the viewer that she 100% still has some gas left. X63 Sixty-three farts in 11 minutes. Holy fuck, she is one of the best farters in the world. How could someone so beautiful be so gassy? How could a butt that PERFECT produce such atrocities? God forbid someone gets stuck with that woman all day! Regardless, even after all of this, I would love to have her sit right on my face and nuke me with her farts.
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