Spike's toothbrush (GlimglamxSpike, short shitpost) To do?

May 21st, 2017
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  1. >What does Spike think about Starlight using his toothbrush?
  3. >You will never open the bathroom door, too tired to think of knocking first
  4. >You will never gawk at her form for a second, blushing and blurting a sorry for interrupting
  5. >She will never turn towards you, surprised by you being up so early
  6. >She will never tell you that it's okay, she was finished anyway, spitting whatever was left in her mouth and leaving the toothbrush in the sink
  7. >You will never open your mouth, trying to find your words when you'd notice that it was in fact, your toothbrush
  8. >She would grin, knowing that you noticed by now
  9. >She'd tell you that she somehow 'lost' hers, asking you if you didn't mind her using yours
  10. >Of course that wouldn't be a real question, she'd know that you wouldn't mind. At all.
  11. >And she would tell you so, that she knew that you wouldn't mind, passing past you and exiting the bathroom, but not before lightly whipping your face with her tail, her playful grin sending your young heart a flutter.
  12. >She will never give a lighthearted chuckle while walking away, her hips swinging left and right, much more so than usual.
  13. >You will never stand there for a minute, blinking, pondering about what just happened.
  14. >You will never get inside the bathroom to start furiously masturbating, one penis at a time, with your toothbrush in your mouth, her taste still lingering on it and her scent everywhere around your face and in the room
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