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Obsidian 0.5.0 release notes

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  1. Released on 2020/05/10.
  3. ## Shiny new things
  5. - **Open multiple files side by side**. See how you can now [[work with multiple notes]].
  6. - **New Markdown editor**!
  7.   - You can now use `Ctrl+B` and `Ctrl+I` to bold and italicize selected text.
  8.   - List markers (including task list) are created for you when you press `Enter`.
  9.   - You can now fold headings and lists.
  10.   - Brackets and Markdown syntax are now auto-paired for you.
  11. - **Sort files** in [[file explorer]]. You can sort by both file name and last modified time.
  12. - Search within file. `Ctrl+F` to open the search, and use `F3` to jump to next match, or `Shift+F3` to the previous match. `Esc` to exit search.
  13. - Improved [[search]] performance for large vaults. Stress tested with 10,000 Markdown files.
  14. - `Ctrl+Shift+F` to jump straight to [[search]]. Start typing right away!
  15. - New plugin: **[[Zettelkasten prefixer]]**.
  16. - New plugin: **[[Daily notes]]**.
  17. - New plugin: **[[Markdown format converter]]**.
  18. - Better onboarding! You can now create an emty vault if you don't have one, and import the help docs (yes, this folder) to your vault.
  19. - Obsidian now auto-updates to the newest version on restart.
  20. - `obsidian.css` will now be live loaded and changes are reflected in real time, hopefully making it faster to make CSS themes!
  23. ## Changes
  25. There are some changes we've made to Obsidian. Might take some time to get used to -- but we think it's for the better!
  27. - By default, the 2-pane preview layout is gone. If you want to restore to that view, `Shift+Click` the preview button on the title bar. `Click` will turn the current view into preview.
  28. - Note title bar is now much smaller, allow you to see more text (and longer titles)! It's especially nice when you [[work with multiple notes]].
  29. - We removed back and forward navigation buttons now that you can have multiple files open. You can still use the shortcuts (`Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+Left/Right`) to navigate though.
  30. - Plugin list is moved into settings. You don't need to access it that often anyway.
  31. - Action buttons like [[graph view]] and [[quick switcher]] are moved to the top, leaving only settings at the bottom.
  33. ## No longer broken
  35. - Fixed Markdown formatting in task list items will break preview.
  36. - Fixed nested task lists not working.
  37. - Fixed cannot delete empty folders.
  38. - Fixed adding duplicate file extensions (e.g. `.png` when dropping file into another folder).
  39. - Fixed a single "#" being recognized as a tag.
  40. - Subfolder changes are now watched recursively on Linux.
  41. - Fixed files and folders that start with `.` were not ignored, e.g. `.git` or `.gitignore`.
  42. - Fixed window size not preserved across sessions.
  43. - Fixed multiple audio recorder icons appear when you repeatedly enable and disable the plugin.
  44. - Removed Electron help menu items.
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