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Fruit OMAD vs. Kommando Juice Test

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Dec 12th, 2018
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  1. How To Lose Weight Eating ONE MEAL A DAY!(For Semi Lean People Only!)
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  5. Published on Dec 6, 2018
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  11. Willy Driscoll
  12. 5 days ago (edited)
  13. RETURNING BACK TO SNAKE DIET AFTER PLATEAU BREAKING EXPERIMENT & UPDATE-- this is for ppl who have already been on the snake diet for at least 30 days - I am psyched by the results so far. I have now lost 6.0 lbs (NOT WATER WEIGHT as I was coming off a one soft dry fast) in only 4 days of approx 900 calories of fruit in one meal post workout. I know it is counter-intuitive but empirical evidence says it is not. I lost 60 lbs in 12 weeks of being on the snake diet. I lost my first 30lbs quickly in 4 weeks and then thru lots of dry fasting, SW fasting and initially 3 keto meals a week down 2 per week, I lost the next 30 lbs in the following 8 weeks. Each week I was losing less and fasting more - the last 2 weeks, I had only lost 3 lbs . I understand one is suppose to grind it out no matter on fasting, and more fasting, with body's survival mechanism fighting you the whole time and losing weight nonlinearly. But I noticed weight loss on fruit seems linear. On FAT Sick and Nearly dead, Joe Cross lost 82 lbs juice fasting in 61 days and Phil lost 95 lbs in 61 days. Another guy who did a juice fast lost 111lbs in 100 days. I am doing it way better than they did as i am not raising my insulin multiple times a day and I am eating the whole fruit. I found only a few fruitarians doing OMAD on youtube. Omadandrew- lost 13lbs in 25 days eating huge fruit meals once a day. And he was already super skinny. I AM NOT ADVOCATING A FRUITARIAN DIET but rather a 4 day hiatus from our almost no carbs diet to trick the body into taking off the brakes to weight loss. So Post workout, I am only eating enough fruit (no fat so no avocados) to exactly refill the liver. 200g of sugar - 100g of glucose to muscles and 100g of fructose to liver. (I am also consuming a couple of scoops of either collagen or pea pod protein powder) Again NO FAT.
  15. FYI YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE IN KETOSIS TO LOSE WEIGHT. i could list hundreds of diets/examples where people lost weight and were rarely if ever in ketosis.
  17. BUT I strongly believe in a fasting focused lifestyle, it is the healthiest and being in ketosis is the preferred state for the body but I think "FRUIT OMAD" is one more tool to add to our weight loss tool box. COLE I hope you will test it on some ppl experiencing plateaus and if it helps them, you will give it your blessing. However, after this video, I doubt it.
  19. I am telling you honestly - Every morning I am skinnier. my stomach is literally deflating. I test every morning and I still am in moderate/LOW ketosis. And I am losing weight faster NOW than I have since the first week. I promise if you try it for 2 to 4 days, you too will be amazed. I truly believe refilling the liver tricks your body into thinking you have more than enough food and it takes the brake off weight loss. Just like weight lifting, you want to change up routines to cause muscle confusion, - shifting your diet forces the body to readjust. A 4 -day fruit OMAD once a month I believe will result in faster weight loss. I promise, you wont lose any ground trying it. Let me know if you would be willing to boldly go where few have gone before lol.
  22. Koffee Kommando
  23. Koffee Kommando
  24. 4 days ago
  25. Awesome results! When I replied to you before I was just tossing out the idea that maybe you could use even less glucose/fructose to "get through" normal fasting.
  26. I'll try the "fruit OMAD" for 4 days starting 12/8. Will be using Medjool Dates as the fruit. Sounds like I'll have to eat 12 dates in one "meal". That will give me 1686 mg potassium too.
  28. I lost 22.4 lbs since 10/6 so far doing only 9 days of Snake Juice fasting total. And I went really light on the salt/potassium (1/8 tsp of each in 1-2 liters of water).
  29. Have stopped the weight loss since 10/26 on purpose. I switched to early TRF (2 meal a day daytime only eating) to build a normal routine for the long term. It's worked and I feel great.
  30. Now that I'm holding steady I feel I can easily try your idea and get good documentation. It's very "Ray Peat" really. I've been keeping a daily weight log with Simple Weight Tracker on Android. I'll reply back here with findings.
  33. Koffee Kommando
  34. Koffee Kommando
  35. 4 days ago (edited)
  36. One more thing..Muslims typically do a small meal before dawn, then a meal after sunset. That practice corresponds to these charts:
  40. If you eat pre-dawn, you are eating before the hunger and insulin spike. Eat after 8pm and you are also in a declining hunger/insulin zone.
