A buggy Holiday

Dec 3rd, 2015
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  1. >You're Anonymous. A nursery assistant, working like a bee in the local hospital.
  2. >It's almost Christmas.
  3. >Not that there's anyone to celebrate it with.
  4. >That doesn't matter, though.
  5. >Once you found out the draw managed to hit you, and that you'll get two weeks off, you decided to buy a plane ticket and rent a room with money that stayed over, from paying your bills.
  6. >An all inclusive holiday in the tropics, on a remote island, nice and snuggly near the equator, in a resort.
  7. >Perfect avoidance of the freezing winter weather.
  8. >You think of that as you sit, spaced out on the last minutes of your day shift.
  9. >Just need to handle the report over to the next shift.
  11. >After you finish your duties, and finally get home, you scurry over to the airport, verily prepared for your much needed holiday.
  12. >In around two hours, you're on your plane and en-route to your place of rest.
  13. >And after ten hours of flight, you're at the destination airport.
  15. >Hurrah!
  16. >The fresh sea air, and the hot early morning air make the airport hardly bearable, since you're used to the continental climate.
  17. >And a jungle just beyond the airport makes the atmosphere much more thrilling.
  18. >God knows what the heck lives there.
  19. >You did find that you can get a guided tour of the jungle, so that's something to do if laying on the beach would bore you.
  20. >You exit the airport, and take a bus to the hotel.
  21. >A bus provided by the hotel of course. You have no idea if there are any other buses, anyway.
  22. >Once at the reception desk of the hotel, a receptionist greets you with a smile.
  23. >" And you are, sir?"
  24. "Non Anonymous. I have a room reserved." You say and smile.
  25. >The receptionist nods, and hits a couple keys on the keyboard of the work computer she sits in front of. "I'm sorry, sir. The room isn't clean yet. It'll take some time. We can send your luggage up, and give you a free guided tour of the city, or the jungle."
  26. >You nod. Misfortune, but not enraging, you can certainly roll with it.
  27. "I'll go with the jungle tour. Thank you very much." You say and smile.
  28. >The receptionist nods, gives you a ticket and a key. "We'll have your room ready once you return, sir. You can leave your bags here. Thank you for bearing with us."
  29. "No problem. Thank you." You say, and leave the hotel.
  30. >You have a look at the ticket, and with the help of a few kind locals, you're on your way to the tour start.
  31. >The tour carries on peacefully.
  32. >The dirt path leads through the jungle, with various information posts, and with the guide, the entire tour is quite interesting.
  33. >Your attention leaps over to a sharp pain in your neck, and you instantly send your hand to swat it.
  34. >A mosquito, nothing serious.
  35. >You shrug, and wipe your hand on your pants.
  36. >Around a hour later, at sunrise you get back to the hotel.
  37. >The kind receptionist sends you to the correct floor, and you tired lay down on your bed.
  39. >Later you're awoken by a scratching pain on your neck, around the bite.
  40. >You groggily walk over to the bathroom of your hotel room, and check the area around the bite.
  41. >The near vicinity is swollen, and the top of the pimple is black, hard, almost looking like a bug's elytron.
  42. >Must be an allergic reaction to the bite.
  43. >Thankfully you took some basic first aid things with you.
  44. >Like sterile gauze squares, and an antihistamine unguent.
  45. >It's simple. You put some of the liniment on the swollen bite, flinching slightly as you tap it in. Then you put the sterile gauze squares onto the affected area, and a couple spins later, your neck is wrapped in a permeable bandage.
  46. >And not too long after, you feel quite a good bit better.
  47. >You look at the clock on the wall, and see that it's around the time when lunch starts.
  48. >Yeah, you're famished.
  49. >You make way to the reception, and are given an armband. Something about identifying your all inclusive reservation.
  50. >You make your way to the restaurant, and pick up a meal.
  51. >Some rice and a sauce, is what you pick, though you have much more available.
  52. >You don't feel like stuffing yourself anyway.
  53. >You sit at a table with a view of the sea.
  54. >The food is nice but something else catches your attention.
  55. >The air has something sweet to it.
  56. >Something that smells terribly sweet.
  57. >But strangely you don't mind.
  58. >The scent is intoxicating your mind, clouding your thinking.
  59. >But, god, it smells so good.
  60. >Suddenly, you snap back.
  61. >The scent isn't there anymore.
  62. >But you know it was there, you know from where did the smell emerge.
  63. >Strangely the smell seemed to emerge from a young couple next table.
  64. >You finish your lunch. Though, after the incident, you aren't too hungry anymore.
  65. >You leave the restaurant.
  67. >You get to your hotel room, and unwrap the bandage around your neck.
  68. >Holy shit. This isn't an ordinary allergy.
  69. >The bite itself is hardly visible. But that is because the tissue around it took the same colour and shape.
  70. >Your veins that come through the affected area are coal black.
  71. >With each of your heartbeats, the affected veins pulse, the black spreading more and more.
  72. >It doesn't hurt.
  73. >But it looks scary. Real scary.
  74. >Alright, Anonymous. Think.
  75. >The portfolio said that there is a doctor in the hotel.
  76. >Yes, a doctor should know about what you're affected with.
  77. >And doctors are bound with a promise to stay silent.
  78. >Yes, that's he best idea.
  79. >You fix your bandage and move to the reception.
  80. >The black blood vessels edge over the bandage.
  81. >The receptionist kindly directs you to the doctor's office.
  82. >The waiting room is empty.
  83. >You knock.
  84. >No answer.
  85. >You knock again.
  86. >No answer.
  87. >You press your ear against the door.
  88. >You can hear clear snoring.
  89. >The good doctor is asleep.
  90. >Not that you're surprised.
  91. >The hot air makes it hard to stay awake.
  92. >You try to open the door, and to your surprise, it's unlocked.
  93. >The doctor has his legs kicked up on the table.
  94. >And he's spreaded over the entirety of the office chair behind his table.
  95. >You cough.
  96. >No response.
  97. >You cough a bit louder.
  98. >The doctor wakes up, and quickly sits properly.
  99. >"Sorry. Had a night shift in the hospital. What can I help you with?" The doctor says.
  100. "I've been bit by a bug in the jungle, and I think I've got an allergy. I've applied an antihistamine unguent, it helped with the itching."
  101. >"Alright. What's your issue, then?" The doctor ask.
  102. >You unwrap the bandage, and show your neck to the doctor.
  103. >The veins have almost spreaded over your check.
  104. >One half of your neck is covered in the black chitinous material.
  105. >The second half is well on it's way to being completely covered.
  106. >Heck, you swear that the neck is a bit longer as well.
  107. >The doctor gestures to take your shirt off too.
