MagiReco Main Story 9 - Yachiyo

Sep 6th, 2018
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  1. Yachiyo
  3. 9.7 Yachiyo 1
  4. in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope
  5. Yachiyo: "Is this whole space a rumor? What a vast space..."
  7. 9.7.1 (from 9.4.1 Sana 3)
  8. [in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope]
  9. Momoko: "Well this is surprising..."
  10. Kaede: "This is Hotel Fendthope?"
  11. Rena: "The entrance was like a castle, so I figured it would be strange..."
  12. "But this is like no hotel I know. It looks like a princess should be living here..."
  13. Kaede: "A princess?"
  14. Rena: "!?"
  15. "That's just my impression. It doesn't matter what kind of example I give!"
  16. Kaede: "I didn't even say anything!"
  17. Momoko: "Maybe they were aiming for something like an old castle hotel."
  18. Yachiyo: "How it looks aside..."
  19. "We need to find Magius in this enormous building."
  20. Kanagi: "We also have to work to find Tamaki-kun and Futaba-kun."
  21. Tsuruno: "Leave that to the Strongest!"
  22. "The Tsuruno Antenna will find out where Iroha-chan and Sana are!"
  23. [she senses]
  24. Tsuruno: "Ohhhhh!"
  25. [she senses some more]
  26. Tsuruno: "Ohhh...?"
  27. "I couldn't find anything..."
  28. Kanagi: "Even though you're the Strongest, huh..."
  29. Tsuruno: "Yeah..."
  30. Yachiyo: "That's pretty unusual..."
  31. Felicia: "Well, we just gotta do it the normal way, right?"
  32. [she tries to sense]
  33. Felicia: "Huh?"
  34. "I really can't feel anything..."
  35. Momoko: "..."
  36. "And we can't use telepathy either..."
  37. Kaede: "I tried it too but it didn't work..."
  38. Rena: "And anyway, I can't seem to sense any magic at all."
  39. "Even though all of us magical girls are in one place. I don't get it."
  40. Yachiyo: "Which means that this space itself may have been set up this way."
  41. Kanagi: "Sealing off things that might be advantageous for their enemies. It's a double-edged sword, but it's certainly possible."
  42. Kaede: "So, what do we do?"
  43. "At this rate, Iroha-chan and Sana-chan will... uyu..."
  44. Yachiyo: "Just as Kanagi said, it won't be easy to find them."
  45. Felicia: "Then, let's split up and search!"
  46. Yachiyo: "But we don't know how many feathers there are..."
  47. "They might come for us the way they did when they were trying to exterminate everyone."
  48. Felicia: "Then what? I don't wanna just sit here waiting!"
  49. Tsuruno: "We'll all charge in together then!"
  50. Kanagi: "Hm, we should at least split up into two groups or so."
  51. [something surprises them]
  52. Kanagi: "They noticed us!"
  53. [we see a short green-haired white feather, a short black haired black feather, and a long brown haired black feather]
  54. [battle]
  55. [in battle]
  56. short green white feather: "Just as the notification said, they really did invade."
  57. short black black feather: "There are more than I thought there would be..."
  58. short green white feather: "But stopping them is the duty of us Feathers."
  59. "Until everything is over, we will not let them get near the Magius."
  60. "Black feathers, follow after me!"
  61. black feathers: "Y-yes!"
  62. [after the battle, Momoko attacks the green white feather]
  63. short green white feather: "Guah!! Kuh..."
  64. "..."
  65. "Get... OUT OF HERE!!"
  66. Momoko: "Wow, you can still stand!?"
  67. [the white feather attacks her, but gets counterattacked by Kaede]
  68. short green white feather: "Ugh..."
  69. [and collapses]
  70. Kaede: "Hah... I... I beat her..."
  71. Momoko: "Thanks, Kaede."
  72. Kaede: "I-it's okay!"
  73. Tsuruno: "We're done over here!"
  74. Felicia: "They were reallly persistent. It surprised me."
  75. Kanagi: "A candle burns brightest just before it goes out."
  76. Rena: "Like a burst of adrenaline, huh."
  77. Yachiyo: "!?"
  78. [the long brown-haired black feather attacks]
  79. Yachiyo: "Rena!"
  80. "sigh..."
