TKC Changelog

Jul 2nd, 2017
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  1. 0.13.4:
  2. *Additions
  3. -Cat NPCs animation #1 In 4 different colours!
  4. -Cat NPCs animation (Tiger variant) #1 In 4 different colours!
  5. -"Lewd-all-NPCs" system! Meet random NPCs and have sex with them (with animations~)! Added for kobolds, goblins and cats!
  6. -You can now have sex with Lizz, the goblin punk!
  7. -You can now have sex with Amelie, the kobold paladin!
  8. -Slime x Insect fluff scene added!
  9. -Added 4 more "Battle Suit" costumes! This time is Insect, Skeleton, Desert and Moth Princess!
  10. -Princess ON enemy sex is now possible! For succubuses, that is (Desert Princess while wearing her Battle Suit and Human Princess in "Succubus form" only, for now)!
  11. -"Whips" added to the game!
  12. -Dog Princess gets now "triggered" by female Progeny and random NPCs too!
  13. -"It's a small Kingdom~" quest added to the "Knights INC."!
  14. -Everything that is "Rabbit Princess" is ready and will be happening in the background! We're preparing her questline and launch her in next version!
  16. *Bugfixes
  17. -Mimic Chest debug messages removed
  18. -Treasure sacks spawn fixed
  19. -NG+ will now correctly reset distributed points and costumes
  20. -Issues after the delivery of weapons and armors in the "Assist Human" quests fixed
  21. -Ghost Princess scene in the cemetery playing again if you approach the entrace of the crypt fixed
  22. -Oxytocin Salts effect tuned to the new pregnancy lenghts
  23. -Soul Dagger effect dispels correctly after attacking/casting a spell
  24. -Fixed crashes caused by skipping text while entering quests
  25. -Various bugs happening during sieges in the Southern region
  26. -Many other minor bugfixes
  28. 0.13.3:
  29. *Additions
  30. -Skeleton Princess adult animation #1 added!
  31. -Mouse Princess adult animation #1 added!
  32. -Kobold x Slime fluff scene added!
  33. -Dance Club of Death NPCs dialogues added!
  34. -Gremlin form for Goblin Princess added! It also influences the looks of her Progeny! Includes pregnant and naked portraits!
  35. -Hornet form for Insect Princess added! It also influences the looks of her Progeny!
  36. -Drider Princess reworked! Visit her at night in the Golem reign or convince her to leave!
  37. -Amethyst Gossamer added! It can transform in any other dowry, at random!
  38. -New Patron (DQ-tier) NPC added (Mary-Annette)
  39. -Cotton Vineyards map added, the preview can be viewed by entering the farm in the Southern region.
  40. -Now the Progeny menu also shows the original race of the progeny, despite all the changes that occured.
  41. -The first 4 "Battle Suit" costumes have been added (Kobold, Human, Slime and Goblin Princess)!
  42. -Lust stat now reduces the damage taking during BattleFucks!
  43. -New cheat added. Get all them dowries!
  46. *Bugfixes
  47. -Fixed diary stats showing incorrectly for most Princesses
  48. -Moth and Insect expected number of offsprings now resets correctly after each delivery
  49. -Abandoning quests and going to NG+ now deletes all the quests you're on
  50. -Ghost Progeny portrait not showing in throne room fixed
  51. -Kobold Princess playing only the first animation fixed
  52. -Mithril Rings causing pregnancies themselves fixed
  53. -Golem, Skeleton and Ghost having a certain % rate to become pregnant (without using Stud's Draught or switching to the living forms) fixed.
  54. -All moths being born as Skelda fixed (lol)
  55. -Choco-Dicks number shown incorrectly when gaining/losing a lot of them fixed
  56. -Life Pearl not converting Ghost Princess back to her "ghost" form fixed
  57. -Moth Tree and Lily's Pad causing crashes fixed
  59. 0.13.2:
  60. *Additions
  61. -Mouse Princess "Pregnancy announcement" scene added!
  62. -Dragon Princess II "Camping on the way back" scene added!
  63. -Kobold Princess "Back to the roots" bad ending added!
  64. -New effects for Warm Ore! Speed up pregnancies for egg-layers and fights ice!
  65. -New effects for Red Candle! Boost stats, but links fates!
  66. -New effects for Bronze Sack! You'll literally cum coins!
  67. -Bronze Sack/Mithril Rings/Stud's Draught now interact with eachother!
  68. -Life Pearl reworked! Transform your Golem/Ghost/Skeleton Progeny! Their hearts will start beating again!