  108. >The veins have evenly progressed to the start of the collarbones.
  109. >Fuck. It looks terrible.
  110. >The doctor comes close, examines the bite area, and the spread area.
  111. >He gets some thick rubber gloves, and touches the affected, chitinous tissue.
  112. >It isn't painful, you feel it as if there was normal skin there.
  113. >But you know there isn't, because normal skin bends under force.
  114. >And the changed tissue doesn't.
  115. >It's rock hard.
  116. >Something else catches your attention.
  117. >An odd scent.
  118. >Something like a library with hundreds of books that just beg to be opened.
  119. >The scent is subtle.
  120. >But it's there.
  121. >And it's coming from the doctor.
  122. >The doctor's words send you back into reality.
  123. >"I'm pretty sure this is an allergic reaction, Sir. No need to worry. I'll administer stronger antihistaminics. " The doctor says, and prepares a prescription.
  124. >You take it, thank the doctor, and go to he pharmacy next door.
  125. >Along the way, you try and read the paper.
  126. >After some deciphering later, you've finally found out what's the medication assigned to you.
  127. >Levocetirizine, and Pentomer.
  128. >Yeah, Levocetirizine is an antihistamine. But Pentomer is a vein dilator.
  129. >You decide to believe the doctor, and pick up your medication.
  130. >You should go to your hotel room.
  131. >What a bummer. You're sick on your holiday.
  132. >So much for hoping to get an easy rest.
  133. >You get back to your hotel room. Unnoticed, thankfully, you would really make heads turn.
  134. >Sleep heals, so you kick in the medication, and go to sleep.
  136. >Around twenty minutes later, you're awoken by a strong pain in your arms and fingers.
  137. >Groaning, you groggily open your eyes.
  138. >The display that lays itself before your eyes is undescribable.
  139. >To your horror, the chitin spreads before your eyes, onto your arms.
  140. >>You tear down your shirt, and witness the substance spreading on through your chest.
  141. >You wince as the hard black substance envelops your fingers, creating a black numb flat surface on where your fingers used to be.
  142. >You look at your other hand, and see the same happening there.
  143. >You want to scream, but you can't.
  144. >You can only breathe and see your body losing what it used to be.
  145. >Your hand joints painfully reorganize themselves.
  146. >You wince as a sharp pain hits your stomach and back.
  147. >You can feel your organs shifting.
  148. >Something grows out of your back, making a couple buzzing sounds in the process.
  149. >The chitin spreads even further downwards.
  150. >Right around your crotch.
  151. >You moan silently, as your manliness retracts into your body
  152. >Oh, fuck.
  153. >This did just not happen.
  154. >You look at your arms. They look like hooves.
  155. >You wince as all your lower half bones crack, and change.
  156. >Pelvis, then the leg bones.
  157. >Something pushes out of your spine end.
  158. >Your neck painfully shifts, and he chitin spreads all over your head.
  159. >You feel something pushing out of your forehead.
  160. >You see your nose shift in front of you, into the same black chitinous material as the rest of your body.
  161. >You pant.
  162. >The thing is hopefully over now.
  163. >You try to stand up.
  164. >You wiggle, and fall back down on the bed.
  165. >Everything is so different.
  166. >You're still panting.
  167. >You would be sweating, if you could.
  168. >After a few tries you manage to stand up, and a unsteadily walk to the bathroom mirror.
  169. >It's too high.
  170. >Fuck.
  171. >You can turn your head quite well though.
  172. >You turn around a bit, and see that you have wings now. Bug wings.
  173. >With a couple little holes.
  174. >Speaking of which, your light blue mane, which you've only found out because it fell into your eyes, seems to naturally hold a couple holes too.
  175. >And one more look reveals your legs are filled with a couple holes as well.
  176. >Now to try to fly those wings.
  177. >You focus, and hear a buzzing sound.
  178. >You try harder, and you feel yourself lifting off the ground.
  179. >You open your eyes.
  180. >You're buzzing your wings, flying at the mirror's level.
  181. >Back at you is staring a black coatless tall mare.
  182. >She has a horn too.
  183. >A horn crooked in multiple places.
  184. >YOU have a fucking horn. You are the mare in the mirror.
  185. >Fuck.
  186. >You look at the wall clock. It was roughly 20 to 30 minutes.
  187. >And you know that medicine given per os, through the mouth, takes that long to take effect.
  188. >That doctor.
  189. >The vein dilator.
  190. >It must've given off a light tachycardia as a side effect.
  191. >Dilatated veins mean higher volumes of blood transported with each beat, and with the beats being faster...
  192. >You couldn't figure out a better way to spread....whatever the heck the thing that caused this was around your body.
  193. >You want to scream and push your fingers into your eyes.
  194. >This is the worst thing imaginable.
  195. >There's one last thing you have to check.
  196. >You fling yourself to turn around, and try to swish your tail, to the side.
  197. >It's not there.
  198. >Little Anonymous isn't there.
  199. >This is the last nail into your coffin.
  200. >Tired, exhausted, and frustrated, you pass out on the floor of the bathroom.
  202. >You wake up on the cold bathroom floor.
  203. >You check yourself.
  204. >It is real then.
  205. >You're this bug thing.
  206. >To add a bit more of a screw up, you also switched genders.
  207. >Damn.
  208. >You stand up.
  209. >Ew, gross.
  210. >Once you stand up you see a chitinous mash below you, in the vague shape of your body.
  211. >The hell is this stuff.
  212. >The hell is anything, for that matter.
  213. >The black substance seems to be growing over the floor.
  214. >Spreading, slowly.
  215. >Spreading out in multiple strands.
  216. >Ugh, whatever it is, you've caused it.
  217. >It's spreading.
  218. >It's almost mesmerizing.
  219. >A couple knocks on the door rip you out of thought.
  220. >Someone wants to get inside.
  221. You shout. "W-Who is there?"
  222. >Holy shit. Even your voice.
  223. >It sounds so different, and womanly.
  224. >You hear a familiar voice.
  225. >The doctor!
  226. >"It's me. Let me in!" He says.
  227. >Let him in?
  228. >He may very well be responsible for whatever happened to you.
  229. >"Let me in, please! I know what happened to you!"
  230. >No other thing to do, you guess.
  231. >However, how will you open the door?
  232. >You don't have a hand.
  233. >Nor fingers for that matter.
  234. >You bite on the doorknob, and pull it down.
  235. >The door opens, and the Doctor walks in.
  236. >You close the door behind him.
  237. >He immediately rushes over to the windows, and pulls down the curtains, covering any view to the outside world.
  238. >"It worked!" He exclaims.
