"Light"-en the Load

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  1. [00:26] With his two students in tow the man of sciences entered into his home. It was a well-decorated manor though notable it was rather barren of human touches. As if it was more for show than in actual use. Through the winding halls until he'd take them into a rather secluded room. The walls where lined with books upon books before coming to a point at a large blackboard. In the center of the room was four small desks and floor cushions with them. Between those desks and the blackboard was a podium.
  3. "Alright, let's begin this class upon the beauty of the light. You've both come to me with a single question. How can I become a beacon for this world? How can I make my light shine?"
  5. As he spoke he'd turn around to the board, looking it closely. He'd write the word light upon the board with a question mark upon it. "What is light you may ask? Well, in it's purest sense light is power. Power such that any can seewith the naked eye, magical attunement or not."
  7. As he spoke he'd draw a candle with a flame on it and then off to the side he drew what could be seen as an apple. "Look there, the candle casts off light upon the world around it. In this instance it is casting onto an apple. The light reflects from that apple and in turn we see the reflections. Allowing us to see the apply, in a sense Darkness exists because you cannot see the reflections presented upon the world by light."
  9. Then he turned back to them and leaned upon the podium looking at each with a curious expression. "Do you understand? Light is power, power that allows us to see the world through it's reflection. It is the purest example of Kraus' influence within Eternia. Yet, it is also his most brilliant because who of us ever stops to consider the light that shows us our path forwards? Most likely unless you are lost in the dark you never even give it a second thought."
  11. As he spoke he'd turn around and start to draw a bit more. This time of a person, in a line of others. They rough figures where uniform each one shoulder to shoulder with the next. Each one had a wrap around their faces as he started to draw them. Though, he turned back to the duo, a smile on his lips.
  13. "Questions? Thoughts?"
  14. (Claude vey Pelleaux)
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  17. [00:34] The girl followed after Claude, smiling towards Robin for a moment, before looking back forward. As they entered the mansion, she couldn't help but look around. True, it was the second time she'd ever entered it, but it was still quite amazing.
  19. Sitting down upon the cushion, she folded her hands on her lap and listened carefully to what the man had to say. She'd never really thought about how Light itself worked. IN truth, she thought it was simply a more advanced manner of Holy magic, simply powered by the faith and willpower inside of oneself.
  21. Gazing towards the apple, she tilted her head slightly. The demonstration was simple, but she could understand enough of what was going on. Still, she had some questions, herself about it. Rubbing at her cheek, she pondered on what to say, before raising her hand up.
  23. "Lord Pelleaux,"She began,"When it comes to Light Magic- you said that it is the purest example of Kraus's influence. I'd assumed before that Holy magic was also in his domain. How is it that Holy magic differs from Light magic?" She asked, curious.
  25. "Along with that, if it's so powerful- so pure, then how in the world will we be able to manipulate it? Or... I suppose, how will we."
  26. (Chery)
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  29. [00:46] Coming in and sitting down at the table, it seemed that the teen was once again back in the shoes of student. This topic of light was one that he had a lot of familiarity in having patronage to the Brightest Star of the Leonaus constellation.
  31. Looking to the apple and examining it to the information that was elucidated on about the concept of light relating to hope and the fact that he'd always seen the shining of justice, purity, and good intentions as the same as Kraus' teachings apparently as they balanced against the perceived notions of the darkness.
  33. "Aye... I guess I always saw 'Light' as just a concept o' 'good'. But... mnh in that context? Guess it all makes some sense. What're those next drawin's for?
  35. If ya don't mind me askin'? Not like I totally get what you're puttin' down.. but in a sense? I feel like I've always known it generally so far."
  37. Careful attention was paid in an even more focused increment though now, with a slight glowing being given off from Robin as he wondered just how far he could push his shine but truly comprehending Light's purpose, nodding to Chery's own questions.
  38. (Robin lei Queen)
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  41. [01:09] Leaning upon the podium the young scholar's godlen hues maintained their focus upon his young pupils. He was watching them as they digested what he said, as they contemplated the manner of what exactly light was. Now, as the questions began he'd settle his gaze fully upon Chery as they started to speak first.
  43. "Holy magic isn't quite the same, you see Holy magic is a representation of the life-stream which is a creation of Kraus. Much like the cosmos, while you can find his will within it. It will be twisted by the lifestream in reaching you. Just as the light of the cosmos is twisted through distance. Do you understand? It's the same will but seen through lenses made of man. Whether that is telescopes or the muddy nature of the life-stream."
  45. As he spoke he'd point to the group of figures he'd drawn, to their eyes which where covered at this moment. "You see, the eyes of Humanity where created by Kraus. Designed by him in such a way to see the world he'd created. Do you understand? Kraus gave every single human the ability to see the light every single day. Each one, magi or non-magi, commoner or noble, man or woman."
  47. As he spke he'd stop, at that last question a smile touching his face. His focus shifted towards Robin for a time. He'd listen to the man, then with a laugh he pointed to him.
  49. "Exactly, you see we all know it or at-least understand it in a general sense. That's what make's it so honest. We may not know of the life-stream and we could spend our whole life without looking upwards but we would always understand light."
  51. As he spoke he'd turn around towards the drawing he pointed towards the drawing. "Look here, you can see that I've drawn an image of a group of people without eyes to see and packed tightly together. However, they all have the knowledge of light in there hearts. It's a simple truth that when we are born we see light and when we die we see light. That is why those brought back from the edge speak of a tunnel with light at the end and babies close their eyes so tightly when they are born."