  69. -Lily's Pad added!Transform your Moth/Insect Progeny! Their hearts will stop beating soon!
  70. -Your larval moth Progeny can now be turned into normal moths!
  71. -You can now select you player's name and the starting item if you decide to skip the intro!
  72. -Custom sprites for Slime NPCs added (28 variations)!
  73. -Custom sprites for Insect NPCs added (20 variations)!
  74. -Canopy Forest area added!
  75. -Chance of getting twins roughly doubled (still pretty low though)!
  76. -No war declarations before day 3 (get those skeletons in check!)!
  77. -Added signposts in the Fairy Forest and Frog Princess' Pond!
  79. *Bugfixes
  80. -Fixed a lot of issues and crashes caused by out-of-team deliveries and Progeny in general!
  81. -Fixed eloping with Slime Princess causing her sneak event (leading to the adult scene) not working!
  82. -Fixed a couple bugs before and after the boss fight in Golem's!
  83. -Fixed issues while using panties with Mithril Rings and/or Moonlight Glass!
  84. -Fixed Desert and Goblin Princess crashing during battlefucks!
  85. -Fixed "Pregnancy announcement" scenes playing after the actual pregnancy if you eloped with the Princess!
  86. -Fixed Dog Princess visiting the reign of a Princess you eloped with!
  87. -Fixed Skeleton Progeny portraits not showing correctly!
  88. -Fixed the Exp bars in the diary not showing the correct progresses for every Princess!
  89. -Fixed the game freezing after Dragon Princess II event without the Warm Ore in your inventory!
  90. -Fixed Moth Princess animation during infiltrations!
  91. -Fixed Ghost Princess animation not centering the screen correctly!
  93. v0.13.1:
  94. *Additions
  95. -Moth Princess “Blue Lantern” scene added!
  96. -Forgotten Gardens NPCs dialogues added!
  97. -Forgotten Gardens BGM added!
  98. -Goblin NPCs animation #2 In 4 different colours!
  99. -Goblin NPCs animation #2 (Bugbear variant) In 16 different colour combinations!
  100. -Moth NPCs sprites added!
  101. -Moth Princess animation #1 added!
  102. -More signposts in various locations (for Slime Princess, Fairy Princess and Dog Princess) added!
  103. -New items (Moonlight Glass, Moonlight Glass Cloak, Shining Egg, Heir’s Coin) added!
  104. -New effects for Eternal Key: limitless sexual stamina for the Knight, if he's equipping it!
  106. -New effects for Pheromone Cluster: the Princess equipping it will always?be ovulating!
  108. -New effects for Drake's Bane: burn it into a campfire to get 2 of them!
  110. *Bugfixes
  111. -Ghost Princess animation placement fixed
  112. -Princesses sometimes changing into progeny fixed
  113. -Holstaur Bar/Tavern/Greenking Brewery NPCs’ facing direction fixed
  114. -Mouse Princess’ number of sisters fixed
  115. -Golem NPCs causing crashes in Holstaur Bar fixed
  116. -Heir randomization correction fixed
  117. -Stealth in Slime Princess’ Throne sometimes not starting fixed
  118. -Stealth in Insect Princess' Hive issues fixed
  119. -Slime dialogues after Eloping fixed
  120. -Testos-X on Mouse Princess not working fixed
  121. -Mouse Clocktown passability issues fixed
  122. -White Flower Garments equippable by everyone fixed
  123. -Goblin “Slave Express” quest placement of the contractor fixed
  124. -Costumes resetting to default after elope/recruitment fixed
  125. -Sleep Powder not getting consumed after use fixed
  126. -Progeny occasionally not having dialogue lines fixed
  127. -Slime/Insect Princess crashing after goblin auction fixed
  128. -Battles not ending properly (mostly Moth) fixed
  129. -Engine not resetting all quests on NG+ fixed
  130. -Eternal Key not working correctly on Princesses fixed
  131. -Skeleton Princess costumes not working fixed
  132. -Progeny menu sometimes getting stuck fixed
  134. v0.13:
  135. -Mouse Clocktown map added!
  136. -Mouse Clocktower map(s) added!
  137. -Greenkin Brewery map added!
  138. -Old Church map added!
  139. -Forgotten Garden map added!
  140. -Rocky Tunnels map added!
  141. -Pyramid floors (all 3) reworked, for better looks and lights!
  142. -Mouse "Knights INC." quest added!
  143. -Mouse questline (5 steps) added!
  144. -Werebeast quest added!
  145. -New step for KoboldP route added!
  146. -DPII route's "prison escape" step expanded!