  239. "What worked? Don't you dare tell me you're behind this." You say, unhappiness leaking from your voice. A voice you're still getting used to, too.
  240. >Heck, you're getting used to this surprisingly well.
  241. >Your psychology teacher told you that the mind reacts more to inputs to which are tied memories.
  242. >You don't have an experience in turning into a bug-horse-thing. Nor do you have experience in changing genders.
  243. >So your head doesn't know what to make it this.
  244. >You know what to think though, you know that you're absolutely lost.
  245. "Answer me!" You say and demand an answer with the most despair in a voice ever heard.
  246. >"Yes and no. I accelerated the change, but I'll explain! I have a very good reason!" He says. Almost scared, too, from what you can hear.
  247. >Scared? From what you see you're mostly harmless, except maybe for that teeth of yours.
  248. "Then it better be a good reason, or I'll throw you out of the window!" You stomp your hoof on the ground.
  249. >The doctor snaps his fingers and a green circle of flame envelops him below his feet, progressing up.
  250. >One blinding flash of green later, you don't see the doctor.
  251. >But a creature similar to you.
  252. >He lacks any sort of a mane, only a fin in it's place, nor does he have any sort of a tail.
  253. >His horn is curved, and only once, for that matter.
  254. >He does have a few holes in his legs, and his wings, and a same chitin shell as you.
  255. >But the most striking difference are the eyes.
  256. >They're almost like two lakes of blue on his face.
  257. >He has no white in them.
  258. >He doesn't have a pupil.
  259. >Nothing else.
  260. >Just blue.
  261. >"Didn't your mother ever tell you it's rude to stare?" The doctor says with a slightly deeper voice.
  262. >You want to reply, but you end up stuttering.
  263. >Once you carry over the initial shock, you blink, and think about whether are your eyes deceiving you.
  264. "What the fuck are you?" You manage to say, still under the effect that the doctor was a four legged small bug, that burnt it's disguise off.
  265. >Right in front of you, a larger, four legged bug.
  266. >This is one heck of a day.
  267. >One heck of a stupid day.
  268. >A stupid day you won't be waking up from.
  269. >"I'm what was called a changeling. A mere drone." He begins explaining.
  270. "Was? But you're here, and I'm too." You say.
  271. >He shakes his head. "A long time ago, this island was full of changelings. We thrived, had a strong, ruling Queen, and a big hive. Everything fell to ruin. The only things that stayed over are the catacombs under the city, and the queen grubs that fly around the forest. One bit you, correct?"
  272. You nod. "Yeah, something bit me. I think right on the neck veins. It hurt a bit. I didn't see it over the darkness of the forest, though."
  273. >The changeling in front of you nods. "The larva had bitten you, and emptied itself inside your veins. I have simply accelerated that change by use of modern medication, Cool huh?"
  274. You shake your head. "Look, I don't like this. Change me back! I have a life to live, I'm here on a holiday, I have nothing to do with your lost and dead civilization!"
  275. >Now, the doctor shakes his head for a change. "I'm afraid that isn't possible, My Queen."
  276. "Not possible? I'm stuck as this!? Look at me! I can't even get out of my room, because people would shoot and capture me on sight!"
  277. >The fact that he addressed you as a Queen slips your attention.
  278. >Holy shit.
  279. >You're stuck like this aren't you? It's permanent!
  280. >A look at the doctor's face confirms your suspicion.
  281. >He's serious.
  282. >"Look, how about I get some food, and we talk over this again after? You must be hungry. And it'll be easier for the both of us to talk with a full stomach." He says and chuckles.
  283. >Trying to lighten up the atmosphere.
  284. >He's trying to be nice too.
  285. >His horn glows a bit, and a flash of green flames later, you see the doctor again, as if nothing happened.
  286. >He looks at you, expecting an order.
  287. "Fine. A snack does sound good." You say and sigh.
  288. >"I think I saw something spreading out in the bathroom. You should go and lie on it, it'll make you feel a bit better, before I come back."
  289. "If you say so." You sigh.
  290. >He is nice to you, and even tries to comfort you.
  291. >He does seem to have oblique intents with you though.
  292. >You can't get rid of that thought.
  293. >He did seem happy to see another one of his kin though, so he may have been only lonely.
  294. >You know what loneliness in a crowd can do to an individual, psychology had taught you a lot.
  295. >But this conversation had brought something useful.
  296. >You know what kind of a god forsaken creature you've become.
  297. >A Changeling.
  298. >You waddle over to the bathroom door. The doorstep, and it's near vicinity in the room itself are covered in the black chitin, the bathroom floor itself entirely covered, and the black begins to spread over the walls.
  299. >Interestingly enough, there are some green lines within the material. They almost look like veins.
  300. >They even pulsate, as if there were a heart behind it.
  301. >You sigh.
  302. >Speaking of which, do you even have a heart anymore?
  303. >What is inside of you anyway?
  304. >Do you still have a brain, a heart, lungs...
  305. >Bugs don't have lungs, nor they have a brain.
  306. >You touch your chest.
  307. >After a minute of looking, you feel something beating against your hoof.
  308. >It's there. A heart.
  309. >Something else catches your eye. The lines seem to pulsate with your each heartbeat.
  310. >As if you were the core of the structure.
  311. >The heart of it.
  312. >In the middle of the entire action.
  313. >But you have no idea how to feel about anything.
  314. >The idea of sitting on the cold ground doesn't seem lovely though.
  315. >Just as you think about how more comfortable a chair would be, the mass of the black chitin pulses, and forms something that looks like a throne.
  316. >Unsure, you stand on it.
  317. >You barely fit on, so you decide to back up onto it.
  318. >How do you sit down though?
  319. >You try to sit down.
  320. >It can't be that hard.
  321. >You manage to sit down, accidentally rubbing your flanks against the backboard of the chair.
  322. >You unintentionally scrape the new parts that replaced your pride and glory.
  323. >It sends a shiver down your entire body.
  324. >Damn it is sensitive.
  325. >You manage to sit down.
  326. >It does feel comfortable, though.
  327. >Your tail wraps around your hind legs, keeping them warm.
  328. >And like that, comfortable, and snuggly, you await the return of the doctor.
  330. >You wait.
  331. >Waiting eventually tires you, and you fall asleep.
  332. >A couple knocks awake you.
  333. >It's dark outside.
  334. >You know that by seeing street lamps lit.
  335. >Other than that, the light does seem dimmer.
  336. >But you can see just fine, despite the night shrouding the island in it's dark veil.
  337. >You hear the doctor again.
  338. >"I'm back!" You hear muffled over the door.
  339. >What took him so long?
  340. >Is it that hard to grab a couple sandwiches?