  81. Rena: "T-thanks..."
  82. long brown black feather: "pant... pant..."
  83. Yachiyo: "You should have been down for good..."
  84. "Unlike the other feathers, you hesitated..."
  85. long brown black feather: "..."
  86. "kuh..."
  87. [she leaves]
  88. Kanagi: "Hm, was something special about that feather?"
  89. Yachiyo: "Were you able to read something from her?"
  90. Kanagi: "Mm."
  91. "The white feather was going all out, but that black feather had some doubts."
  92. Yachiyo: "Everyone's different, but that's what you'd expect at the base."
  93. "On the contrary, though, wouldn't you expect all the most loyal followers to be here?"
  94. Kanagi: "I wonder."
  95. "Maybe they're only ones who believe strongly in the release of magical girls."
  96. Yachiyo: "More loyalty to release than to Magius?"
  97. Tsuruno: "Either way, we should try talking to the people who have their doubts!"
  98. "If things go well, we can preserve our strength, and they might even help us!"
  99. Yachiyo: "That's right."
  100. "Let's chase after her and ask..."
  101. "About Iroha, Mifuyu, and Futaba-san."
  102. TO: 9.8.1 (Yachiyo 2)
  104. 9.8 Yachiyo 1
  105. in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope
  106. Yachiyo: "If there are any feathers who will defect, that will be a boon for us."
  108. 9.8.1 (from 9.7.1 Yachiyo 1)
  109. [flashback to Sana in a dark corner of a hallway with a pink-haired black feather]
  110. Sana: "..."
  111. "I'm sorry!"
  112. [she hits the feather with her shield]
  113. pink black feather: "Guh..."
  114. [back to the present, the feather is now wearing a white robe]
  115. pink white feather: (She stole my robe...)
  116. (I borrowed a White Feather robe, but it's an emergency, so it should be okay...)
  117. (I've gotta hurry up and give support in capturing Tamaki Iroha...)
  118. "..."
  119. [flashback to Touka in the chapel]
  120. Touka: "We shall spread the miracle that has occurred here in Kamihama across the whole world!"
  121. "And then, we will make it eternal!"
  122. feathers: *YEAAAH!*
  123. Nemu: "So, everyone, we now want you to mercilessly kill all of the magical girls in Kamihama."
  124. "Otherwise they will become obstacles."
  125. [flashback to Sana in the dark corner again]
  126. Sana: "You still believe in Magius?"
  127. "Even though all of you feathers got drawn into a rumor..."
  128. [back to the hallway]
  129. pink white feather: (That's unrelated... I am different from the feathers who were outside.)
  130. (My faith in Magius is not so weak as to be shaken by being used as a tool.)
  131. (In fact, being used by Magius is precisely how we will seize happiness...)
  132. [the black feather with long brown hair shows up]
  133. long brown black feather: "pant... pant... pant... Please, save me!"
  134. pink white feather: "Eh?! W-what happened!?"
  135. long brown black feather: "Nanami Yachiyo and her team got in!"
  136. pink white feather: "No way, already!?"
  137. [Yachiyo shows up]
  138. Yachiyo: "Yes, I'm already here."
  139. pink white feather: "!?"
  140. Kanagi: "Two feathers..."
  141. "Hm, shouldn't take us long."
  142. pink white feather: "..."
  143. Rena: "Hold on, if you say that then they won't talk to us."
  144. Kanagi: "It's just in case. It's important to evaluate things in advance."
  145. Yachiyo: "Please listen... We don't want to fight with you..."
  146. "So please, hear what we have to say."
  147. pink white feather: "..."
  148. "I have nothing to discuss with you."
  149. [addressing the long brown-haired black feather]
  150. "You, contact the other Feathers!"
  151. "I will take them for as long as I possibly can!!"
  152. long brown black feather: "But alone..."
  153. pink white feather: "Hurry!"
  154. long brown black feather: "Understood!!"
  155. [she leaves]
  156. Kanagi: "It seems this won't be so quick."
  157. Yachiyo: "Yeah..."
  158. [battle]
  159. [back in the hallway]
  160. pink white feather: "Kuh... ugh... pant... pant..."