  147. -Lamia's scene rewritten!
  148. -Mouse costumes (swimsuit, maid dress, prisoner outfit) added!
  149. -Mouse diary added!
  150. -Taxes mechanic added (reigns have to pay MouseP to cross the N/S border)!
  151. -Mouse added to "Tea Party" quests!
  152. -Mouse added to "Panties Thief" quest!
  153. -Patron NPCs can now enter the Clocktown too!
  154. -Added Status Screen for Mouse!
  155. -"Armour du Chocolat" added! Drains choco-dicks instead of HPs!
  156. -"Mithril Rings" added! What you insert in one ring will come our from all the others!
  157. -You can now combine "Mithril Rings" and "Princess Panties" for unexpected results!
  158. -"Stud's Draught" added! Impregnate anything for 24 hours!
  159. -Goblin drinks added! "Shamrock Fresh", "Goblin Ale" and "Gremlin Booze"! Restore MP with a drink!
  160. -Skeleton Progeny added!
  161. -Ghost Progeny added!
  162. -Golem Progeny added!
  163. -Mouse Progeny added!
  164. -Kobold Progeny now has 16 different looking sprites (sex/colour/horns)!
  165. -Added specific ways to breed Gravelords (skeleton elite progeny) and MEGA-Ghosts (ghost elite progeny)!
  166. -Dog animation #1 added!
  167. -Ghost animation #1 added!
  168. -Kobold NPCs animation #1 added (4 different colours)!
  169. -Kobold NPCs animation #2 added (4 different colours)!
  170. -Goblin NPCs [normal goblin] animation #1 added (4 different colours)!
  171. -Goblin NPCs [bugbear] animation #1 added (16 different colours)!
  172. -Reworked the frame timing for all the animations!
  173. -New Patron (DQ-tier) NPCs added (Mugen, Niu'ya, Helias)
  174. -Added random NPCs, with custom dialogues in the Faun's Tavern!
  175. -Added random NPCs, with custom dialogues in the Clocktown!
  176. -Added random NPCs, with custom dialogues in the Greenkin Brewery!
  177. -Added random NPCs, with custom dialogues in the Dance Club of Death!
  178. -Added random NPCs, with custom dialogues in the Holstaur Milk Bar!
  179. -Added random NPCs, with custom dialogues in the Forgotten Garden!
  180. -Only races friendly with eachother will show in these enstablishments!
  181. -Added Luck stat for enemies too (they can now crit against the player, both with melee and skills)!
  182. -Player's skills can now crit too!
  183. -"Gift to Princess" options expanded!
  184. -Pregnancy lenghts reduced dramatically!
  185. -Kobold nobles will auto-gather resources in the Kobold Fortress!
  186. -Added "Mannequins" in all the Princesses' rooms. Dress it up and the Princess will be dressed like that from that point onward!
  187. -After buying a princess from the goblins (or recruiting Dog) you will now be allowed to rename her!
  188. -You can now convince a Princess to elope with you if she has a Heir! The Reign won't fall this way.
  189. -Visiting a reign with an Heir will give you the option to chat with him/her instead of the Princess.
  190. -Status Screen revamped! New look and shows the items currently active on the Princesses.
  191. -Added "illustrated signs" for the Wolves Cave(1) and the Kobold Fortress(2)!
  192. -Added new BGM for the Old Church!
  193. -Added new BGM for the Forgotten Garden!
  194. -Added new BGM for the Clocktown!
  195. -Goblin NPCs sprites added (16 different ones)!
  196. -Dog NPCs sprites added (15 different ones)!
  197. -Cat sprites added (48 different ones)!
  198. -Mugen, Micheal, Niuya, Helias sprites added!
  199. -Cat x Kobold fluff scene added!
  201. v0.12.6c:
  203. -Desert Princess adult animation #2 added!
  204. -Reworked War and Peace mechanics, if the Diplomacy between two reign improve they will make peace!
  205. -Reworked the "Tea Party" quests. They can now vastly improve the Diplomacy between reigns!
  206. -New route for the Insect-Golem wars, going through Skeleton and/or Human is now possible!
  207. -Reworked ingame time speed. By default an ingame day will last 8 minutes (before it was 24) and you can set it to a custom speed (1~99 minutes/day) using the "Customizations" menu when you start a new game!
  208. -If you don't let a Princess rest (in the Tavern or in the Campsite) before the delivery, the child will recieve a (light) malus to its stats!
  209. -New item: "Oxytocin Salts"! Halves the time remaining to a Princess' pregnancy (you can gift it to the ones still on their thrones too)!