  341. >You open the door.
  342. >He doctor comes back in, and immediately closes the door.
  343. >He isn't carrying anything.
  344. "So what have you brought me? I'm famished!" You say and smile.
  345. >The doctor's disguise burns away.
  346. >He sits down, and stares at you.
  347. >You're curiously looking back at him.
  348. >"Nothing?" He asks.
  349. "What?"
  350. >He sighs. "Changelings disguise as someone's loved one, and they sustain off the emotions. I was doing that the entire afternoon."
  351. "You've been swallowing emotions for the past six hours?"
  352. >"Yes, Queen! Now focus, so you won't get weaker. You need to be strong."
  353. You frown. "Would you stop addressing me as Queen!? I have a name. And it's Anonymous."
  354. >"But you aren't Anonymous anymore, are you? You're not a man, anymore either. How long will you cling onto the past, and let it slow down your flight?"
  355. "You want me to throw twenty three years of my life behind me?! Just to forget, start again?"
  356. >"I know it may be hard, but.. "
  357. "Hard? HARD? You have no idea, you seriously have no idea, I can't just flip a page. I can't just leave what I am behind. Why should I help you anyway!? For all I know you could've caused all of this! Do you think I enjoy this mess? Do you think I enjoy losing my humanity? Do you?" You shout at the changeling before you.
  358. >The poor little bug looks down.
  359. >And turns slightly away from you.
  360. >You flinch slightly.
  361. >You even feel bad for the little tyke.
  362. >Surprising, honestly. He could've gotten you into the whole mess.
  363. >You swear that if he could, he would cry.
  364. >You reach out with your hoof to the changeling, and pat his back.
  365. "L-look, I'm sorry. Just give me time. I need to think things through. I'm just not sure what to do next."
  366. >"I-If you say so. I'll stay here, if you'll feel hungry."
  367. >You look over the spreading black matter.
  368. "What's this thing anyway?"
  369. >The changeling comes over, and happily steps on it, as if it were a patch of a beloved home.
  370. >"It's the base for a new hive! And it looks great."
  371. You sigh. "So you didn't know that this was a hive spreading out in the bathroom?"
  372. >"Some changelings make nests in the absence of a collective. Look, this is probably at the foundations of the building already, just awaiting your orders. It's kind of a flexible structure, you can bend to your desire. Just as you did with the throne, over there."
  373. "But how? How can I do anything? Can I even disguise as you?"
  374. >"All in time, All in time. You'll learn it all."
  376. >Next few days come by, and you're getting used to the entire mess that you're in.
  377. >Liam, that's the doctor's name, has proven to be quite a nice guy, considering the circumstances.
  378. >The hive had taken over the entire room already.
  379. >All the furniture had been either assimilated, or is on the way of being melted to nothingness.
  380. >But you keep on holding the spread back, only letting it spread secretly throughout the walls, foundations, where it won't be seen until you give the order.
  381. >Liam has been helping you adjust, learn the ropes. You can fly, even though slowly, and pretty low.
  382. >You can finally disguise, even if only to a female version of your original body.
  383. >It's only a shell, though.
  384. >What matters is what's on the inside.
  385. >And you don't know what is there.
  386. >One day, you and Liam stroll through he beach.
  387. >You two have became quite the good friends, almost bros, as one would say.
  388. >"So what will you do?" He asks, as you walk between deck chairs, towers and parasols, of the beach.
  389. "Well, I thought of staying. Maybe root down properly. And the entire thing interests me." You say, and look over at the hotel.
  390. >"So gaining back the island for us?"
  391. "But I'm not open for your idea of draining them to dust."
  392. >"But it would provide enough emotions to sustain the entire hive for years!"
  393. "We went over this before." You say, and frown at him. "I. Won't. Be. Laying. Any. Eggs."
  394. >"But it'd be a great way to start! A strong first generation."
  395. "I said no, for Christ's sake. If we manage to take over the island, we need to maintain positive standing to the outside world. No unnecessary slaughter. And that's if I decide I just won't return home. I still think it's a mad idea."
  396. >Liam proposed that you should be a proper queen for the hive. You aren't so sure. It'd mean walking over bodies one way or another.
  397. >But the poor little guy does really want to see a return of his race.
  398. >A volcano eruption destroyed this island, and he is what was left.
  399. >It's hard to admit, but you're feeling like you. want to help him.
  400. >And you start to care for body count less and less.
  401. >Is it because you're not human anymore?
  402. >You should be worried.
  403. >But you aren't, you're slipping deeper and deeper, and you're enjoying the ride.
  404. >Heck, you wouldn't mind if you could just drain one half, and use the other as drones.
  405. >Wait, what!?
  406. >What were you thinking?
  407. >This is madness.
  408. >Liam looks at you in mild surprise.
  409. >As if he knew what're you thinking.
  410. "I think that's a perfect plan." He says and laughs.
  411. >But you know he is serious.
  412. >And it doesn't seem like a bad idea either.
  413. >God, what the heck.
  414. >You're seriously pondering murdering thousands of innocent people.
  415. >But they're still people, and you aren't human anymore, why should you follow petty things like morale, or humanness.
  416. >Why should you be mind to any of these beings?
  417. >They aren't of your kin.
  418. >They pollute the air, water, spread like a disease.
  419. >The only thing they're good for are snacks.
  420. >You aren't even objecting at this point.
  421. >You know that those thoughts will come sooner or later.
  422. >Four in the morning.
  423. >Everyone is asleep, or hung over.
  424. >Lock down the main doors and all windows, take over anything, and use the most promising ones for your cause.
  425. >Just in one swift move.
  426. >This is it. It's the night.
  427. >Everything comes down to if you lock everything down properly.
  428. >You'll need to close everything.
  429. >Don't let a single chinch escape.
  430. >You have scouted out everything.
  431. >You know where the ones that you want as your servants will be.
  432. >Liam puts his hoof on your shoulder.
  433. >It's time.
  435. >You're Ami.
  436. >A rich fashion designer, stationed at this lovely island.
  437. >You're staying on this part of the island, to suck up inspiration.
  438. >You lay on the bed, staring into the ceiling.
  439. >You blink a couple times.
  440. >Are your eyes deceiving you, or is the ceiling really moulding?
  441. >The mold seems to be getting closer.
  442. >It suddenly drops onto your body, muffling any resistance you try to put up.
  443. >The entire mass seems more like some sort of a slime.
  444. >It painfully invades every entrance in your body.
  445. >Ears, nose, mouth.
  446. >Through the ass, through your pussy, sending you into moans, forcing you to take in more of the slimy fluid.
  447. >The fluid snaps onto your face, forcing out a strong new muzzle.
