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  1. {
  2.   "embed": {
  3.     "title":"*Channel Descriptions and How-To*",
  4.     "description":"Once you :eyes: the above rules description, these are the channels you will see and how to use them.",
  5.     "color": 13476654,
  6.     "fields": [
  7.       {
  8.         "name": "#general",
  9.         "value": "This is for general game discussion, off topic chat, and gauging interest in playing certain one-shots."
  10.       },
  11.       {
  12.         "name": "#gamedevfeedback",
  13.         "value": "Here is a place to share games in development and seek/share feedback- Making games can be personal and difficult to make, so be thoughtful with your comments. If you are asked to refrain from making suggestions by the creator, please respect their wishes."
  14.       },
  15.       {
  16.         "name": "#bot-zone",
  17.         "value": "Feel free to set your timezone using the Friend Time bot here."
  18.       },
  19.       {
  20.         "name": "#role-room",
  21.         "value": "Select your pronouns here, they will show up when someone clicks your name. Remember to check people's pronouns before assuming!"
  22.       },
  23.       {
  24.         "name": "Using the One Shot channels",
  25.         "value": "Any numbered channel listed as open may be claimed and renamed for a one-shot you are planning! Once you have gathered some interest for a game in #general, feel free to pick up an open channel. Rename the channel to the game's name, keeping the number (for example, rename #01-open to #01-fiasco). Once you finish the game, or decide not to play it, rename the channel back to open."
  26.       },
  27.       {
  28.         "name": "Ongoing Games",
  29.         "value": " If it turns out that you will need additional sessions to finish a game, that's fine! Just move the channel to the Ongoing section. Once you're done after a few more sessions, rename the channel to open and move it back to the One Shots section."
  30.       }
  31.     ]
  32.   }
  33. }
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