Over QMR 16 [Typeset]

Jan 3rd, 2016
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  1. Over QMR 16 Translation
  2. From
  4. >Hey! Admiral! It's midnight teatime~
  5. >Admiral | Open wide--
  6. >[Wha?!]
  7. >Really now, don't swallow my finger too! Heehee~
  9. >So jealous! Have I come too late?
  10. >[Good Evenin']
  11. >I wanted to make the best cup of tea for the Admiral | So I took a bit of time choosing tea leaves.
  12. >Uuuu---Admiral---
  13. >Kongou, have you had dinner?
  14. >[I've got some egg sandwiches here]
  15. >Wow! Thank you dess!
  16. >[Munch dess]
  17. >Kashima-chan, another cup of coffee please!
  19. >Here | Admiral, do you want another cup too?
  20. >I'll make you a cup full of milk and sugar...
  21. >I have been waiting for this moment!
  22. >[I will go and brew some tasty black tea right now!]
  23. >Come, now is the time for the showdown between tea and coffee!
  25. >Eh, haven't the contestants increased?!
  26. >Because kitakami said that having more options would make choices more precise >So I just went along with you guys, and things just kind of...
  27. >Well then, Admiral
  28. >I will now take my leave, | Mm!
  29. >DId the contestants decrease this time!?
  30. >The Admiral already drank from me earlier.
  32. >Well then, Admiral, please have a taste of everyone's! | Admiral
  33. >Love should not be abandoned so easily dess!
  34. >THis coffee carries Kashima's love! | You should treasure it dess!
  35. >No, I Just didn't want to trouble the admiral, umm...
  36. >[Apparently each cup carries the maker's love, Ooyodo.]
  37. >[Poke poke]
  38. >[Don't say it!]
  40. >Let us tarry no longer with words! Admiral, please make your choice-- | Ehhhhhh--?!
  41. >Admiral, could you have already drank them all?
  42. >[Is this really alright?]
  43. >[Eh?] x2
  44. >No, It doesn't look like he drank mine at all.
  45. >As expected of the Admiral
  46. >To unhesitatingly down all that love~ how admirable dess~
  48. >[Oy--why--]
  49. >[Now, now]
  50. >Let's just call this a draw, no?
  51. >That's true, the Admiral's belly would explode if he drank anymore.
  52. >That's why we'll settle it all with one cup!
  53. >Doesn't this become an endless cycle?
  54. >Well then, next up what shall we drink dess?
  56. >[Hm? Is this because I'm a CLT? Is this some kinda discrimination?]
  57. >Wine?!
  58. >Oy
  59. >It's morning already.
  60. >[You're all so slow to waking up]
  61. >[Because we slept super late]
  63. >Want a bottle?
  64. >Yes, thanks.
  66. >Ah! Vittles!
  67. >They're souvenirs the Admiral brought back from an assignment.
  68. >Is there any for us?
  69. >Yep, here.
  70. >Hehhh...does the master truly think that these mere trinkets would be enough to please Akebono-sama? | Give us a car.
  71. >Haaaah?!
  73. >Uwahh - a japanese-produced Rocket Launcher~
  74. >Eh, isn't this anti-air?! I don't want it!
  75. >Ah
  76. >Oy?!
  77. >Don't!? Don't come over!
  78. >It's gonna blow isn't it--?! It's going to blowww!!!
  79. >Oy - if you're going to play around do it outside.
  81. >[So they make this kind of toy too, huh]
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