  41. Maybe I should try doing 6 dates pre-dawn, then 6 dates after sunset. What if I did a tiny protein meal in the middle of the day?
  42. This might keep insulin low overall and keep the body from freaking out.
  44. Check out what Valter Longo is doing with the Fasting Mimicking Diet. It's a similar idea. He has hard data. Free .PDF access to the study unlike other researchers:
  47. They are doing "lite fasts" that last 5 days. 1x per month:
  48. "The development of the human diet took into account feasibility (e.g., high adherence to the dietary protocol) and therefore was designed to last 5 days every month and to provide between 34% and 54% of the normal caloric intake with a composition of at least 9%–10% proteins, 34%–47% carbohydrates, and 44%–56% fat."
  50. After 3x 5 day "lite fasts" their inflammation dropped to nothing:
  51. "CRP levels were reduced by the FMD cycles. 8 of the 19 FMD subjects had CRP levels in the moderate or high cardiovascular disease risk range (levels above 1.0 and 3 mg/l, respectively) at baseline. For 7 of them, the levels returned to the normal range (levels below 1.0 mg/l) after 3 FMD cycles (Figure 6I). For the 11 participants with CRP levels below 1.0 mg/l at baseline, no changes were observed at the completion of the trial. These results indicate that periodic FMD cycles promote anti-inflammatory effects and reduce at least one risk factor for CVD."
  53. So a fruit OMAD for 4 days 1x per month should blast things down quicker while being less harsh on a person for sure.
  55. The only bad thing about Valters "diet" is that he's trying to commercialize it a bit:
  56. "The human fasting mimicking diet (FMD) program is a plant-based diet program designed to attain fasting-like effects while providing micronutrient nourishment (vitamins, minerals, etc.) and minimize the burden of fasting. It comprises proprietary vegetable-based soups, energy bars, energy drinks, chip snacks, chamomile flower tea, and a vegetable supplement formula tablet (Table S4). The human FMD diet consists of a 5 day regimen: day 1 of the diet supplies ∼1,090 kcal (10% protein, 56% fat, 34% carbohydrate), days 2–5 are identical in formulation and provide 725 kcal (9% protein, 44% fat, 47% carbohydrate)."
  58. Of course it's "plant based", just like a fruit OMAD would be. As long as we keep the "plant based" deal to only be used as "medicine" or "therapy" it's a good thing.
  62. Willy Driscoll
  63. Willy Driscoll
  64. 4 days ago
  65. @Koffee Kommando awesome I am looking forward to seeing how it works for you. thanks
  69. Koffee Kommando
  70. Koffee Kommando
  71. 1 day ago (edited)
  72. @Willy Driscoll Got a result for ya.
  73. Quick background of fasting history. Never fasted before this year:
  75. Beginning weight - 209 lbs (10/01/2018)
  76. Did IF (8 hour window) beginning 10/1/18 to 10/6.
  77. Ditched bread, coffee, potatoes, all added sugar besides honey (no junk stevia). Any processed foods of any kind. Basically Paleo style eating.
  78. I'm going to go back to rice and potato eating, but only Japan or southern German style with lots of vinegar.
  80. 10/6 to 10/8 - Snake Juice fast with very light salt/potassium dropped 7 pounds.
  82. I randomly fasted after 10/6 for 5 more days total, then began staying on proper 8 hour window eTRF (roughly 8am to eating only..2 meals).
  84. This began my weight dropping easily in a bunch of random "steps" that seemed fasting triggered each time.
  85. The eTRF held has held my weight at 189-191 steady since I began it on 10/26.
  87. Weight was 189 lbs on 12/07/18 (down 20 lbs so far).
  88. Kinda sorta "fasted" as I only had 6 tiny wrapped cheddar cheeses and 5 oz of bacon jerky on a road trip before coming home that day.
  90. Plan is to eat 12 dates per day. 900 calories of dates total (180g sugars).
  91. I'm going to split the date meals into pre-dawn (6am) and post-sunset (8pm).
  92. Will eat a small amount of protein at noon-ish.
  93. Water with 1/8 tsp of salt to drink throughout the day. 1 liter max.
  95. Fruit OMAD Day #1 12/08/18 - 189 lbs
  96. Ate 6 Medjool dates at 6am
  97. 3 mugs of pure instant chicory drink
  98. 1 cup homemade 20 hour fermented plain yogurt
  99. 1 "dram" of Laphroaig 10 year Scotch whiskey ;)
  100. 6 dates at 8pm
  101. No problem getting through the day at all. Felt great.
  102. Did not sleep solid like after eating cottage cheese "snack" at 8pm on 2 days previous though (will investigate this more).
