Pony in the Fridge

Jul 21st, 2017
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  1. >Wake up
  2. >Not am horse
  3. >Cry into your hands once again, feeling miserable
  4. >What is the point of existing if you're not a pony.
  5. >Go to the fridge
  6. >Open it up
  8. >It's red with a green mane and blue eyes
  9. >Fuck, it looks tacky, but it looks like a unicorn mare.
  10. >"Hey kid, you want some drugs?"
  11. >You're 32
  12. >Before you can say this, the pony shoves some pills into your mouth.
  13. >Suddenly, it's the middle of the night and you're surrounded by water being carried down a stream
  14. >The next thing you know, you're hanging with Pinkie in Equestria, who's shoving Ponification snacks in your mouth.
  15. >You hear your body pop and crackle as your fingers pop into hooves, your dick inverts into a pussy, your hair grows longer and soon enough, you're a cute little mare with a pink coat and a purple mane.
  16. >Soon, the biggest stallion you've ever seen appears, with a blue coat and a green mane.
  17. >"Damn bitch, you is fine. Lemme shove my dick in yo pussy."
  18. >Obviously, you bend over and let him mount you, his balls slapping against your ass the whole time.
  19. >Meanwhile, in the real world, you have not turned into a pony.
  20. >In fact, you're heavily hallucinating while you're spazzing out on the floor while the mare steals everything valuable in your home.
  21. >"Fuck, that was close. Good thing I had those pills!"
  22. >As she leaves, she runs into your room mate.
  23. >"What the fuck are you doing?!" He shouts as he aims to restrain the mare.
  24. >With a glow of her horn, he's suddenly transformed into a little yellow-coated, green maned filly, too small to hurt her.
  25. >The unicorn makes a break for it after tying up your roommate as he's forced to watch your seizure while you have a raging boner in your pants.
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