  210. -New item: "Little Cheat Stone"! Consumable item you can use to open the Cheats Menu outside the World Map!
  211. -10$-tier custom NPCs added
  212. -New cheat: "Put Flowers in your Towers" (Peace everywhere)
  213. -New cheat: "Reset Diplomacy"
  214. -New cheat: "Select game speed"
  215. -Added the first 10$-NPC with custom portrait!
  217. -Game freezing during Ghost Princess event in the Cemetery solved.
  218. -Patch system loading during Cow Races or Beach quest solved.
  219. -Fairy Princess won't disappear from her forest when Insect Princess surfaces.
  220. -Dragon Princess I won't show in her hideout if you're in Dog Princess' route.
  221. -Game crashing when buying Slime or Insect Princess from the Slave Market solved.
  222. -Knight unable to leave the Wolf Cave if going inside alone for the first time alone solved.
  223. -Several other bugs and typos fixed.
  225. v0.12.6b:
  226. -New Progeny Races not delivering fixed
  227. -Browney in Insect Princess questline bug fixed
  228. -From the "Customizations" menu at the beginning of the game you can now turn OFF Battle-Fucks
  229. -You can get random daily sperm in Jozzlyn's Barn
  230. -Babs getting stuck when you decide to *salivate* fixed
  231. -Bottled Fairy and Bottled Butterfly are now Key Items again
  232. -Amelie and Micheal now won't get in all the battles against the Player after the first one
  233. -Cat Princess animations not showing in sneak events fixed
  234. -Kobold Noble menu opening only when there's knockers available fixed
  235. -Drider Princess being in her room before the time fixed
  236. -Golem Princess sneak events looping fixed
  237. -Pregnancies of non-recruited Princesses causing crashes fixed
  238. -Unlock all Animations cheat not unlocks Desert#1 and Insect#1 fixed
  240. v0.12.6:
  241. -Added Fairy Princess adult scene!
  242. -Insect Princess adult animation #1 added!
  243. -Desert Princess adult animation #1 added!
  244. -"Milking Time!" quest added!
  245. -"Fairy Legs" quest added!
  246. -11 maid costumes (Human,Slime,Golem,Insect,Skeleton,Desert,Ghost,Goblin,Moth,Cat,Dog) added!
  247. -Moth Progeny added!
  248. -Insect Progeny added!
  249. -Desert Progeny added!
  250. -All 3 races added to the Progeny Simulator too!
  251. -New NPCs added (R-005TY, Jokul and Jozzlyn)
  252. -Kobold route greatly expanded!
  253. -A lot of new portraits!
  254. -A lot of new sprites!
  255. -Skeleton Princess has a new BGM!
  256. -Several bugs and typos fixed.
  258. v0.12.5c:
  259. -Fixes Wolf Cave event bug
  260. -Fixes Goblin auctions crash. You can now get a Knocker from there.
  261. -Fixes the team automatically getting Holstaur Princess costume at the beginning of the game
  262. -Fixes enemy IA auto-attacking the Knight after NPC battles
  263. -Fixes Moth's reign going to Desert instead of Ghost when they snatch it from Cat Princess' paws
  264. -Fixes issues while using a controller (run and attack controls getting assigned to the same button) and while going on NG+ (controls getting mixed up)
  265. -Fixes black screen when going to Gazer Prison
  266. -Fixes black screen in the Tavern
  267. -Fixes Kobold Fortress menu after the place is rebuilt completely
  268. -Unemployed Kobolds/Knockers are now shown correctly in the Fortress
  270. v0.12.5b:
  271. -Fixes portraits issues with the Guild's Clerk at the Beach
  272. -Removed the blocked tiles in the Kobold Mines
  273. -Cat Princess can now get pregnant with "conventional means"
  274. -Fixes crashes during Kobold's Route
  275. -Fixes crashes during dialogues with Amelie and Micheal
  276. -Fixes crashes that may happen if Moth Princess gets pregnant
  277. -Fixes black screen during DP2 "attack"
  278. -Fixes black screen when entering the broken bridge area
  279. -Fixes black screen when camping near Cat Princess
  281. v0.12.5:
  282. -Kids! The Princesses are now able to deliver (Kobold, Human, Slime, Goblin, Cat and Dog) and you can store up to 500 babies in a single playthrough!
  283. -The Daycare Center detachment opens in the Tavern, with Dear helping you manage your progeny!
  284. -Dear, the wet nurse that will help you manage your royal blooded progeny!