  104. Fruit OMAD Day #2 12/09/18 - 185.8 lbs (morning weigh in, lost 3.2 lbs)
  105. 6 dates at 6am
  106. 4 mugs chicory (1 with teaspoon coconut oil 43 cals)
  107. 2 fried eggs
  108. Dates and Scotch coming up tonight....
  109. still alive LOL.
  110. Checked glucose and ketones with fresh Ascencia Keto-Diastix (formerly Bayer). Got a positive ketone result.
  113. I've only checked my ketones with a test strip halfway through this weight loss. Never checked after my back to back 48's on 10/6-10/8.
  114. Never got a result on the strip before.
  116. Ok. Day #3
  117. Since eating daytime only, my body knows that eating too much at night is unnatural (and some foods aren't the best for it).
  118. Every Northern European atom in my body was screaming like Cole..."YOU NEED TO BE EATING BERRIES IN THE FOREST AND DRINKING VINTAGE GRAPE JUICE ONLY IDIOT!!!!"
  120. Dried dates are NOT the way to go. Day #1 I got restless sleep from the dates at night. Day #2 I crammed them all in before 10am.
  121. Never eating more than 2-3 at a sitting ever again.
  122. I aborted the fruit test as of day #2. Ate 200 cals. of cottage cheese at bedtme, felt way better.
  124. Day #3 morning weigh in was 184.4 so i dropped 4.6 lbs in 2 days of fruit/tiny protein (180g of fruit sugars).
  125. Then I dropped all the dates in the toilet soon after. Like, vegan style...all liquid form if you get my drift.
  127. My first 189 lb weigh in looks anomalous for some reason. If corrected to match the "trend", it may have been 186 roughly (scale malfunction?).
  128. I'll get an Excel chart uploaded to Imgur for all to see. If my start weight was actually 186, then I lost 1.6 lbs +/- on the veganfruit deathmarch diet.
  130. Grapes may work far better for doing this as they have a good water content. I may try again with them.
  131. My belly DID flatten out a noticeable amount. Is it worth it LOL?
  133. Right now I'm doing another experiment. Next 4 days I'm going to eat this daily:
  134. 1 quart bottle of Lifeway Original Whole Milk Kefir (600 calories)
  135. Some small additional amount of other protein possibly (couple strips bacon, cottage cheese?) to make up 400 calories
  136. 1 medium English cucumber and an orange in a smoothie (80/20 mix?)
  137. 40g of Lindt 90% Dark Chocolate (4 squares)
  139. We shall see what happens!
  143. Willy Driscoll
  144. Willy Driscoll
  145. 1 day ago
  146. @Koffee Kommando I love grapes but personally I do not like dates - just too sweet. Thanks so much for trying it. I think fasting is like an animal putting its head thru a snare. The harder it fights against the snare, the worse it gets. It seems the harder and more often one fasts, the less you can eat and still maintain your weight. I am stopping long term fast except for a 5 day fast every 4 weeks but that is not to lose weight but to repair. I am going to do the following OMAD at 4 pm . 900 calories of fruit, Monday, Tues, and Friday, 900 calories of starch potatoes sweet potatoes, or beans, on Thursday, Eggs on Wednesday, Steak on Saturday, and Nuts on Sunday. 900 calories of each, No fat with fruit or starch and no carbs with eggs, steak or nuts. 20hours of dry fasting each day. 8pm to 4pm & I workout before each meal. And on fruit days, I will be supplementing with collagen and or pea pod protein.
  148. People are so rigid. they think you can only lose weight one way either starve, or keto, or HCLF, but you can lose weight so many ways. There was a guy who ate only potatoes and sweet potatoes for a year and lost over 100lbs. Another guy ate 3500 calories of fruit a day and lost 240 lbs in 9 months. Good luck and keep me up to date with your progress. I am going to be doing keto and HCLF each week. YING and YANG.
  152. Koffee Kommando
  153. Koffee Kommando
  154. 1 day ago (edited)
  155. @Willy Driscoll Get Dr. Paul Jaminets book The Perfect Health Diet. Read the chapters on Protein and carbs...especially pg 99-101.
  156. I could have used Potatoes instead. They are 351 glucose calories per lb. Rice is 521 cal/lb. Rice has zero fructose, Potatoes have 4% fructose per lb. Thats why he calls them "safe starches" Both safer than Sweet Potatoes (18%) fructose. Paul says we only need 600 carb calories per day total. Keep fructose way low because its not needed in the body basically.
  157. I just read those chapters literally now LOL...could have saved myself from Freelee the Bananna Girl hell these last 2 days!