  161. Yachiyo: "..."
  162. "Please, put down your weapon."
  163. "At this rate, you're going to get hurt..."
  164. pink white feather: "Even so, you are preventing our release..."
  165. "Release from hunting witches... Release from becoming witches."
  166. "It's the only way we have to escape..."
  167. "You're trying to steal that from us."
  168. "So I have no choice but to fight!"
  169. Yachiyo: "Are the Magius really that trustworthy?"
  170. pink white feather: "It's not a matter of trust!"
  171. "I am fighting for the sake of our future!"
  172. Kanagi: "Hm, that's strange."
  173. pink white feather: "What is!?"
  174. Kanagi: "What I see are feathers risking themselves for the sake of the Magius's future."
  175. "Even after you do everything they say, they turned you into zombies with a rumor..."
  176. "To them, you're just bodies to exploit."
  177. pink white feather: "We're just being helpful to each other. It's for our sake as well!"
  178. Momoko: "You say it's for your sake, but you really should stop doing what they say."
  179. "Even if you are saved by causing people to suffer with witches and rumors..."
  180. "You'll only cause yourself to suffer later..."
  181. Yachiyo: "And moreover, they haven't told you their plan."
  182. "They'll keep using you just by whispering sweet words in your ears."
  183. "Nothing more than that you'll be saved, released from your shackles."
  184. "You've sold your future in exchange for the allure of release."
  185. pink white feather: "!?"
  186. [flashback to just earlier]
  187. pink white feather: "I am fighting for the sake of our future!"
  188. [fade to black]
  189. pink white feather: "From the very start, have I not been fighting for myself?"
  190. [flashback to Nemu in the chapel]
  191. Nemu: "So, everyone, we now want you to mercilessly kill all of the magical girls in Kamihama."
  192. "Otherwise they will become obstacles."
  193. [back to the hallway]
  194. pink white feather: "I've been... selling myself!?"
  195. Yachiyo: "I know it's a lot to take in."
  196. "But starting now, you can change your own future."
  197. Tsuruno: "Yeah, even if stopping Magius means that release won't happen..."
  198. "It means you won't be exploited anymore!"
  199. "It might be tough from now on, but for now, let's talk it out together!"
  200. Felicia: "That's right! Let's stop Magius together!"
  201. pink white feather: "That's not so easy to say."
  202. Momoko: "As a result of blindly seeking release, you've gotten tunnel vision."
  203. "You should be able to picture it if you just think about it a bit..."
  204. pink white feather: "That... that might be true, but..."
  205. Yachiyo: "Can you at least tell us this?"
  206. pink white feather: "..."
  207. Yachiyo: "Does anyone know where Tamaki Iroha, Futaba Sana, and Azusa Mifuyu are?"
  208. pink white feather: "I don't know."
  209. Yachiyo: "I see... Sorry, and thank you..."
  210. [Yachiyo leaves]
  211. pink white feather: "...uh..."
  212. [Yachiyo comes back]
  213. "I don't know, but..."
  214. "Futaba Sana attacked me, and then went to take back Tamaki Iroha..."
  215. "I don't know about Mifuyu-san... I haven't seen her for a few days..."
  216. Yachiyo: "Do..."
  217. "Do you know where Iroha is?"
  218. pink white feather: "I do not know where."
  219. Yachiyo: "Oh... I got it... Thank you for telling us..."
  220. [Yachiyo leaves]
  221. pink white feather: "..."
  222. "Magius might keep exploiting me even after release, and beyond..."
  223. "What a joke..."
  224. TO: 9.9.1 (Yachiyo 3)
  226. 9.9 Yachiyo 3
  227. in a hallway in Hotel Fendthope
  228. Yachiyo: "Why is it... that that feather's words bother me so much?"
  230. 9.9.1 (from 9.8.1 Yachiyo 2)
  231. [in a hallway in Hotel Fendthope]
  232. Momoko: "That doesn't feel good."
  233. "When people got too worked up, they become blind like that..."
