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  2. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:0,80,,ヒューッと一陣の風が首筋をすり抜けていく。,A chilly gust of wind slips by the back of your neck.
  3. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:1,80,,思わず身震いをする,You shiver involuntarily.
  4. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:2,80,,空気が澄んでいるのだろうか、見上げるといつもよりも多数の星がキラキラと瞬いていた。,"(I wonder if the air is clear?) Looking up, you find countless more stars twinkling than usual."
  5. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:3,80,,朝晩もめっきり冷え込むようになってきていたし、もう冬が間近に迫っているのを感じる。,The mornings and evenings were becoming rather cold; it felt like winter was already drawing close.
  6. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:4,80,,別れるのが辛くていつもの場所よりずっと遠くまで灯華ちゃんと歩いた。,Parting ways was difficult and I walked with Toka-chan a lot further than usual.
  7. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:5,80,,人目につくといけないので抱き合ったり手を繋いだりはしなかったけど、並んで歩いている、それだけで十分だった。,"To avoid attracting attention, we avoided hugging or holding hands, but walking side by side felt like more than enough."
  8. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:6,80,,多分僕らはもう二度と会うこともないのだろう。,"We'll probably never meet again, won't we?"
  9. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:7,80,,連絡先は聞いていない。,I haven't asked her for her contact information.
  10. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:8,80,,聞いてしまったらきっと僕から連絡してしまう。,"If I did, I'm sure I'd end up contacting her."
  11. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:9,80,,だからこれでいいんだ……。,So this is fine...
  12. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:10,80,,この数週間はあっという間に過ぎ去っていた。,The past few weeks flew by in the blink of an eye.
  13. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:11,80,,楽しい時間というのは本当に短い。,"That is to say, fun times really don't last."
  14. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:12,80,,これからまた長い長い退屈な日常との戦いが始まる。,Here comes the ever so long battle with the tedium of daily life.
  15. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:13,80,,この冷たい都会の片隅で彼女と心を寄せ合って過ごした日々のことを僕は生涯忘れないだろう。,"I'll never forget the days I spent with her, with our hearts huddled together, in a corner of this cold city."
  16. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:14,80,,彼女はまるで天使のようだった。,She was just like an angel.
  17. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:15,80,,いや、異常性癖に堕ちた天使だから堕天使というべきか。,"No, she should be called a fallen angel, because she's an angel who fell into an abnormal habit."
  18. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:16,80,,そう、彼女は人間には手の届かない秋の堕天使だった。,"Yes, she was an autumn fallen angel out of reach of humans."
  19. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:17,80,,"僕は悟った。
  20. 僕らはこうしてまた前を向いて歩み始めるために出会ったのだ。","I just realized. Thanks to our encounter, we'll start looking forward again."
  21. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:18,80,,こんな出来事は僕の一生の中でもう二度と起こらないだろう。,Such an event will never happen again in my life.
  22. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:19,80,,この思い出を抱きしめて明日からを強く生きていこう。,Let's hold this memory close and live strongly from tomorrow on.
  23. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:20,80,,だけどいつか……,But someday...
  24. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:21,80,,いつかまた二人だけの密室で……,"Someday again, in a closed room with just the two of us..."
  25. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:22,80,,灯華ちゃんと……,With Toka-chan...
  26. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:23,80,,……。,...
  27. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:24,80,,またヒューッと風が吹き抜ける。,"Again, a chilly wind blows through."
  28. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:25,80,,こんな寒い日は……,On a cold day like this...
  29. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:26,80,,そうだな、肉まんでも買って帰ろう。,"Ah, let's buy some meat buns and go home."
  30. pylm:text:00000052.lsb:10:27,80,,――こうして僕の秋は終わりを告げた。,"-- Thus marked the end of my autumn."
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