  161. Willy Driscoll
  162. Willy Driscoll
  163. 1 day ago
  164. @Koffee Kommando This is where I disagree with most. I think refilling the liver with fructose signals the liver to burn calories faster. I could name so many diets and examples where the liver gets refilled with fructose and ppl lose tremendous amounts of weight. Kempner Rice diet, - fruit rice and table sugar,- a diet which helped ppl lose weight as fast as 1 lb/day for 75 years, fruitarian diet - ppl lose weight faster and linearly. Fat sick and nearly dead - fruit juice and vegetables - 82 lbs in 61 days by Joe Cross and 95 lbs in 61 days by Phil Staples. Then this guy did a juice fast for 100 days and lost 111lbs. then this girl lost 40lbs in 6 months eating 3500 calories a day. another woman lost 126 lbs in 5 months eating only fruit. and then Jared lost 240 lbs in 9 months eating 3500 calories of fruit, It is true they were not in Ketosis but lost weight like crazy. studies show fruit assists in weight loss, I think ppl are silly about fructose from fruit where empirical evidence shows that ppl can lose massive amounts of fat quickly eating lots of fruit.
  168. Koffee Kommando
  169. Koffee Kommando
  170. 1 day ago (edited)
  171. @Willy Driscoll Ahh, I see. Yes, I'm with you to some extent. Maybe some people are better suited (genetically?) to those amounts of fructose?
  172. I did notice the belly went down a bit easier than a regular Snake Fast possibly. I mean, my body only wanted 6 dates though. Maybe if I combined the smaller amount of fruit with the rice or potato glucose like the Kempner Diet things would have been fine. Personally I can eat a crapload of simple berries or grapes...not anything else. Strawberries are a known histamine problem for many people for example. So the fruit would have to be something benign for the specific person I bet.
  174. This lady shows what happens to some on the total fruit diet train. I know the entire idea is stupid, but damn she gained weight while Freelee is a skeleton:
  177. The other thing we have to consider is the RATE we are trying to lose weight at. How much is too fast?
  178. Dr. Jason Fung says 1/2 to 1 pound a day is fine. I totally agree. Over the last 10 days of basic mixed eTRF/24 hour fasting/slight caloric restriction I've lost 5.6 lbs.
  179. Right on the money. The second I go back to regular everyday weight locks right in and does not change.
  180. Could I bump it up to 1lb a day leaning towards a more fruit heavy mix? Probably. Is it healthy to go higher? Better be looking into that question!
  182. Check this out. It's a screen grab from a Dr. Boz keto video. Note the carbs/calories/metabolism and the TIMESPAN:
  185. Interesting stuff.
  187. One thing I've been interested in is using fruit sugar to reduce the harshness (on the body, not taste!) of regular Snake Juice fasting. I think this has not been explored much.
  188. 1% sucrose in water has been tested with mice to protect the calcium transport system and heart while fasting.
  189. This is why Gatorade has sugar. Though, Gatorade may now be a mainstream joke with the composition hyped for flavor to sell more.
  191. Sparkling water with 1% apple juice may be something with awesome promise for easier fasting.
  192. It would combine the baking soda idea of Snake Juice Extreme with the slight sugars needed.
  193. 1% orange juice might work too as it's higher in potassium.
  194. You can use a Soda Stream or a DIY carbonation setup from brewing stores/Amazon to make sure you have quality water for cheap.
  196. CO2 is what is used in the body to transport calcium around, among it's many other functions. It works with Vit D and K2 to do it's thing.
  197. A small amount of sugar does many other good things in the body. Dr. Ray Peat talks about all this and how it relates to thyroid hormone regulation.
  198. Why did somebody Cole was coaching have sludge come out of their kidneys while using baking soda? The CO2 created in her stomach and diffused to her blood transported the wrongly deposited calcium out of her body. It made it soluble! Many people are Vit D and possibly K2 deficient. They can also be low on CO2 from sleep apnea and/or lack of nose only breathing.
  199. High altitude also increases your blood levels of CO2. Why is Colorado the leanest state (most population in Denver)? Enough sun year round and people with more CO2 in their blood?
  200. Maybe their hormones work better there due to this?
  202. The key to improved Snake Juice is probably along the CO2 lines. You want to keep the body humming along with the least damaging disruptions.
  203. I want to email that guy and ask him how to design the best DIY electrolyte/CO2 drink for fasting.
  204. He does not believe in fasting though I think. He says you can lose weight and balance the body by hormones alone. He is correct and has vast knowledge on this subject.
  205. We in fasting land are brute forcing it a bit some days.
  209. Koffee Kommando
  210. Koffee Kommando
  211. 1 day ago (edited)
  212. @Willy Driscoll Oh yeah...all those people are losing around 1lb a day. But what's wrong with a half pound a day? Nothing.
  213. I'd rather do it with the proper diet mix, not fruit only. Or some kind of fasting with protective nutrients of a sort.