  234. Kaede: "Momoko-chan, the same happens to you when you talk about idols."
  235. Momoko: "Like when you get all excited talking about your garden?"
  236. Kaede: "Well that too..."
  237. Kanagi: "Just your sense of values alone can give you tunnel vision."
  238. Momoko: "I'll keep that in mind..."
  239. Rena: "Well, what now?"
  240. "Should we go looking for Iroha and Sana?"
  241. Yachiyo: "Everyone keeps moving around, so it's going to be hard to find their location..."
  242. "But even so, Futaba-san can hide herself..."
  243. "So if she gets Iroha back, I think she can just get out like that."
  244. Momoko: "If we go, maybe we'll stand out so much that we'll find them..."
  245. Kanagi: "But something doesn't make sense..."
  246. Momoko: "You too, Kanagi-san?"
  247. Kanagi: "Mm, you too? We think alike."
  248. Yachiyo: "Then probably, we're in agreement."
  249. Kaede: "About what?"
  250. Yachiyo: "About Mifuyu."
  251. Kanagi: "Same with you, Nanami?"
  252. Yachiyo: "Yeah, why haven't the feathers seen Mifuyu in a situation like this?"
  253. "I remember this feeling..."
  254. Rena: "Maybe she's just hiding with the Magius, doing something with them?"
  255. Kaede: "Yeah, yeah."
  256. "She might be hiding until the Walpurgisnacht comes."
  257. Rena: "For once, we agree."
  258. Kaede: "Yeah, Rena-chan."
  259. Kanagi: "Mifuyu is the boss of the feathers. You could say she's the head of this site."
  260. "I don't understand why she would be sitting quiet, not leading and supporting them."
  261. Momoko: "Even if they assumed that they could survive by holing up..."
  262. "I don't think Mifuyu-san would abandon the feathers."
  263. Yachiyo: "And Mifuyu felt responsible for getting the feathers into this."
  264. "She would never think of hiding and saving only herself."
  265. Kaede: "See, Rena-chan..."
  266. Rena: "Uh, well, putting it that way it makes sense..."
  267. Felicia: "Then, maybe she's been captured?"
  268. Kanagi: "Hm?"
  269. Yachiyo: "Eh?"
  270. Momoko: "That's..."
  271. Felicia: "W-What."
  272. "I just said what I was thinking."
  273. Kanagi: "No, you might not be wrong at all."
  274. Felicia: "Oh?"
  275. Yachiyo: "Yeah, with Tsuruno, she was secretly helping us..."
  276. Felicia: "Yeah..."
  277. Momoko: "It wouldn't be strange if she were caught doing that."
  278. Felicia: "Yeah! Tsuruno!"
  279. "The white nee-chan got caught!"
  280. Tsuruno: "No, no, you're not supposed to be happy about that!!"
  281. Felicia: "What then!"
  282. Tsuruno: "If Mifuyu got caught, then she might be in danger..."
  283. Felicia: "Ah..."
  284. "You're right! That's no good!"
  285. Tsuruno: "But if that's the case, we might have an idea of where she is."
  286. Yachiyo: "Tsuruno, you know?"
  287. Tsuruno: "If it's the room where we were put when we were brainwashed..."
  288. "My mind remembers it clearly!"
  289. "If it's there, then bingo!"
  290. "Our Mifuyu Recapture Plan will definitely succeed!"
  291. Yachiyo: "That's my Tsuruno. So, where's the room?"
  292. Tsuruno: "It's probably on the upper floors of this building."
  293. Momoko: "Well that seems like it'll be troublesome..."
  294. Felicia: "What? Let's just smash a hole in the ceiling and go that way!"
  295. "Leave it to me!"
  296. Momoko: "Don't do that, Felicia!"
  297. [Felicia swings]
  298. Felicia: "Let's goooo! SMAAASH!!"
  299. "Alright, a ho-"
  300. [something hits her]
  301. Felicia: "Ouch!"
  302. "Who hit me!?"
  303. [the background turns into a rumor, and a bear head shows up]
  304. bear head: |uobear(⌾×⌾)bearuo|
  305. Tsuruno: "I-is this a rumor!?"
  306. "Which means, this whole building is a rumor, right!?