  53. As he spoke he'd turn back to the two students, looking between them. "Sadly most people are like what I've drawn they know of light but they don't truly see it. Osbcured by the blindfolds of pain, hate, ignorance. Now, Chery you asked how we could ever hope to manipulate such light."
  55. As he spoke he'd turn back and erase one of their blindfolds, drawing the eyes upon him evenly. "Well, it's simple. We must learn to see with eyes unhindered by doubts. This can be achieved in many manners of ways from study to mediation to extreme trial. I can teach you each the basics today and perhaps the very dawning's of radiance can be brought to the surface."
  56. (Claude vey Pelleaux)
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  59. [01:33] Taking out his notebook and jotting down a bit of notes on what was said here the teen seemed a bit enlightened.
  61. To have it explained that Light wasn't only the beginning but also the end.. correlating to what those of near death had stated in seeing one at the end of a tunnel he would feel much closer to the truth.
  63. Never taking the time to look into it much himself, having lines drawn between the origin of light, and humanity's bond through Kraus as well as the tragedy that most actually hadn't ever -truly- seen the real 'Power' of the illuminated iridescence that the stars and Kraus had left behind gave much food for thought.
  65. "So... it really is how I've looked at it. Strife, pain, grief, an' hatred mixed with some of the other things cast from the light shined down reflectin' off o' the world as we view it in other means are the 'blindfolds' so to speak.
  67. An' if we're gonna look past them finally an' put them down once an' for all... We need to have the absolute belief in each an' every one of our actions..? Is tha' what you're sayin' more o' less?"
  69. Hues pulsing lightly, the pains of his combat would ache on his body as he recalled how clear and unfettered things had been when it was just Id and he facing one another over and over again.
  71. The light that he hammered into her through showing her the darkness and imperfections that seeped from her path, and this lesson did some mild miracles to open his eyes to the truth that Claude had been exfoliating.
  73. Tapping his temple with his quill, he'd begin to jot down in an older book that still even had notes of anatomy, and constellations, placing an entirely new chapter there for a drawing of a sun shining down, but a silhouette still standing in it's radiance with a hood much like the cloaked fighter.
  75. Surrounded, and basked bountiful light of support, understanding and the power of righteousness, and yet still blind to the true resplendence that danced about them, stretching past just the woma, but even further into Humanity as a whole now.
  77. "Whatever it takes... I'd wager it's worth it."
  78. (Robin lei Queen)
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  81. [01:50] The Nobleman's lips curled into a rather fiendish grin as he leaned upon the podium. His elbow pressing upon the wood as a palm came to lift his head. He looked quite impis as he looked down upon Robin. A flicker of light seemed to trail about his head at all times. An angelic halo remained there for view to all who might look upon the light blessed.
  83. Yet, as the boy spoke that smile only curled deeper and his eyes lit up in little sparkles of light. The boy was getting closer and closer to the truth of things. He was nearly at the center of it. All it took was for him to be forged and tempered by life and the struggles it gave.
  85. "Yes, that's what I am saying Mr. Queen. We must KNOW what we are, it cannot be speculation. it cannot be hope, it cannot be idolation, it can't be foolishness, bravado, idiocy, no it must be fact. Only in the truth is light found and only within our own truth are we found."
  87. As he spoke he'd shine brightly an inner light that threatened to tear away at the skin wrapped about his frame. Yet his eyes shined in a manner all to brilliant, for a brief moment they almost looked replitilian, like a serpents.
  89. "Though one must always be careful when they seek the truth young Robin, least they be driven mad by what they find." As soon as those words ended the nobleman's features immediately softened as his eyes returned to a soft golden hues.
  91. "Though, I think for now that's all. When next we have a session I'd like to try manifesting that inner light."
  92. (Claude vey Pelleaux)
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  95. [02:09] 'We must KNOW'
  97. As the mentoring noble began to literally shine, and in a way that was even beyond the starry Knight himself with how vibrant and searing his unfaltering truth was, Robin would barely be able to keep his eyes on Claude now with how he emanated.
  99. There could be no doubt or room for uncertainty when it came to encapsulating and emulating the qualities of true light within this context.
  101. Feeling that drive again.. that same resounding call that roared within him to pursue goals and to see the will of not only him and those around him, but also the stars that seeped light through a vacuum and the holy light that was diffracted from the life force in that true clarity that came from within, Robin could only offer a nod of understanding, figuring he could adhere to attempting such a thing in the next session.
  103. "'Course... Some can't handle the true brightness of the light an' tha's alright.. not all eyes were meant to see but all eyes know light in some way as ya said. Ain't the same as the 'light' that glows off o' me when I'm imbued with Leo's grace..
  105. But it's a step beyond tha' an' I think I was somewhere close when me an' Id beat one another half to death. To push further, an' harness a genuine connection to that cosmos that burns inside of me, an' evolvin' it into something even more vibrant without a doubt to stop me?
  107. There's no way I wouldn't give my all to try it."
  109. Noting that he'd have to keep on the doting and digesting of what he had learned today, and even seen with his own two eyes regarding this quasi-divine element, the art was more so in rising like the sun from the horizon.
  111. Burning brightly in a just omen of the shine he had to come. The knight's mind and body now subconsciously willing itself towards new breakthroughs, and towards the next stage in his ability to bring pure light to a world of shadow.
  112. (Robin lei Queen)
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