  214. Getting huge black circles under the eyes/feeling like shit is just shit. Never happened to me but it happens to other fasters.
  215. Heart issues? Messed up calcium transport? Yep, happens while fasting. How do we protect against all that in the best way?
  219. Willy Driscoll
  220. Willy Driscoll
  221. 19 hours ago
  222. @Koffee Kommando - I agree eating only fruit is not ideal or enjoyable. but compared to dry fasting or snake juice fasting. it is preferable and from the empirical evidence more effective. I think one could possibly eat two meals a day. First meal keto and second meal - fruit/carb no fat. I have alot of weight to lose so I rather lose 1 lb/day than 1/2 lb. The goal is lose weight, be healthy and have flexibility to enjoy life. I will share with you my ABC's of weight loss.
  224. A) active metabolism - I think the liver has to be refilled on a fairly regular basis maybe once a week or more. 200g of Fruit guarantees that the liver will be refilled.
  226. B) biome of the gut. - if you were never obese then you probably do not need to worry. Resistant starch feeds my fat conserving gut bacteria and if my gut biome gets too big from eating too much cashew, peanuts, legumes, grains and root vegetables then my biome stops my weight loss.
  228. C) Ceramides - most important factor of all - ceramides cause insulin resistance and diabetes, - ceramides form when you consume fat especially saturated fat when insulin levels are high. So in Keto, you consume fat but insulin is low and high carb very low fat - eat very little fat when insulin is high.
  229. Note: for some ppl, starches raise sugar higher and for longer therefore insulin is high for a long time so any consumption of fats with starches are more likely to produce ceramides for certain ppl more than others, Plus certain ppl have naturally higher levels of insulin so it makes them more vulnerable. Working out in a fasted state really destroys ceramides effectively.
  231. D) development of the muscles - biggest problem with High carb very low fat is that insulin is high all the time unless one does OMAD. Having high insulin all the time makes muscles insensitive to the anabolic effect of insulin thus most HCLF ppl are puny. No muscle development unless they do OMAD,
  233. E) exercise - weight training before meal and exercise empties muscles and liver so carbs can go there rather than in blood stream.
  235. F) fat enhancing supplements - carnitine, omega 3 fish oil, collagen
  237. Using these principles, you can evaluate any diet. keto is great on factors except A. Keto ppl never refill liver so weight loss slows.
  238. Fruitarian - great on all except D and F,,, Kempner rice diet - great on all but D& F. Note freshly cooked white long cooking rice does not contain resistant starch. Nutritarian diet = greens, bean onions mushrooms, berries and seeds, - very good diet but does not refill liver, feeds gut biome . I tried HCLF for years before I realized the beans which I ate a ton for protein were feeding my gut bacteria which put the brakes on my weight loss.
  240. With these factors, you can design your perfect diet.
  244. Koffee Kommando
  245. Koffee Kommando
  246. 8 hours ago (edited)
  247. @Willy Driscoll
  248. A)Maybe fructose alone signals the body to up the metabolism a bit. Like, as in, hurry up and get this shit outta the way because it's not really needed. Fruit is on the way down to the boiler room, we are getting ready for action. Durianrider "gets on the rock" (rock candy sugar) to do some "next level shit" he says. Too much of it and you become a wrecked out sugar addict like him (deficient in other nutrients). He's staying jacked up like a drug abuser all the time. The body knows fructose = fruit probably, so we better speed up using the accompanying glucose hit to go get a spear in that woolly mammoth or zebra.
  250. B and C are gold. B) I dropped Cashews and Peanuts at the beginning of this Snake Diet inspired fiesta! I did have a hunch that I was over consuming them.
  251. Peanuts are also a major histamine problem cause. After I dropped breads, cashews and peanuts I noticed overall major inflammation(?) drop in my sinuses. My nose has stayed super clear day and night. This allows for far easier nose only breathing. This leads to higher blood CO2 concentration. MANY systemic things improve from proper CO2 levels in the blood. Sleep apnea is very bad due to this. Fasting is also bad without supplemental CO2.
  252. C) Gonna keep the starchy carbs as totally separate meal. You need a specific amount of them, no more.
  254. "First meal keto and second meal - fruit/carb no fat." This might be the ticket right here.
  255. Combine that with short 2 (3 max) day fasts with supplemental CO2/1% fruit juice mix (some tiny amount of salt or baking soda in there too?)