  448. >A horn snaps itself out of your forehead.
  449. >Your finger bones snap themselves together, creating a black flat numb surface.
  450. >You panic, struggle, as you can't breathe, only succeeding in spreading the slime everywhere.
  451. >You manage to let out a loud moan, as a new mass of flesh erects itself from between your legs.
  452. >Your legs follow the similar fate as your arms and hands.
  453. >A new tail pushes out itself from the end of your spine.
  454. >Your mind snaps.
  455. >Queen will want you to report.
  457. >You're Anonymous again.
  458. >You walk the hallways, as the hive spreads before you, changing the hallways as you walk.
  459. >A thousand new drones.
  460. >And five hundred bags of emotions.
  461. >You've done a perfect job.
  462. >Secured a future for your children.
  463. >You continue trotting.
  464. >A door opens, and a man, half way to becoming a drone, stumbles out, and falls in front of you.
  465. >He reaches out, in a futile hope of you helping him, as the chitin shell overruns him, and a new drone stands up, and follows you.
  466. >The feel of distress and fear fills the entire hotel.
  467. >He scent is amazing.
  468. >Such concentrated emotion is arousing, a single emotion pouring from everything living around you.
  469. >Distress, pain.
  470. >You trot on, your ranks swelling by the door you're passing through the hallways.
  471. >You've locked all the snacks in the restaurant.
  472. >How ironically appropriate..
  473. >A drone vanguard opens the door to the restaurant, your loyal drones cover all entrances.
  474. >They all look the same.
  475. >They're all perfect.
  476. >You enter the room.
  477. >The strength of the fear of you and your drones hits you so hard, you swear it brought you a concussion.
  478. >The arousal, blood rush, it feels so good.
  479. >And you hadn't even started draining them yet.
  481. >Mumbles echo throughout the room.
  482. >Worried, scared mumbles, from women and children.
  483. >Men, on the other hand, are silent.
  484. >But you know of their fear.
  485. >And their fear is much stronger.
  486. >But there's an underline.
  487. >It's not fear, worry, nor angst.
  488. >It's anger. And it's boiling up slowly.
  489. >Anger you bask in, it's directed to you personally, to the tour legged hooves being that hurdled all the hotel guests into a single room, using falling ceilings and tubes.
  490. >One of the men stands up. "Who, are you?" He asks. Even though you're standing at around three quarters of his height, and your drones do stand at half of it, they're still afraid of you.
  491. >Some kind of primal instinct, perhaps?
  492. "Cooperate and no one will get hurt." You exclaim, looking around once more. "You all have something we need."
  493. >Another man shouts from the crowd. "What do you want to do with us!?"
  494. "You'll see in time."
  495. >"Leave the women and children!" someone shouts from the crowd.
  496. You shake your head. "So would you rather split your families? Leave your loved ones to god knows where?" You say, and await their response.
  497. >It's a mix of love, defiance and confusion.
  498. >The love being sent to the family members.
  499. >But you're leeching on it.
  500. >Never say no to free food.
  501. >"Monster! Let us go!" An another voice from the crowd shouts.
  502. >Monster?
  503. >How dare he!
  504. >You walk into the crowd, in the direction of the individual who dared to insult you like this.
  505. >The crowd splits and separates, as you walk.
  506. >You could literally close your eyes, and get guided by his fear.
  507. >He looks like a Christmas tree in comparison to the forest of emotions around you.
  508. >You stand before him.
  509. "Say that again."
  510. >He just stares in horror.
  511. >He just stares.
  512. >He's shocked, his jaw is moving.
  513. >"M-Monster." He blunders out.
  514. You smirk. "You've shown you have a backbone. Take him away." You say, and two drones drag the man out of the room.
  515. >This demonstration of power was an excellent idea.
  516. >You smirk as the rest of the people are still staring scared at your ghostly figure.
  517. >You buzz your sings, and fly back to your original post, near the door.
  518. "Please introduce our guests to their new quarters. Please try not to separate families too much." You say, with a smirk, and a big load of sarcasm in the second sentence.
  519. >Cruelty is fun.
  520. >But it's love you're after.
  521. >Hate gives you strength but love fills your stomach.
  522. >Some will be tough nuts to crack, but the inside is going to be even tastier.
  523. >You walk out and head out onto the top floor, where you have moved.
  524. >It's almost like a throne room.
  526. >Well, it is supposed to be a throne room.
  527. >Yours throne room.
  528. >Fuck, everything is going according to plan.
  529. >Hopefully the Murphy's law won't come into effect.
  530. >You sit down on the throne, your flanks touching the black material.
  531. >It's cold.
  532. >It slightly bends under your weight, creating a comfortable seat.
  533. >Almost like a cushion.
  534. >A cold cushion, forcing your flanks into a light spread.
  535. >The lips of your marehood are exposed to the black surface.
  536. >Damn, it is sensitive, and demands more and more attention.
  537. >Urk.. What will you do?
  538. >You can't ignore the need forever.
  539. >Shaking, you edge hooves to the labia of your mare parts.
  540. >You wedge the hoof between them, moaning slightly as you do so.
  541. >You begin to move the hoof around in-between the lips, not being able to move the hoof any further than the entrance.
  542. >Your pleasuring is interrupted by a sound of the door hinges creaking open.
  543. >You quickly sit properly, looking as if nothing happened.
  544. >The seat isn't so lucky, though.
  545. >You've managed to stain it.
  546. >It's wet, and clearly visible.
  547. >Fuck, here's to hoping on wild luck.
  548. >It's Liam, the only changeling drone beside you that isn't a walking husk obeying your every order.
  549. >He trots to the throne, and bows down.
  550. >"My, Queen, I'm very happy to report that everything is going according to plan. We've managed to herd all the people in, with minimal use of force. We're draining them as we speak."
  551. "Good work. What about the local forces?" You say, and try to cover up the damage you've done, but you only succeed in smearing it further.
  552. >"They're in absolute chaos, my lady."
  553. >He curiously looks at your lower half.
  554. >"Is something the matter?" He asks eagerly.
  555. >You're stricken by how straight forward he is.
  556. >How will you put that you need to bleed off some heat?
  557. >And the doctor just seems, so big.
  558. >Liam surprised, looks at you.
  559. >Holy crap.
  560. >Did he seriously got what you thought?
  561. >He did say something about changelings in a hive being connected telepathically.
  562. >He shakes his head. "Well, if there are any things you want to do?"
  563. "Nonono, I'm fine. Monitor situation. Tell me when they're onto something."
  564. >He nods and leaves.
  565. >Crisis adverted.
  567. >Steps on the floor of the throne room awake you.