  307. Kanagi: "So the more you break, the more rumors will appear."
  308. "You mad dog... You've done something unnecessary..."
  309. "The feathers should know that we've invaded now."
  310. "Let's beat this rumor quickly and get a move on."
  311. Yachiyo: "Yeah!"
  312. [battle]
  313. [in battle, in the hallway, we see a black and a white feather]
  314. short green black feather: "The sound came from over here!"
  315. light brown white feather: "It might be the invaders. Call over the other Feathers!"
  316. Yachiyo: "The feathers move quickly..."
  317. "Once we beat the rumor, let's run away up the stairs!"
  318. [after battle]
  319. [in a stairwell]
  320. Kanagi: "We managed to lose them..."
  321. Felicia: "What's with them? They knew where we were!"
  322. "Anyone would, after a noise like that."
  323. Yachiyo: "So, Tsuruno, should we keep going up?"
  324. Tsuruno: "Yeah, the view from the room was quite expansive."
  325. Momoko: "Then, let's dash to the top!"
  326. Yachiyo: "!?"
  327. "Hold on!"
  328. Momoko: "Yachiyo-san?"
  329. Yachiyo: "The feathers over there seemed hectic..."
  330. Kanagi: "Maybe it's because your wild dog smashed a hole in the ceiling."
  331. Felicia: "Grrrr"
  332. Yachiyo: "That might be the case, but be quiet for a bit..."
  333. "We might be able to hear what they're talking about."
  334. [screen wipe; we see the lavender white feather and a short black-haired black feather]
  335. lavender white feather: "We have a request for support from the underground passageway."
  336. short black black feather: "But, Nanami Yachiyo is headed here..."
  337. lavender white feather: "Tamaki Iroha escaped, together with Futaba Sana."
  338. "We can't let them get away."
  339. short black black feather: "That's certainly a priority..."
  340. [screen wipe, back to the stairwell]
  341. Yachiyo: "Iroha!"
  342. Momoko: "If we follow them, we'll find Iroha-chan."
  343. Kaede: "But, Sana-chan... I wonder why they found her..."
  344. Rena: "Who knows."
  345. "But, isn't this bad either way?"
  346. "We acted relying on Sana's ability to hide."
  347. [screen wipe; we see a light brown white feather and a short green black feather]
  348. short green black feather: "There they are! They're hiding in the stairwell!"
  349. light brown white feather: "Everyone, gather over here! Catch Nanami Yachiyo!"
  350. [screen wipe back to Yachiyo]
  351. Yachiyo: "We're having trouble enough here!!
  352. [in the hallway with the lavender white feather and the short black black feather]
  353. lavender white feather: "!?"
  354. "The feathers over there are handling Nanami Yachiyo."
  355. "Let's wait on the first floor."
  356. "When Tamaki Iroha and Futaba Sana appear, we'll catch them there!"
  357. short black black feather: "Yes!"
  358. [in the stairwell]
  359. Yachiyo: "Momoko!"
  360. Momoko: "Yes!"
  361. Yachiyo: "You guys follow the feathers who are headed for Iroha!"
  362. "We'll deal with our pursuers and save Mifuyu!"
  363. Momoko: "Okay! It's time to act before thinking!"
  364. "Rena! Kaede!"
  365. Rena: "I'm ready anytime!"
  366. Kaede: "Me too!"
  367. Momoko: "Where do we meet up after?"
  368. Yachiyo: "On the first floor!"
  369. "We'll find out the details from other feathers!"
  370. Momoko: "Got it!"
  371. [Momoko leaves]
  372. Yachiyo: "Then, let's fight back while retreating!
  373. Kanagi: "Yeah!"
  374. TO: 9.11.1 (Momoko 1)
  375. TO: 9.10.1 (Yachiyo 4)
  377. 9.10 Yachiyo 4
  378. in a stairwell in Hotel Fendthope
  379. Yachiyo: "Please, let Iroha and Mifuyu be okay..."
  381. 9.10.1 (from 9.9.1 Yachiyo 3)
  382. [in the stairwell]
  383. Yachiyo: "The top floor!"
  384. Tsuruno: "Here we are, Yachiyo!"
  385. Yachiyo: "Yeah!"
  386. [in the hallway]
  387. Felicia: "Ah, that's right! It's one of these rooms!"
  388. Kanagi: "'One of these' isn't good enough, you crazy dog!
  389. Felicia: "I got blindfolded so I don't know!"
  390. Kanagi: "Mm, that's unfortunate..."
  391. [back in the stairwell, we see the light brown white feather and the short green black feather]
  392. light brown white feather: "From here, there's nowhere to run but the rooms."
