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  1. src/windows/gprio.c:26 gprio: failed to set priority class
  2. global option -c with value `LogitechG27_G29.xml'
  3. controller #1: option -p with value `COM3'
  4. now reading arguments for controller #2
  5. subpos flag is set
  6. force_updates flag is set
  7. auto-grab flag is set
  8. GIMX adapter detected, controller type is: G29 PS4.
  9. found pass-through device 0x054c:0x09cc
  10. Timer resolution: min=156250 max=5000 current=5013
  11. rounding timer period to 501
  12. registered joystick 0 with name "PS4 Controller"
  13. using default refresh period: 5.00ms
  14. Warning: macros are not available for: joystick PS4 Controller (0)
  15. Haptic core has source haptic_source_lg for device 046d:c260
  16. Haptic core has sink haptic_sink_lg for joystick 1 (Logitech G27 Racing Wheel USB)
  17. FFB invert: no
  18. FFB gain: constant=100 spring=100 damper=100
  19. Press the PS button to activate the controller.
  20. rounding timer period to 4511
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