  568. >Clap, clap, clap, clap.
  569. >Hooves.
  570. >And a door opening.
  571. >You turn around, and see Liam, with the biggest hard on you've ever seen.
  572. >You're pretty sure he could suck his own dick if he wanted to.
  573. >Why the hell is he here, though?
  574. >Just as he notices you're staring at him, from the bed, he executes a small bow.
  575. "Liam, what are you doing out here?"
  576. >You say, and try to ignore the fact that he stands in front of you, fully erect.
  577. >Just the thought of doing something with him does things to your marehood that you can't explain.
  578. >"M-my Queen, I had noticed you're in a need of a certain relieving." He says.
  579. >My god, does be really intend on doing what you think he does?
  580. >Not that you object or anything.
  581. >Wait, what!?
  582. >Either there's two of you in your head, or you're that desperate.
  583. >Probably the latter.
  584. >"D-do you need my support?" He asks, still blundering start of every sentence.
  585. >This is wrong on so many levels.
  586. "Yes, your support would be appreciated."
  587. >You pull off the thin blanket that has been covering you and your curves.
  588. >He pulls you into a close embrace.
  589. >"I assume this is for the first time the Queen is in need of such cooling down?"
  590. >He's getting confident.
  591. >If you could, you swear you would be blushing.
  592. >You can feel his length pressed against yours body.
  593. >Only the idea of it being in between your legs sends shivers down your spine.
  594. >And you want it there.
  595. >Damn it, you're mad.
  596. >Mad with lust.
  597. >He spreads your hind legs with his, and puts his forehooves on the sides of your head.
  598. >He smirks, and guides his stallionhood into your awaiting marehood.
  599. >You moan out as he does so.
  600. >"Enjoying yourself, My Queen?" He says and smirks.
  601. You nod enthusiastically. "I-I demand more!" You say.
  602. >Holy crap, you. actually said it.
  603. >He smirks.
  604. >Be begins to thrust, sending you into a couple silent moans, with each thrust.
  605. >You pant with each big movement of his fully erect member inside you.
  606. "F-faster!" You shout in-between moans and pants.
  607. >You've lost control at this point.
  608. >In beast mode.
  609. >And you're enjoying this way too much.
  610. >Your pleads for faster pounding have been heard, and the good doctor speeds up with his rhythmic pounding against your needing pussy.
  611. >Your moans get louder and louder, just as Liam's pounding gets faster and faster, the both of you nearing the inevitable climax.
  612. >You finally hear the words. "I'm close!" He exclaims.
  613. >In a few next thrusts you feel his stallionhood throb inside of you, releasing it's load, splattering your inside walls.
  614. >The chain reaction sends you into an orgasm, making you fall tired onto your back.
  615. >You're panting.
  616. >And so is Liam.
  617. >It doesn't take long for sleep to kick in.
  619. >In the morning, you wake up feeling like you've been ran over by a horse.
  620. >Not too far from the truth, are we?
  621. >You chuckle at that thought.
  622. >Doctor, Liam, isn't next to you.
  623. >He's probably up and awake and making sure everything is running properly.
  624. >Such a good drone.
  625. >You walk over to the bathroom.
  626. >Intelligently, you've left all the piping as is, half of the sewage pipes lead to the sea, surprising honestly.
  627. >It also provides warm and clean water.
  628. >The sewage pipes have a diameter big enough to fit you, and whatever smaller than you inside them.
  629. >Perfect escape route, in case everything goes down the toilet.
  630. >You enter the shower, and turn on the water.
  631. >It doesn't sound like the drops of water hit skin.
  632. >Even though it feels just like millions of other showers you took.
  633. >No, it sounds more like rain hitting the roof of a house.
  634. >The chitin shell you're trapped in.
  635. >It's certainly...different.
  636. >You can't say you don't like it.
  637. >But another, rational part of your brain is screaming because whatever you've done, you can't come back from here.
  638. >You can't be Non Anonymous anymore.
  639. >That person is dead.
  640. >He was a good man, though.
  641. >All the good men die early.
  643. >You're halfway through the day, when you decide for a stroll around your domain, to stretch those joints.
  644. >Drones walk the hallways, doing whatever work you've assinged them earlier that day.
  645. >It's almost like perfection deep within chaos.
  646. >Except one.
  647. >He wanders the hallways, dazzled and confused. You decide to approach the changeling drone.
  648. >When he catches he sight of you, he instantly freezes in fear.
  649. >Interesting, who is this?
  650. >Right, it's that man from the restaurant.
  651. >The one hat dared to oppose your might.
  652. >He stares at you.
  653. "What're you looking at, drone?" You say, and look over at him, from your height.
  654. >"What have you done to me, you, you.." He's gasping for words, as if they were air, air he doesn't have enough of.
  655. "Me what? What do you want to call me? Monster? Don't make me laugh. You're on the ride too. We're all monsters out here, if you get out, they'll hang you on a streetlamp. Your humanity is long lost, and you can't do anything about it." You say, and smirk.
  656. >He swallows and looks down. "What're you going to do with me?"
  657. "Me? Nothing, we've already done what we wanted. You're an asset to the hive. Your obedience will be the only thing that I will demand."
  658. >"And what will you do if I deny?" He asks and looks up at you.
  659. "Then you'll be useless to us. And I'm pretty sure the other drones won't accept somoene useless around them."
  660. >You look at the drone and smirk. "Tell me, did you go here alone?"
  661. >You didn't even need to ask, as he begins to iluminate an aura of worry, he came here with someone dear to him.
  662. "You did, i know it. No need to hide it."
  663. >He slowly nods. "W-with my girlfriend. She is a fasion desinger. Her name's Mia."
  664. >You think, ah yes. Mia, the fashion desinger that stayed in the hotel. Room right under yours.
  665. >She was the first one to get drowned it the hive structure, and reformed to one of the drones.
  666. "Your girlfriend is snuggly and comfortable with us, I doubt she misses anything!" You say and execute an evil laugh.
  667. >This is the best punishment Liam could think of? Amazing.
  668. >He took everything this man had, and made him an obidient drone, with an added spice of sentience.
  669. >He deserved it for defying your authority.
  670. >An explosion rips you out of your thoughts.
  671. >the entire place is shaking and Liam, whom took the role of your personal assistant by now, rushes in.
  672. >"My queen! The local forces! T-they have a cannon! They've breached the first floor entrance!"
  673. "Send all drones on repair duties upstairs, we need to clear the place, and give enough time for the wall to heal!"
  674. >The drone you've been talking to enters the conversation. "I-I think I may be usefull. I was a security guard! Best in the town! I-I may help!"
  675. >You think. You can only attack, or shield yourself.