  393. "Let's flank them!"
  394. short green black feather: "Yeah!"
  395. [in the hallway, we see a short green haired white feather and a long brown haired black feather]
  396. short green white feather: "!?"
  397. "That's Nanami Yachiyo!?"
  398. "And even Izumi Kanagi!"
  399. long brown black feather: "Did they realize that we were confining Mifuyu-san?"
  400. short green white feather: "No, only the two of us know that."
  401. "It's impossible for them to have learned that from the other Feathers."
  402. "I don't know how they figured out where to go..."
  403. "But now that we've spotted them, let's defend to the very end!"
  404. long brown black feather: "Yes!"
  405. Tsuruno: "They're strengthening their defenses! No need to search!"
  406. "Hmf hmf!"
  407. Kanagi: "Nanami! You go inside!"
  408. "We'll handle out here!"
  409. Felicia: "You get the white nee-chan!"
  410. Yachiyo: "Thanks!"
  411. short green white feather: "I won't let you by so easily!"
  412. "I'll catch you and offer you to the Magius!"
  413. Yachiyo: "You still trust the Magius, huh."
  414. short green white feather: "If there's even the slightest possibility of success, I'll bet on it!"
  415. "Either way, as a magical girl I've always been on the dark side."
  416. "If I'm gonna take a big bet, I'll bet on the side with the better odds."
  417. Kanagi: "Nanami, there's no chance you'll be able to reason with her!
  418. Yachiyo: "Alright, you take care of the feathers!"
  419. Kanagi: "Mm, leave them to me!"
  420. [battle]
  421. [in the hallway, Felicia attacks the long brown-haired black feather]
  422. Felicia: "Your weapon is light, but you're so slooow!"
  423. long brown black feather: "Guh!!"
  424. [we see Tsuruno attacking a short black and short green haired black feather]
  425. Tsuruno: "I'll blow all of you away together!"
  426. short black black feather: "Kuh!!"
  427. short green black feather: "Uaagh!!"
  428. [Kanagi faces off with the short green white feather]
  429. short green white feather: "I won't let you through! If you wake them up..."
  430. Kanagi: "Hmm..."
  431. [she uses her magic]
  432. Kanagi: "I see, how cowardly of you!"
  433. "Enough to make me boil with rage!"
  434. [she attacks]
  435. short green white feather: "Duawaah!"
  436. [the white feather collapses]
  437. Kanagi: "Hurry, Nanami!!"
  438. [screen wipe]
  439. Yachiyo: "What is it!?"
  440. Kanagi (offscreen): "Talk later! Get Azusa and the Amanes already!"
  441. Yachiyo: "The flute sisters too!?"
  442. "Got it!"
  443. [in the room]
  444. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu!!"
  445. [we see Mifuyu and the Amane sisters all with their eyes closed]
  446. Mifuyu: "..."
  447. Tsukuyo: "..."
  448. Tsukasa: "..."
  449. Yachiyo: "What's going on... all three of them are collapsed..."
  450. (And there's no sign they were attacked...)
  451. [she goes up to Mifuyu]
  452. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu?"
  453. Mifuyu: "..."
  454. Yachiyo: "Hey, Mifuyu?"
  455. "!?"
  456. "No... No way..."
  457. "Hey, open your eyes!"
  458. "Why..."
  459. [Felicia busts into the room]
  460. Felicia: "We beat them all! How's the white nee-chan!?"
  461. Mifuyu: "..."
  462. Felicia: "She's passed out?"
  463. Yachiyo: "...She's dead."
  464. Felicia: "Huh?"
  465. Tsuruno: "pant... pant... No way, right?"
  466. "The Amane sisters too!?"
