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Aug 22nd, 2019
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  1. # What are the combative departments and what are their jobs?
  2. #### Mobile Task Forces, the mobile task forces has their own task forces and their task forces has their own role. Alpha-1 would be the guarding/protection task force unit for the O5 council, they will seek to find any O5s on site and proceed to guard them, making sure they do not get harmed or killed in any way. E-11, the recontainment task force, they will be the first task force deployed when an SCP has breached containment and they must patrol Q-3 to Q-4 (check 173 first and I think Q-5 is still broken), making sure nothing is breached. And finally, NU-7. NU-7 is the task force deployed for heavy combat during a big CD riot or a raid. They will get access to heavy weapons in order to give more firepower in a lockdown or raid, this is a pretty good task force because heavy combat can sometimes be good for me. The security department, they are the main security department that will have the highest authority in a test and in the CDCZ because they are responsible for escorting and guarding the CDCZ, ensuring no Class Ds escape the facility or stop anyone trespassing. They have the field medic subdivision which is responsible for providing medical care to combatives and during a raid, this is the most important subdivision because combatives still need to stand to defend the facility. CRT, critical response team. They are the subdivision deployed in a riot and will recontain SCPs if no MTF are present. They will also help MTF defend the facility from hostiles known as the chaos insurgency, former alpha-1 that betrayed the foundation, they will also have access to the PP-19 and some sort of a virus hazmat suit that will protect you from being infected to bloackade the sector the delta virus breach is in. This is a pretty interesting job.
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