  676. >If he would know a shield spell, you could do both.
  677. >He's trying to be useful for his salvation, how adorable.
  678. >Liam quickly explains to the drone how to make a protective cover shield.
  679. >He manages to make a shield strong enough to withstand a few blasts from your magical energy.
  680. >That'll do.
  681. >You begin to walk down the hallways, the drone beside you.
  682. >You hear other steps.
  683. >They're coming.
  685. >You and your drone escort enter the second floor.
  686. >A prompt fizzle of a shield warns you of the presence of assault rifles.
  687. >The drone saved your life.
  688. >The hallway splits into a cross, with a few halls branching off, and around, behind you.
  689. >You can sense their shock when they get a glimpse of you.
  690. >Their speech is hard to catch.
  691. >But one line resonates.
  692. >"What the hell are hose things!?"
  693. >You smirk.
  694. >If you do this right, it'll earn you twenty lives.
  695. "Up, up!" You say, and blast two shots from your horn, scorching whatever kind of goons were in that hallway in front of you.
  696. "Down, down!" You shout and send out two more magic energy blasts from your horn, sending the soldiers that tried to flank your back to the same fate as their comrades in the front.
  697. >Before the bodies of the soldiers drop down, gunfire illuminates the hallways to your left and right.
  698. >You've exhausted the magic you can produce.
  699. > Let's hope this shield holds.
  700. >The bullets don't hit it.
  701. >The drone has managed to stop them mid air.
  702. >"Left, right, left right!" He exclaims, and the bullets get sent back at the soldiers that fired them.
  703. "B, A!" You say and smirk.
  704. >20 extra lives.
  705. >They drop down like flies.
  706. >You laugh.
  707. >This is surprisingly fun!
  708. >The drone pants.
  709. >"H-how did I manage to.."
  710. "Doesn't matter. You did it. Come on, these apes need to be squashed."
  711. >"You're mad!" He says.
  712. "Mad? You just joined my Konami moment. Aren't you the mad one?"
  713. >He shakes his head. "Something caught me. It wasn't me. I don't even know what Konami is, for crying out loud!"
  714. >Hm, was that you, using your drone as a combat tool, even if unconsciously?
  715. >You trot onwards, through the halway, the smell of burnt meat invading your nostrils.
  716. >Your aim is perfect
  717. >Four headshots.
  718. >Four burnt faces beyond recognition.
  719. >Third degree burns, to the skull.
  720. >Those men didn't feel anything, their brains literally melted the moment the green magical flame of your magical energy hit them.
  721. >Second floor contains the cross hallway, and a big mess hall beyond a thick door.
  722. >The doors are closed shut. Whatever's on the other side, won't hear you.
  723. >By what right do those apes dare to invade your home?!
  724. >You enter the mess hall, and see something that shocks you.
  725. >Those bastards.
  726. >There are several dead drones on the few tables, and even more scientists suited in hazardous material handling suits linger above the husks of your drones.
  727. >They've cut them open.
  728. >Those bastards.
  729. >They dare to conduct autopsies on your children.
  730. >Your...Children? What the....
  731. >You're quickly torn out of thought when one of the scientists near you finally notices, your appearance.
  732. >You're quicker.
  733. >You use your magic to press down on his throat and vocal cords, destroying them in the process.
  734. >He's silently suffocating on the floor.
  735. >He carries a sidearm.
  736. >A pistol.
  737. >The way you'll avenge your drones.
  738. >The weapon of the men will destroy them.
  739. >You manage to sneak up behind the men.
  740. >Take aim, press the trigger.
  741. >There won't be recoil.
  742. >You won't miss.
  743. >You stand up, and the only sound that shows your presence is the glittering sound of your horn levitating the weapon.
  744. >You cough.
  745. >The hazmats turn around.
  746. >You can feel their horror, as they see you hovering the pistol, aimed at one of their heads.
  747. >They begin to run.
  748. >Einz, Zwei, Drei, Feur.
  749. >You say as you press the trigger, the weapon barking out bullets with each press.
  750. >Each bullet finds their way to the lung of each man, hitting ribs, ripping flesh, and eventually destroying their sternum upon exiting the body.
  751. >Your drones ran too.
  752. >They didn't give them a chance either.
  753. >You won't be merciful too.
  754. >Looks like the gunfire caught attention.
  755. >A platoon of soldiers runs up the halway to the mess hall.
  756. >You lift up the ground under them, and quickly drop it, sending them flying.
  757. >They're in your domain.
  758. >They lay down prone, and begin to fire.
  759. >The drone rushes up, and erects a shield.
  760. >The bullets drop down on the ground.
  761. >They're firing in hopes of piercing the green wall of energy standing before them.
  762. >You feel their panic as their clips run dry.
  763. >You dash forwards, scooping one off the ground, and throwing him with force against the wall on the end of the hallway.
  764. >The other one pulls out his pistol, and you use your horn's ability to levitate things to bash the pistol against the skull of he soldier, breaking his cranial basis, causing blood to squirt out of his ears and nose.
  765. >The next one had managed to reload, he took aim just as you finished with his friend.
  766. >You throw the soldier you bashed his head in at his friend, the other soldier shooting at the flying body.
  767. >You then twist the soldiers arms around, breaking the joints.
  768. >Then there's the last one.
  769. >He's scared.
  770. >"M-Monster!" He exclaims.
  771. You laugh. "That's what I hear a lot these days. But what does that make you? You who killed innocent sentient creature? What does that make you? A dog? A man? A monster?"
  772. >He pulls up his pistol with his hand and shoots his brain out.
  773. >You flinch slightly as he does so, and drops down dead.
  774. >You hear a neck breaking and see the changeling drone that had been accompanying you killing the soldier whom's joints you've broken apart.
  775. >"Why do you make them suffer so much!"
  776. >You turn around.
  777. >"They're humans! You can't do this!"
  778. "Your point is?"
  779. >"These people are human beings!"
  780. >You dash to the changeling.
  781. "It doesn't matter what these things are! They came here to kill us. To kill you, me, everyone! No one can change that, the God nor the Devil!" You exclaim, shouting at the changeling with your angriest voice.
  782. >"B-but they're... "
  783. "Come on now, there's no time to be a coward." You say silently, and head for the ground floor.
  784. >The changeling salutes with his hoof. "Yes, right, Of course, Ma'am!"
  785. >You're coming for that artillery cannon.
  786. >And you'll crush it to scrap metal.
  788. >You're at the ground floor.
  789. >The chitin has already begun to heal itself after the damage done by the shell that impacted it, scarring the first floor.
  790. >A hole in the wall reveals where the humans had breached the wall, the wall that protected you from them.