  285. -6 Progeny races in the Simulator and ingame (Kobold, Human, Slime, Goblin, Cat and Dog)!
  286. -2 new adult animations for Cat Princess added!
  287. -New dialogues for all the Princesses, both in the Tavern and in the Campsite!
  288. -Sex is the Campsite Tent is now repeatable! You can woo until your Endurance runs out or morning comes!
  289. -Kobold Fortress has new rooms and new orders to give to your kobold subjects!
  290. -New Living Forms added! Ghost Princess, Golem Princess and Skeleton Princess! (including pregnant, naked and pregnant + naked variants)
  291. -Slime Princess new form added: Bubble Slime form! (including pregnant, naked and pregnant + naked variants)
  292. -Golem Princess new form added: Rock Golem form! (including pregnant, naked and pregnant + naked variants)
  293. -Moth Princess new form added: Butterfly form! (including pregnant, naked and pregnant + naked variants)
  294. -Skeleton Princess won't need to be awakened anymore!
  295. -Skeleton Princess questline rework started!
  296. -Status Screen menu has been remade!
  297. -Human Princess city has been remade!
  298. -New Tavern NPCs will appear from now on, with random races and looks!
  299. -Lizz, the Goblin punk, has now dialogues when you meet her around the world.
  300. -A new zone (the Slime Pool) you can reach even after the Princess is defeated (like the Slums for the humans) and 2 new secret passages!
  301. -Weather Cheat added!
  302. -War is (a little) less likely to get triggered between neighboring reigns!
  303. -Several bugs and typos fixed.
  305. v0.12.4b:
  306. -Fixes overnight crashes
  307. -Fixes crashes in the Kobold Mines
  308. -Fixes crashes during HumanP corruption event
  309. -Fixes issues during Slime and Goblin Infiltrations
  310. -Fixes typos in the intro of the game
  311. -Fixes crash during Slime -> Insect conquers
  312. -Fixes sieges happening without war
  313. -Fixes glitches in KoboldP's adult scene's dialogue
  314. -Fixes crash during "Slave Express", after losing to bandits
  315. -Fixes slow movement speed after visiting DP II
  317. v0.12.4 (test4):
  318. -Kobold Princess route opens! Help her rebuild her Reign!
  319. -Frog Princess adult scene added!
  320. -Goblin Princess adult animation #2 added!
  321. -Goblin Princess adult animation #3 added!
  322. -Added Succubus form for Human Princess (unlocks at 10 Corruption while in Human form, reverts when healed at the Church)!
  323. -Added Human form for Desert Princess (unlocks at 0 Corruption, reverts when Corruption reaches 1 or more)!
  324. -Added Dragon form for Kobold Princess (unlocks and reverts upon usage of the Draconic Ruby)!
  325. -Added Nekomata form for Cat Princess (unlocks and reverts in the Moon Pond)!
  326. -Added Fluffy form for Dog Princess (unlocks if she assists to a "successful infiltration", reverts after 7 days)!
  327. -Added Redemption form for Skeleton Princess (unlocks at 0 Corruption, 0 Lust, 4 Love)!
  328. -Added naked and pregnant variations for the new forms!
  329. -Added pregnant portraits for Skeleton Princess and Slime Princess!
  330. -You can now sell broken Princesses to Qhala's Brothel!
  331. -You can now have consensual sex with a Princess during Infiltrations (if you have enough Affinity with her)!
  332. -The Knight can now have consecutive sex in a single sitting as many times as his Endurance score!
  333. -Added the Moon Pond!
  334. -Added portraits for Golem Soldier!
  335. -[NPCs] Don Medulla locations and dialogues added!
  336. -[NPCs] Lizz locations added!
  337. -The Progeny Simulaor (v1) has been included in the game client.
  338. -Several bugs and typos fixed.
  340. v0.12.3 (test3):
  341. -Step 3 and 4 of Dragon Princess II route added!
  342. -Dragon Princess II adult animation #2 added!
  343. -Pregnant + naked portraits for the Princesses added!
  344. -Prisoner portraits for the Princesses added!
  345. -Redone costume for Human Princess ("White Flower Garments")!
  346. -12 new campsite events added! 1 for each Princess you can get pregnant!
  347. -New assets for pregnancies added, clearly showing how it's progressing!
  348. -Infiltration events for Insect, Ghost and Skeleton Princess added!
  349. -Added sprites for Trevor, Lina, Crowley, Arcane Princess and Gazers!
  350. -Added Merchant Princess cheat!
  351. -Added the new monsters and enemies' portraits to the dialogues around the world!
