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Mar 16th, 2016
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  1. [4:55:19 PM] Mystic Seven: Today was an interesting day. I have spent the day on a grand and overly complicated fetch quest titled "Reforge Jason's Car."
  3. 'Reforge?' You may ask.
  5. Why yes. You see Jason's car is much like an ancient sword right now. It is old, low on durability, and requires recrafting.
  7. First I visited a wise old sage named Sam's Front End Alignment to seek his advice. Sam did not appreciate that I slept in this morning and made me wait 2 hours as an object lesson. But eventually he relented and looked at the sword... I mean car. Sam agreed that the car required reforming before it would be capable of completing the ancient ritual known as "The Inspection."
  9. Sam told me of a greatly renowned blacksmith capable of reforging my car, but first I would need to collect three ingredients. Only then would the great blacksmith "Larry's Muffler" be able to reforge my car.
  11. And so I descended into the grand library of iPad, repository of all knowledge. Using that, combined with an arcane device known as Cell Phone (glory be to its mysterious workings) I was able to identify three separate locations that had the ingredients I needed. I immediately ventured forth to the bizarre yet surprisingly clean dungeon know as the Auto Zone. There I slew the ugly monster behind the counter and obtained the treasure known as Rear Brake Pads.
  13. Alas, the next two ingredients are more difficult to obtain. I was able to use my arcane device 'Cell Phone' to verify that the Left Front Marker Assembly would be located in the land of Chesterfield Auto Parts. Sadly, it only grows on the midnight hour of the seventh day of every fourth new moon. Which happens to be this Saturday.
  14. [4:55:23 PM] Mystic Seven: The final ingredient, the dreaded power steering belt, requires that I venture forth this evening to the Online Website and find my way through its perilous maze. Only then may I return to the Zone of Auto and battle another Beast Beyond the Counter (this one an Elder version) for my prize. Which I also will do Saturday. Ugh, I hate these complex ingredient farming requirements.
  16. At last I shall meet with the renowned blacksmith Larry's Muffler, who of course does not take appointments and does not work on Saturdays. Naturally. So I must divert from my accustomed money farming routine to see him. Then, if he is able to reforge my car, I must return to the aged sage Sam to have him perform the Ritual of Inspection. Likely on a different morning, which means a further diversion from money farming.
  18. After all this I will have a reforged car. Which means the dread dungeon DMV (the most perilous dungeon of them all) will be opened unto me so that I may descend into its depths. There I will face trials both unspeakable and unrecountable in their horror. But it will probably involve lots and lots of waiting. Should I survide, I shall at last obtain the mighty registration renewal - a holy item revered by all.
  20. Finally, the mighty registry renewal will allow me to venture into YET ANOTHER DUNGEON so that I may obtain a parking permit from that obscure tribe of wise folk known as The Apartment Building Bureuacracy. And at last, AT LAST I shall be allowed to park in front o my own fucking building again, and not have to park on the street. Which is a surprising distance away when you're walking.
  21. [4:58:25 PM] Mystic Seven: At which point I will have completed the longest fetch quest I have ever partaken of, and will be level 80 or something.
  22. [4:59:02 PM | Edited 4:59:08 PM] Mystic Seven: I will also be many goldz lighter. Woa be the goldz. :(
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