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  1. " CUPCAKE "
  2. |Username| pizzaforsyah
  3. |Password| chocolate chip cookies!!!
  5. :.,;*.・:*:・゚'✫,'✫'゚・:*:・˙
  7. |Full name| Jeon Ha Na
  8. |Nicknames| One, Han, Jeonnie/Johnny
  9. |Birthdate| 22 April 1998
  10. |Nationality| Australian
  11. |Ethnicity| Korean
  12. |Weight| 45 kg
  13. |Height| 165 cm
  14. |Birthplace| Sydney, Australia
  15. |Hometown| Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea
  16. |Slot| Jelly
  17. |Backup slot| Lip and Hip
  18. |Position| Cash Register
  19. |Faceclaim| hyanggggg_
  20. |Backup faceclaim| pvrplevelvetcake
  21. |Extra physical features|
  22. Pearcing, on belly button and on both ears.
  23. Tattoos, on both wrists. On her left wrist has a small diamond and a few stars and on her right wrist has her birthday written in roman numbers.
  25. ・:.,;*.・:*:・゚'✫,'✫'゚・:*:・˙
  27. " PIE "
  28. |Background|
  29. At the age of thirteen, she was sexually abused by her cousin who lived with her family. She was constantly sad and she was also afraid of boys to the point where every boy she sees she saw him. She went through therapy which her school provided for free because she didn't want her parents to know yet. After three years of therapy, she decided to tell her parents and they talked it out with her cousin and then he went for therapy back to his parents. From that day on, she vowed that she will help those who have insecurities or those who are sad.
  30. |Personality|
  31. ↪She is sensitive. She laughs too hard, she cries too hard.
  32. ↪She is very happy and would like to make others happy too.
  33. ↪She can be indecisive at times.
  34. ↪She is kind and helpful. Ever since the incident happened, she is prone to be kind and helpful as she doesn't want anyone to experience what she goes through.
  35. ↪She can get pretty annoying. She would do whatever it takes to make anyone happy even those who doesn't want to be happy and that can be annoying.
  36. ↪She is friendly, she is easy to make friends with.
  38. ・:.,;*.・:*:・゚'✫,'✫'゚・:*:・˙
  39. |Likes|
  40. Chocolate, cakes, sweets, making others happy and tattoos
  41. |Dislikes|
  42. Frowns, dark chocolate, coffee, skinships and tobacco
  43. |Trivia|
  44. - she dislikes skinships wholeheartedly as it triggers her past.
  45. - she cries and laugh easily.
  46. - she really loves sport.
  47. - because she loves sweets very much, she decided to work at the bakery.
  48. - she has three older brothers and two younger ones.
  49. - she's a bit spoiled than her other brothers because of her teens and because the fact that she's an only girl.
  50. - her late grandmother used to be a baker.
  51. - her iq level is above average.
  52. - people often mistake her as a dumb person.
  53. - she doesn't really like flowers and their scent.
  54. - she prefers sweet smelling perfume like vanilla.
  56. |Habits| Sticking out her tongue when she's doing something.
  57. |Disliked slot|
  58. I like all of them but I'm most uncomfortable with BLUE MOON because she's always in a relationship with different guys.
  60. ・:.,;*.・:*:・゚'✫,'✫'゚・:*:・˙
  62. " MUFFIN "
  63. |Love interest| Lee Taeyong
  64. |Backup love interest| Winwin
  65. |Your first impression of him| Holy mother smokes! He is hot, am I dead? Please tell me I'm dead. People as beautiful as him should be an angel.
  66. |His first impression of you| Is she even old enough to have a job? Oh, she's 20 and cute and SINGLE. Focus, dude.
  67. |How do you act around each other|
  68. Beginning: they often come to the store early and always have breakfast before the others arrive.
  69. Middle: they get more comfortable and always go to each other's home for dinner or lunch.
  70. End: They admit they have feelings for each other.
  71. |Preferred ending|
  72. They are secretly dating but to others they are friends who have feelings for each other.
  74. ・:.,;*.・:*:・゚'✫,'✫'゚・:*:・˙
  76. " DONUT "
  77. |Message for me| This is awesome, I hope you accept my form.
  78. |Anything else you'd like to add about your slot?| Nope, I don't think so.
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