  352. -Several bugs and typos fixed.
  355. v0.12.2 (test2):
  356. -Dragon Princess II route opens (take a peek to an intimate moment between her and the Knight! Click here)!
  357. -The first 2 steps of Dragon Princess II's questline are ready!
  358. -Dragon Princess II first adult scene added!
  359. -Dragon Princess II adult animation #1 added to the gallery!
  360. -Princess fertility added to the Diaries!
  361. -The game has now an internal calendar (24 hours a day, 30 days a month, 4 months a year)! Different seasons mean different rain/clear/hot rates and different sunset/sunrise times.
  362. -Princesses (except Slime, Golem, Ghost and Skeleton) have now their fertility "cycles", based on the new calendar! The exceptions will have specific mechanics.
  363. -The Princesses can now get pregnant! (They cannot give birth though, when the day arrives they'll go back to the not-pregnant state)
  364. -All the main Princesses (Kobold, Human, Golem, Insect, Desert, Ghost, Goblin, Cat, Moth, Dog) have now their pregnant portraits (Slime and Skeleton are without one for now)!
  365. -Added 3 new cheats (all Princesses pregnant ON/OFF, all Princesses max fertility, Pregnancy speed x0/x1/x2/x3)
  366. -Added the Jail!
  367. -Added Crowley (Human Apothecary NPC) quest! Part I
  368. -Added a new zone, the Slums! For now it will be useful only for a quest, but there's going to be more happening in there soon.
  369. -Added Infiltrations for Slime, Golem and Insect Princess (added to Human, Desert and Cat ones)!
  370. -Lina now sells the default costumes (in preparation for -> Princesses you get from Slaves auctions and jails will have their Slave costume and not their default one)
  371. -Added many new portraits (Milk Maidens, Babs, Crest/Armor Princess, Dullahan Princess, Pirate Princess, Amelie, Qhala, Dragon Queen, Fairy Princess, the Guild's Clerk, Kind Shrowds, Crowley)!
  372. -Fixed sieges involving Goblin often looping
  373. -Several bugs and typos fixed.
  376. v0.12.1 (test1):
  377. -Portrait change menu added!
  378. -Sneaking into Princesses rooms added (Human/Desert/Goblin/Cat)!
  379. -Lina and Trevor added, with 5 new costumes! Go steal panties now!
  380. -Trevor sells 2 new items (Sleep Powder and Testos-X)!
  381. -Lina sells 1 new item (Royal Present)!
  382. -Added portraits for Trevor, Lina, Michael and Frog Princess!
  383. -The ship now has a deck!
  384. -Wonder Chest now works (use it to deposit items and key items for your next playthrough!)
  385. -Weapons and armors are now automatically sent to your next playthrough!
  386. -Added CatP war declaration animation!
  387. -Several bugs and typos fixed.
  389. v0.12:
  390. -Cat Princess reign added!
  391. -Cat Princess questline added!
  392. -Mimic Princess dungeon, "Big Large Dungeon", opened its 3 floors.
  393. A new boss awaits you in the final floor, setting the standards for the future rework of the Battle System!
  394. -Mimic Princess adult scene with TheBoogie's artwork added!
  395. -Cat Princess adult scene with TheBoogie's artwork added!
  396. -Dog Princess questline reaches its end (Bad and Good ending added)!
  397. -Qhala's Brothel added! Sell the body of your Princesses in there for Choco-Dicks!
  398. -Moth Princess item added: Moth Extract!
  399. -Cat Princess item added: Tinkling Bell!
  400. -Beach zone added!
  401. -Beach minigame added! 16 different swimsuits can be obtained as rewards!
  402. -New font! More readable and easier on the eye!
  403. -24 new portraits added! Alternative costumes added!
  404. -GoblinP x Wolf adult animation added!
  405. -GolemP adult animations I and II added!
  406. -DogP animation added for her ending!
  407. -Added Diaries for all the recruitable Princesses! The diaries and the brothel menu will show the girl's current outfit and adult stats!
  408. -Added 3 more "Knight's INC." quests!
  409. -Added new sprites for princesses and ingame locations!
  410. -Corruption gain after rapes reduced. Beware: when it hits 10 the Princess breaks and you won't be able to use her anymore.
  411. -Wealth growth over time reduced, soon to be replaced with new mechanics.
  412. -Several bugs and typos fixed.
  414. v0.11.2 (test2):
  415. -Human Princess campsite event #3 and #4 (adult) added!
  416. -GolemP X KnightP new animation added to the gallery!