  256. Could be a winning combo.
  260. Willy Driscoll
  261. Willy Driscoll
  262. 7 hours ago
  263. @Koffee Kommando Thanks I really appreciate your feedback/analysis. As far as fruit, another possibility is that the body interprets fruit as a time of abundance so it is comfortable releasing its fat stores. All humans developed from lower primates in Africa where fruit and greens and insects were a staple of their diet. I think fruit does a body good. I think fructose from corn and processed sugar has given it a bad name. For experimental purposes, I plan on doing a fruit OMAD Sundays, MOndays, Tues, Thurs and Friday. Eggs only on Wednesday and steak only on Saturday. I will share with you my results. if I truly believe in the ABC's of weight loss then fruit Omad should score perfectly on all letters. I will eat 200g of sugar from fruit at 4 pm post workout along with either collagen and/or pea pod protein powder. I will consume fish oil in the morning with one brazil nut. question what is supplemental CO2? I thought you would want higher oxygen levels in the blood rather than higher CO2 levels?
  267. Willy Driscoll
  268. Willy Driscoll
  269. 7 hours ago
  270. @Koffee Kommando oh one more source of resistant starch is greenish bananas. Talking about durianrider and banana girl, they promoted eating tons of bananas, but if the people who tried that, but ate their bananas yellow/slight green versus super ripe with brown spots then they would get massive amounts of resistant starch and thus feeding/growing their fat loving biome resulting in weight gain. btw i did eat HCLF about 3500 calories a day and I was losing 3.5 lbs/ week until I started consuming pasta, beans, and bread for starches. If I had stuck with just fruit and or rice, I may have continued to lose weight. Also, if you eat more fruit than the liver can hold then your liver will start to convert extra fructose to fat. so that is why I limit fructose to 100g per day to fill it but not overflow it. One more thought on refilling liver, maybe the fructose fuels the liver to burn fat faster. Also, taking ACV and eating lots of berries with other fruit keep blood sugar spike low.
  274. Koffee Kommando
  275. Koffee Kommando
  276. 7 hours ago (edited)
  277. @Willy Driscoll Too much YT commenting on too many videos haha!.
  278. Over on Snake Juice Extreme comments I was talking about CO2 from the baking soda.
  279. CO2 (sparkling water) plus 1% sugar (10g) in 1L bottle is protective of your heart and calcium transport system.
  281. Coke has 120g of sugar in a 1L bottle. The dose makes the poison eh?
  283. What I posted about CO2. It makes sense from all I'm reading and past knowledge/experience:
  284. "But here is what baking soda WILL do. It's benefits may actually come from getting more CO2 into the body.
  285. Baking soda and sparkling water both do this. This is why they are "healthy":
  288. From that article: "When you mix baking soda with acid, it produces water (neutral pH) and carbon dioxide gas."
  290. This is a good thing, and the article writer barely knows it:
  291. "Although baking soda cannot significantly alter your body’s pH, it may be helpful in neutralizing lactic acid build up during intense exercise."
  292. "A study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology tested the effect of sodium bicarbonate consumption on ten volunteer cyclists. Their lactic acid levels and performance were measured every 10 minutes during a 60 minute cycle.
  293. The cyclists who received the sodium bicarbonate had lower lactic acid levels and exerted more energy than the placebo group. Researchers concluded that the results of this study suggest that “sodium bicarbonate may be used to offset the fatigue process during high-intensity, aerobic cycling”.
  299. "For hundreds or thousands of years, the therapeutic value of carbonated mineral springs has been known. The belief that it was the water's lively gas content that made it therapeutic led Joseph Priestley to investigate ways to make artificially carbonated water, and in the process he discovered oxygen. Carbonated water had its medical vogue in the 19th century, but the modern medical establishment has chosen to define itself in a way that glorifies "dangerous," "powerful" treatments, and ridicules "natural" and mild approaches. The motivation is obvious--to maintain a monopoly, there must be some reason to exclude the general public from "the practice of medicine." Witch doctors maintained their monopoly by working with frightening ghost-powers, and modern medicine uses its technical mystifications to the same purpose.vAlthough the medical profession hasn't lost its legal monopoly on health care, corporate interests have come to control the way medicine is practiced, and the way research is done in all the fields related to medicine.
  301. The fact that carbon dioxide therapy is extremely safe has led to the official doctrine that it can't be effective. The results reviewed by Yandell Henderson in the Cyclopedia of Medicine in 1940 were so impressive that carbon dioxide therapy would have been as commonly used and as well known as oxygen therapy, radiation treatments, sulfa drugs, barbiturates, and digitalis, but it was completely lacking in the thrilling mystique of those dangerous treatments."
  304. "The free intracellular calcium that can become toxic is normally bound safely by well-energized mitochondria, and in the bloodstream it is kept safely complexed with carbon dioxide. The thyroid hormone, producing carbon dioxide, helps to sustain the level of ionized calcium (Lindblom, et al., 2001). In a vitamin D deficiency, or a calcium deficiency, the parathyroid hormone increases, and this hormone can contribute to many inflammatory and degenerative processes, including diabetes. Consuming enough calcium and vitamin D to keep the parathyroid hormone suppressed is important to protect against the degenerative conditions."