  467. [screen wipe]
  468. Tsukuyo: "..."
  469. Tsukasa: "..."
  470. [screen wipe]
  471. Tsuruno: "They're not... breathing..."
  472. "Pulse?"
  473. [she feels for it]
  474. Tsuruno: "Not there..."
  475. Felicia: "What the heck, what's going on... Did they kill them?"
  476. "They were even on the same side!"
  477. [we see Kanagi and the short green white feather]
  478. Kanagi: "Calm down, it's okay!"
  479. short green white feather: "Guah!? Ugh..."
  480. Kanagi: "If their soul gem and body are farther than a certain distance apart..."
  481. "The link gets cut..."
  482. "It seems that this one little pebble really is our soul..."
  483. Yachiyo: "Then, if they get closer..."
  484. Kanagi: "Yeah, they'll come back to life."
  485. [Yachiyo attacks the white feather]
  486. Yachiyo: "!!"
  487. short green white feather: "Guh!?"
  488. Yachiyo: "Spit it out!"
  489. "Where are Mifuyu and the Amane sisters' soul gems!?"
  490. short green white feather: "Who would tell you..."
  491. "This is the price you pay for getting in the way of our dream!"
  492. Yachiyo: "You..."
  493. Kanagi: "Don't bother, Nanami... she accepts that she's the villain."
  494. "Allow me to take a look."
  495. short green white feather: "!!"
  496. [Kanagi senses]
  497. Kanagi: "..."
  498. "I see now..."
  499. "If Tamaki-kun's body is being taken, then her soul will be the same."
  500. Yachiyo: "So basically..."
  501. Kanagi: "Both Tamaki-kun's soul gem and her body itself are both being taken..."
  502. "And the destination is..."
  503. "The entrance?"
  504. Tsuruno: "The entrance... That's probably on the first floor!"
  505. "Let's go down, Yachiyo!"
  506. Felicia: "Let's bring them back to life!"
  507. Yachiyo: "Yes..."
  508. "Thank goodness we sent Momoko down there first..."
  509. "Otherwise, we might not be able to make it from the top floor to the first floor..."
  510. Tsuruno: "And there are feathers to deal with too..."
  511. Kanagi: "Mm, I don't think we have to worry about that."
  512. "If we can get through one fight, we might be able to catch up faster than you'd think."
  513. Yachiyo: "You have a plan?"
  514. Kanagi: "A plan? It's simple."
  515. "We break out the window and jump down. Then we only have to fight one rumor."
  516. Yachiyo: "Hm..."
  517. "It's bold, but it's a good plan."
  518. Kanagi: "I'm glad you like it."
  520. 9.19 Yachiyo 5
  521. in the yard outside Hotel Fendthope
  522. Yachiyo: "Once we beat the rumors that are after us, let's head for the entrance!"
  524. 9.19.1 (from 9.14.1 Momoko 4)
  525. [battle]
  526. [in the yard outside, rumorified, we see Yachiyo and a bear head]
  527. Yachiyo: "Seyaaah!"
  528. bear: |!?bear(;×T)ear!?|
  529. [the bear disappears and the world returns to normal]
  530. Yachiyo: "We've dealt with the rumors."
  531. "Now let's go meet up with Momoko!"
  532. [screen wipe; we see Tsuruno, Felicia, and an awakening Mifuyu]
  533. Mifuyu: "uh..."
  534. Tsuruno: "Eh, Mifuyu!?"
  535. Felicia: "White nee-chan!"
  536. [now the Amane sisters]
  537. Tsukasa: "Ah..."
  538. Tsukuyo: "Huh? I..."
  539. Kanagi: "Tsukasa-kun and Tsukuyo-kun reacted too!"
  540. Yachiyo: "Is it because we jumped down?"
  541. Kanagi: "Probably."
  542. "We're closer to their soul gems now."
  543. [screen wipe; we see Mifuyu and Yachiyo]
  544. Yachiyo: "Mifuyu, are you alright? Can you hear me?"
  545. "It's me..."