  417. -Fixed Moth->Des sieges
  418. -Human Princess "rape" event reworked!
  419. -Babs prices for animations increased
  420. -New sprites for many monsters and princesses!
  421. -Swapped world-map sprites with the new ones!
  422. -CatP reign is locked, but her troops are free to fight other reigns
  423. -MothP stats nerfed
  424. -Affinity tweaks (fighting for a Princess will make her enemies dislike you now)
  425. -Various typos/bugs fixed
  427. v0.11.1 (test1):
  428. -Added new campsite event for Human Princess!
  429. -Added new animation for HumanP (#1)
  430. -[NPC]~Babs~ The ingame gallery!
  431. -[NPC]~Amelie~ A new quest for her!
  432. -Elite monsters! Stronger and rarer.
  433. -The first floor of a new dungeon: Big Large Dungeon!
  434. -Traveling NPCs routing improved
  435. (they can now move between regions without you following their movements)
  436. (they won't travel anymore to defeated or "sleeping" reigns)
  437. -New sprites for many monsters and princesses!
  438. -New maps for Golem's tower and throne!
  439. -Various visual fixes (like the choco-dicks icon over some dialogue windows)
  441. v0.11:
  442. -Moth Princess reign fully implemented!
  443. -Moth Princess is recruitable (new Skill for her: Sleep!)
  444. -Added new "Knights INC" quest: "Tea Party - South" Rank 1
  445. -Added new "Knights INC" quest: "Ready or not..." Rank 2
  446. -Added new adult scene and animation: GhostP x HumanP
  447. -Added new animation for KoboldP (#4)
  448. -Added new sprites (Knight, MothP, DragonP, Moth Boss)
  449. -Added new cheats (turn on/off win conditions, christmas presents)
  450. -Faun's Tavern back in her normal form
  451. -You can now sell items at Merchant Princess when she's in the Tavern
  452. -Tweaked the NPCs travel routes
  453. -No more "hot" temperature during night. Normal/rain/hot during day, normal/rain during night.
  454. -Various typos/bugs fixed
  456. v0.10.6 (test3):
  457. -New adult scene (+ artwork) for Dusk Princess
  458. -Christmas Tavern!
  459. -2 Christmas costumes added (Kobold and Goblin Princess)
  460. -Moth Princess, minus the interactions with her, is ready
  461. -Added gamepad support (mappable controls in next version)
  462. -NPCs can fight/join auctions/be found around the game world
  463. -Babs can now be found in her hut
  464. -Qhala can now be found in the worldmap/in the tavern
  465. -New HumanP campsite event added!
  466. -Lots of new sprites!
  467. -Various typos/bugs fixed
  469. v0.10.5 (test2):
  470. -New adult scene (+ animation) for AssAssin Princess!
  471. -Reworked Stats for enemies and party members!
  472. -The "GPS" of the traveling-NPCs is now working!
  473. -New SlimeP campsite event added!
  474. -New InsectP campsite event added!
  475. -Insects don't declare war to everyone around them as they surface anymore.
  476. -Moth Princess' Reign is now open! Intro scene added!
  477. -Koboldian Maid costume added!
  478. -Rank 5 + Rank 8 quests for Humans added (use these to get tier-3 and tier-4 equipments)
  479. -Slime Princess' throne map tweaks
  480. -Various typos/bugs fixed (including the ones of the 03/12 Public Version)
  482. v0.10.4 (test1):
  483. -Added Slaves Auctions
  484. -Added the first 10 Patron NPCs in the Tavern
  485. -Added costumes system (on KobP/HumP/GobP/DesP/GhoP for now)
  486. -DPI is now rapeable if you use a Dragon Bane on her during the final fight
  487. -New KoboldP portraits
  488. -New sprites (HolstaurP/DriderP/FrogP/Milk Maiden)
  489. -Added Church BGM
  490. -Resized GoblinP artworks
  492. v0.10.3 (Public Version)
  493. -Bugfixes
  495. v0.10.2 (Goodbye Despair Version):
  496. -Skeleton quest fixed
  497. -Fixed Goblin elite soldier sprite glitch
  498. -Human jail resized
  499. -Fixed the crash during HumanP quest (asking for weapons)
  500. -Fixed the loop in InsectP's Hive
  501. -Riverbank map Fixed
  502. -Fixed the crash-stone in SkeletonP
  503. -Fixed KnightP sprite glitch
  505. v0.10.1 (PATCHED Version):
  506. -Goblin quest doesn't crash anymore on completion
  507. -"Knights INC." level 10 cheat fixed
  508. -Kobold Mines tiles passability fixed
  509. -Golem Tower tiles passability fixed
  510. -GolemP's Heart and Drider quests don't crash anymore
  511. -Delays in helping HumanP during the orcs event results in +1 Corruption to her
  512. -KobP now gives a speech and get added to the team after the intro if you chose the "Hard mode"
  513. -Fixed a couple bugs in DragonP I's basement
  514. -Fixed some bugs during the dialogue between DragonP I and the Queen in DogP questline
  515. -HumanP quest crash solved
  516. -Fixed some typos around
  517. -Slime Princess is in her room when you save her from a Golem siege now
  518. -Golem soldiers are shown fighting if there's Insect sieging their castle now
  519. -Scorpions have melee attacks now (needed for rapes)
  521. v0.10:
  522. -New Battlerape system!