  306. "Both vitamin D and vitamin K, another important calcium-regulating nutrient, are now known to prevent diabetes. Both of these vitamins require carbon dioxide for disposing of calcium properly, preventing its toxicity. When carbon dioxide is inadequate, for example from simple hyperventilation or from hypothyroidism, calcium is allowed to enter cells, causing inappropriate excitation, sometimes followed by calcification.
  308. Keeping an optimal level of carbon dioxide (for example, when adapted to high altitude) causes calcium to be controlled, resulting in lowered parathyroid hormone, an effect similar to supplementing with calcium, vitamin D, and vitamin K. (E.g., Nicolaidou, et al, 2006.) Glycine, like carbon dioxide, protects proteins against oxidative damage (Lezcano, et al., 2006), so including gelatin (very rich in glycine) in the diet is probably protective."
  310. Sleep apnea/mouth breathing/hyperventilation/endurance exercise makes your blood CO2 levels plummet. CO2 is what your blood uses to transport calcium around.
  311. Wonder why bike racers/runners have massive heart problems eventually? Too much breathing. It dilutes their blood of CO2. Calcium drops off and builds up in the tissues/heart.
  313. I'll show you how to demonstrate this in a sec by making DIY magnesium bicarbonate water.
  317. Koffee Kommando
  318. Koffee Kommando
  319. 7 hours ago (edited)
  320. I also posted this:
  321. "I just had a lightbulb moment. Cole said one of the people he coached had "sludge" come out of her kidneys while using baking soda Snake Juice.
  322. It's the CO2 from the baking soda flooding into her body/blood. The calcium built up finally had enough CO2 to carry it out of the filter (kidneys) and into the bladder for disposal. Kidneys are the blood filter unit for the body. Less circulating/saturated CO2 in the blood, more calcium stalled/dropped off in the wrong places. Vit D and K2 both work with the CO2 to do this. Be deficient in any of the 3 and the body can't get rid of calcium smoothly. Sleep apnea/mouth breathing/endurance exercise/hyperventilation all deplete your CO2 levels "
  324. Making your own DIY magnesium bicarbonate supplement water shows you how CO2 can carry a mineral invisibly in water/blood.
  328. Willy Driscoll
  329. Willy Driscoll
  330. 6 hours ago
  331. @Koffee Kommando Wow I had not heard any of that . Thanks so much for explaining it.
  335. Koffee Kommando
  336. Koffee Kommando
  337. 6 hours ago
  338. @Willy Driscoll I just noticed this in what I posted: "Consuming enough calcium and vitamin D to keep the parathyroid hormone suppressed is important to protect against the degenerative conditions." This is why they have orange juice with calcium in supermarkets. For all the fools that don't do dairy/meat.
  342. Koffee Kommando
  343. Koffee Kommando
  344. 6 hours ago (edited)
  345. @Willy Driscoll Here's the dope on magnesium supplementation. You can spray magnesium oil on your skin, or drink it as magnesium bicarbonate. Those are the safest natural ways of doing it besides going in the ocean every day (seawater on skin). To drink it you make magnesium water:
  346. Some on YT have made videos of the process, but they don't explain parts. I'm going to do a video shortly on it.
  347. The reason I drink the mag water at all (1/2 or 1/4 strength of their recommended concentrate solution in 1 gal reg. water) is because we have pretty hard water with loads of calcium here. You need calcium and magnesium balanced so they "cancel things out" sorta. Also, If you overdo the magnesium the water tastes a little chalky.
  349. When you make the solution, you add pure liquid magnesium hydroxide only (cheap brands are best as they have no added ingredients).
  350. It's a white chalky liquid mineral substance. Just like moveable calcium in your body.
  351. You pour it quickly into a 1 or 2L bottle of cold seltzer water. The magnesium combines and totally vanishes making the water go from solid chalky white to totally clear in 30 mins. The CO2 basically picks up the magnesium and carries it invisibly. If you have let out too much of the CO2 fizz while dumping the mag hydroxide in the magnesium settles out as chalky white solids in the bottom of the bottle. The CO2 absorbs all it can and drops the rest.
  353. Now imagine calcium invisibly cruising around in your blood. CO2 levels in the blood too low? Bones/teeth all topped up with calcium? The excess calcium drops out in the heart arteries and kidneys (gallbladder too?). The kidneys can't remove it cause it's not in solution. It builds up over a long time little by little. There's yer sludge!