  546. Mifuyu: "Yacchan?"
  547. [screen wipe; we see the Amanes and Kanagi]
  548. Tsukasa: "Kanagi-san... Did you..."
  549. Tsukuyo: "Did you save us, perhaps?"
  550. Kanagi: "Yes, because I'm a big sister."
  551. Tsukasa: "I'm sorry... for betraying you like that..."
  552. Kanagi: "Don't dwell on the past. Can you two move?"
  553. Tsukuyo: "Yes, we are fine. I'm truly sorry..."
  554. Tsuruno: "That's great. I'm so glad everyone's okay."
  555. "Now you can come back to the Mikadzuki House, Mifuyu."
  556. "Hmf hmf!"
  557. Mifuyu: "So the Magius saw right through my defiance of them..."
  558. Tsuruno: "Well sure, you saved me after all."
  559. Tsukuyo: "Mifuyu-san, you were the ones who cared the most for us..."
  560. Tsukasa: "I won't forgive this kind of treatment..."
  561. Mifuyu: "Ah..."
  562. "Yacchan, Tsuruno-san, let's leave the details for later!"
  563. "The Magius are doing something awful!"
  564. Yachiyo: "They've called the Walpurgisnacht to Kamihama, right?"
  565. Mifuyu: "!?"
  566. "So you knew."
  567. "And, by called..."
  568. Yachiyo: "They've already done it."
  569. "They did it while using the feathers to incite mayhem."
  570. "Their plan went perfectly..."
  571. Mifuyu: "Oh no..."
  572. Tsukasa: "Mifuyu-san..."
  573. Tsukuyo: "What exactly is the Walpurgisnacht?"
  574. Mifuyu: "..."
  575. "In order to furnish energy for the Eve to hatch..."
  576. "They called the ultimate witch here to Kamihama..."
  577. "Using all of you Feathers..."
  578. Tsukasa: "No way..."
  579. Tsukuyo: "How cruel..."
  580. Tsuruno: "We came here to stop them!"
  581. Felicia: "Yeah!"
  582. "We'll show those Magius who's boss..."
  583. "And chase the Walpurgisnacht outta town!"
  584. Kanagi: "And now that we're here, we hope to put a stop to all of their plans."
  585. Yachiyo: "Will you help us, Mifuyu?"
  586. Kanagi: "Yeah, I'd be glad if you helped, Azusa, though it's not like you have much choice at this point."
  587. Mifuyu: "Yeah, that's right."
  588. "Please let me help all of you!"
  589. Tsuruno: "Help....sigh..."
  590. "H... uuu... hmf!"
  591. Mifuyu: "Huh, Tsuruno-san!?"
  592. Tsuruno: "Welcome back, Mifuyu!!"
  593. Mifuyu: "Yeah, glad to be back."
  594. Yachiyo: "...sniff"
  595. "We'll be fighting now, so crying will only cause Mifuyu trouble."
  596. Mifuyu: "Says the one who's crying."
  597. Yachiyo: "I'm not... not crying yet..."
  598. "It won't be the place to cry until everything is over."
  599. Mifuyu: "Yes, that's right..."
  600. Tsukuyo: "But, what shall we do about all of the other Feathers?"
  601. Mifuyu: "I want to bring about release. That hasn't changed..."
  602. "But we cannot allow Magius to do as they like any further."
  603. "I thought it would be enough to simply control Magius..."
  604. "But the reins can no longer hold them back..."
  605. "At this rate, there are dark clouds on the horizon for magical girls..."
  606. "What will you two do?"
  607. Tsukuyo: "Of course, we'll help out!"
  608. Tsukasa: "Even release from our fate is meaningless if there's no future."
  609. Tsukuyo: "Right?"
  610. Felicia: "Ah, hey, there are feathers over there!"
  611. [screen wipe; we see the white feather with the long blonde hair]
  612. blonde ponytail white feather: "..."
  613. [back to Mifuyu and Yachiyo]
  614. Mifuyu: "That's..."
  615. [she senses with her magic]
  616. Mifuyu: "Make no mistake."
  617. "They are carrying our soul gems!"
  618. Yachiyo: "They're going inside..."
  619. Tsukasa: "That's near the entrance..."
  620. Tsukuyo: "L-let us quickly follow them!"
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