  523. -7 new adult animations!
  524. -Slime Princess' reign and quest reworked!
  525. -New adult scene featuring Slime Princess!
  526. -Dragon Princess I questline ending!
  527. -New Corruption system!
  528. -Our Lord's Church added to cleanse impure Princesses!
  529. -New Intro sequence!
  530. -New Lewd stats menu!
  531. -Faun's Tavern is open!
  532. -"Knight's INC." and new quest system (17 new quests + 10 reworked ones)!
  533. -New portraits for Slime Princess, Faun Princess, Goblin Princess and Dusk Princess!
  534. -New message window!
  535. -New enemy detection system!
  536. -Fullscreen mode (F5)!
  537. -Diplomacy reworked!
  538. -Memory load issues solved!
  539. -FPS issues solved! (50~60 FPS in almost all the maps where you can move)
  540. -Many, MANY, bugs fixed, I can't possibly list all of them, but to say one the moving platform in Sphinx Fortress' isn't a problem anymore!
  542. v0.9 Patch4:
  543. -Fixed the teleport to DP I's lair, not the first scene won't play more than once.
  544. -Fixed the Slime/Ghost Princess alliance speech
  545. -Reduced the required Pricness Affinity to recruit all the Princesses to 3 (GoblinP still at 2)
  546. -(rev2) Fixed dragonlings appearance event
  548. v0.9 Patch3:
  549. -Fixed an error that caused the player to TP to the standard battle map even when he was supposed to fight in the swamp/mountain/desert one;
  550. -Dog Princess stopped appearing at the campsite before you recruit her;
  551. -Fairy defeat message in their forest plays 1 time now;
  552. -Fixed some walkable tiles in Dragon Princess II castle;
  553. -DP II sprite in her study appears correctly now;
  554. -The Chef Boss now falls correctly in the trap;
  555. -Human Princess' sprite now isn't visible sitting on her throne during sieges;
  556. -Drider/Golem Princess awakening event now plays correctly if you leave and reenter the throne room before defeating Drider Princess;
  557. -Fixed Kobold Princess' sprite during campfire events #3 and #4, as Knight's movements during event #4;
  558. -Mole's Boss map isn't pitch black anymore;
  559. -Spiders in Golem's tower now respawn correctly;
  560. -The necromancer in Kobold's Castle (after the intro) now can die. So much for a necromancer;
  561. -One of the golem's units was sometimes causing the battle to end when it shouldn't. Fixed;
  562. -The Dragon hatchling now doesn't disappear right after the message announcing him;
  563. -The stones in the Gargoyle Boss room disappear correctly after the fight;
  564. -Several fixes in the pyramid, including the most severe one, that caused Crest Princess to leave the place before the fight (resulting in the Knight being trapped forever in the Pyramid);
  565. -Frog Princess now asks money for her "potion".
  567. v0.9 Patch2:
  568. -You can now leave a sieged castle without doing anything;
  569. -Tweaked the moving platform in Sphinx' Fortress;
  570. -Going to save Sphinx alone (no Kobold nor Desert Princess in team) should work as intended now;
  571. -Desert Princess' speech after you save Sphinx ends without looping back now;
  572. -Assassin Princess now appears correctly in the map after you deal with Human Princess;
  573. -Fights and events in Dragon Princess II' castle entrance have been fixed;
  574. -Golem/Dog Princess yandere event fixed;
  575. -Completing Sphinx Fortress for the 2nd time (and onward) now works correctly.
  577. v0.9 Patch1:
  578. -HumanP/DogP yandere event fixed;
  579. -DragonP II appearance event fixed;
  580. -DogP campfire scene 1 fixed;
  581. -Dragon Princess I scene 5 loop fixed.
  582. -Assassin Princess appearance event fixed
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