  791. >And them from you.
  792. >That wall is no more, nothing shields the dorks from your sheer anger.
  793. >An anger you'll use to destroy them all.
  794. >The wall had shattered into shards, almost as if it were glass.
  795. >These shards are big enough, you can hide behind them.
  796. >You need to get a better look on what you're standing against.
  797. >It could be a tank, or just a cannon.
  798. >A mad idea forms in your head.
  799. >If the round hadn't come through, left no other trace in the room, except for the shattered wall spikes that fell in, after the round hit the wall!
  800. >They've used a high explosive round.
  801. >If you could throw it back, you would not only destroy the vehicle, but strike fear into the hearts of the enemy.
  802. >Perfect.
  803. >That shell will be faster than a bullet.
  804. >A lot faster.
  805. >Can you catch it?
  806. >If you won't, you'll be resting in pieces.
  807. >But if you don't do anything, you'll be dead.
  808. >You and your drones.
  809. >May as well try to do something.
  810. >It's either death, or success.
  811. >And if you succeed, they'll be too scared to do anything.
  812. >You smirk, and slowly trot up to the hole, slowly closing the hole in the wall, avoiding gunfire from the soldiers in front of the hotel.
  813. >They have a small artillery gun.
  814. >You hear an engine running back to life.
  815. >They're aiming.
  816. >"Aim!"
  817. >Here they come.
  818. >"Fire!"
  819. >You lower the barrier as quick as you can.
  820. >The shell just left the cannon.
  821. >It's huge.
  822. >The shell flies, straight at you.
  823. >You focus, the shell enveloped in the green magical mist.
  824. >All the speed transfers to you and you skid good five meters before stopping, leaving smoking ground in front of you.
  825. >It's a live artillery shell, you don't even need to hit them too hard.
  826. >But you will.
  827. >The soldiers at the sides of the tank shout in surprise.
  828. >Surprise, does indeed resonate from them.
  829. >So does fear from the vehicle's crew.
  830. >You walk forwards.
  831. >The drone that had been accompanying you, leaps in front of you and raises a barrier.
  832. >Moving forwards, the soldiers begin to fire, in panic.
  833. >Their clips run dry.
  834. >The shield collapses.
  835. >You throw the shell, with all your force and might.
  836. >You conjure up a shield bubble, just as the vehicle explodes in a fireball.
  837. >The soldiers that stood nearby try to run, but they're thrown away, as the shell penetrates the armour, and explodes the ammo inside, sending the men away with the blast wave.
  838. >This race doesn't deserve coexistence.
  839. >The explosion sends you flying, and you hit the wall behind you.
  840. >It takes you a minute to get up.
  841. >When you. stand up, you witness a massacre.
  842. >You trot.
  843. >The display of torn limbs, bloodshed, and men screaming in agony would scare everyone away.
  844. >But all the news reporters, people that came to watch, just stand there.
  845. >Frozen.
  846. >Frozen at the sight of you, you walking among the maimed corpses.
  847. >Not batting an eye.
  848. >You're used to gruesome sights. Surgery taught you not to fret over physical failures, that's the way of things.
  849. >The body is prone to failing.
  850. >Failures of the mind should be cried over.
  851. >The news reporters are frozen.
  852. >The crowd of people stand in shock.
  853. "Flee, idiots. Flee whilst you can. Flee from me, flee from my children, flee from the Changelings. But beware, we'll catch up to you."
  854. >Just as you turn around, the crown returns to life.
  855. >Incoherent mumbling pierces the night sky, just as you close down the wall, locking the tower of the hive away from the outside world once again.
  856. >"My Queen! Are you okay?" Liam rushes in.
  857. "I'm fine." You say and begin walking, back to your residence in the upper tower.
  858. >Right into the throne room.
  859. >"That's good! Excellent news. I'd be really sad if something happened to the eggs."
  860. >What, wait?
  861. >Eggs?
  862. "What do you mean?"
  863. >The doctor smirks. "Well, obviously, I must've impregnated you."
  864. "You did what!?" You shout.
  865. >Did he really just made you what you think he did?
  866. >That fucker.
  867. >The changeling drone that had helped you rushes up, to you and Liam.
  868. >"I don't mean to interrupt, but what should I do now?"
  869. "Meet me tomorrow morning. I'll have something figured out by then. For now, you should rest."
  870. >"Y-yes! Thank you." The drone says, and separates away from you.
  871. >You and Liam walk onwards, to the throne room.
  872. "You've basically made me," you think for a good word, "Pregnant?"
  873. >"Technically, yes. Except you'll be laying a hundred eggs."
  874. >Your stomach spins at the thought.
  875. "I told you that I didn't want this."
  876. >"Is it just because you were a man before? You'll have smart and loyal drones with sentience, that will actually call you mother. It's a win win."
  877. "In your book. I don't fancy the idea. Heck how will I manage a hundred!?"
  878. >"And are you alone here? You have drones, they'll help you. By the way, did you decide on a new name yet? "
  879. >You shake your head. A name has slipped your attention, it being less important than everything you've been dealing with.
  880. >Not to talk about how you're expecting a hundred changeling eggs.
  881. >"Well, I thought Chrysalis. It means something along the lines of the 'one that disseminates death' ."
  882. >You kind of like the name.
  883. >Chrysalis.
  884. >Has a nice ring to it.
  885. >It will take time adjusting to such a feminine name, though.
  887. >You're sitting on the throne, looking down at yourself.
  888. >Two black chitinous limbs with holes in them connected to a similar shell.
  889. >Two strong hind legs, connected to nice and big flanks.
  890. >A sensitive set of lips between them.
  891. >Eggs slowly growing up inside of you, awaiting the right moment, to be laid and bring about a new generation of strong.
  892. >Your blue hair tends to fall in your eyes, and the tail on the other end almost acts like it's own limb.
  893. >Your face is terrifying.
  894. >The crooked horn that allows you to move things on whim and sow destruction.
  895. >The two wings on your back buzz slightly, reminding you of their existence.
  896. >Two ears that flick themselves in the direction of sounds.
  897. >You're no longer Anonymous.
  898. >That man is long dead, he was good and will be missed.
  899. >But he's dead, and those who bemoan the dead are bound to join them.
  900. >You're Queen Chrysalis.
  901. >The future cause of the downfall of humans.
  902. >And you'll make sure that the humanity will fear you.
  903. >They'll end up like cattle, dependent on the grace or disgrace, on the mood of you and your children.
  904. >They'll be herded into cities, wringing them for whatever love or emotions you'll decide to take from them.
  905. >It'll be a glorious empire that'll last milenia.
  906. >And you'll lead it.
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