  355. If you are fasting this happens:
  357. Diabetes or fasting increases free fatty acids, and forces cells to shift from oxidation of glucose to oxidation of fatty acids, inhibiting the binding of calcium (McKnight, et al., 1999). Providing a small amount of sugar (0.8% sucrose in their drinking water) restored the calcium binding and heart function, without increasing either thyroid hormone or insulin (Rupp, et al., 1988, 1999, 1994). Serum glucose was lowered, as the ability to oxidize sugar was restored by lowering free fatty acids. Activity of the sympathetic nervous system is lowered as efficiency is increased.
  359. There is where I got the idea to try sparkling water with 1% sugar while fasting. 1L of water needs 10g of sucrose in it. I want to use apple juice or orange juice maybe?
  360. May just get some good raw brown sugar and use 10g of that till I figure out how much fruit juice to use.
  362. (EDIT: 83ml of Martinellis clear apple juice is 10g of sugar. Add that much to 1L of sparkling water)
  365. You can use a Soda Stream to make the water, or even use homebrewing regulators with CO2 cartridges/soda stream/paintball tank adapters and a hose to do your own seltzer water. Right now I'm just buying Canada Dry plain seltzer water. I'll edit this post with Amazon links to all the regulators and conversion equip. It's not too expensive.
  366. This way you can guarantee your water quality.
  368. Here are the regulators and adapters. The one shown with CO2 cartridge attached is the cheapest standalone one:
  373. Willy Driscoll
  374. Willy Driscoll
  375. 5 hours ago
  376. @Koffee Kommando Probably, I eat about 8 oz of spinach for calcium every other day, I put it in the blender with cold water and blend it til it is just liquid no chunks and drink it down. I hate to eat spinach but drinking it is not too bad. And also I take cod liver oil for vitamin D. So good stuff.
  380. Koffee Kommando
  381. Koffee Kommando
  382. 5 hours ago
  383. @Willy Driscoll I'd like to try DIY Natto made with chickpeas to get my K2 mk7.
  384. I've been using D3 + K2 mk7 in liquid form from Now to experiment with K2. It's light 2,000IU of D3 and chickpea Natto derived K2 mk7:
  389. Koffee Kommando
  390. Koffee Kommando
  391. 5 hours ago
  392. @Willy Driscoll 83ml is the amount of apple juice to add to 1L of plain sparkling water. Gonna use this on my next 2 day fast.
  396. Koffee Kommando
  397. Koffee Kommando
  398. 1 hour ago
  399. @Willy Driscoll Refresh your browser. I edit my comments. It's posted in the last of these 25 replies.
  403. Koffee Kommando
  404. Koffee Kommando
  405. 1 hour ago
  406. @Willy Driscoll Here is your Fructose jackpot!:
  408. "Neither does fructose appear to cause weight gain when replacing other sugars in isocaloric quantities, although consumption of high doses which provide excess calories may cause an increase in body weight. Evidence has shown that the acute administration of small fructose doses (<10g in a meal) attenuates the glycaemic response to glucose loading by 14% in people with type-2 diabetics and 19% in healthy subjects. It is likely that adding fructose to the diet promotes glucose tolerance by triggering net liver uptake of glucose. "
  410. It's just like when you add vinegar to potatos in Munich potato salad or Japanese rice dishes. It reduces the glycemic response by 40%
  412. Why eat potatoes any other way?
  414. Then there is this:
  416. "Even in healthy persons, however, only about 25–50 g of fructose per sitting can be properly absorbed."
  417. "Foods with high fructose-to-glucose ratio. Glucose enhances absorption of fructose, so fructose from foods with fructose-to-glucose ratio <1, like white potatoes, are readily absorbed, whereas foods with fructose-to-glucose ratio >1, like apples and pears, are often problematic regardless of the total amount of fructose in the food."
  419. Fructose in small doses is like some medicinal deal. Some people have problems with it. So I have an idea for the sparkling drink. You can use apple OR orange juice.
  421. Orange juice is low in fructose. From the earlier link:
  422. "Fructose content is lower in citrus fruits (0.5-2 g/100 g) and pineapple (2g/100 g) and higher in apples and pears (more than 6g/100 g); these differences are reflected in the respective fruit juices. If the fructose component of sucrose (glucose+fructose) is also taken into account, the amount of fructose in a portion of fruit varies from 1 to 6g for citrus fruits, about 7g for pineapple and 10g for apples and pears, while in fruit juices the fructose content is 1 to 6 g for citrus fruits and 11 to 15 g for pineapple, apple and pear juices. "
  424. 1/2 cup of orange juice (118ml) is what you would use as it's less sugary than apple juice.
  428. Koffee Kommando
  429. Koffee Kommando
  430. 1 hour ago
  431. @Willy Driscoll Check out the chart at bottom there. It's useful to see the proportions of glucose/fructose in fruits
  434. Fructose scare overblown:
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