--[Story Info]-- [MLP:SiM] Sick Day

Dec 13th, 2014
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  1. --[Story Info]-- [MLP:SiM] Sick Day
  3. This story is being written for what is being called the "My Little Ponies: Submission is Mandatory" threads, currently on it's 48th incarnation as of this writing (13 Dec 2014).
  5. The thread is themed around Submission, but most of the stories are based around a central story by MrNameless over here [http://pastebin.com/ycY3zrvA].
  7. This central story has it that Nightmare Moon summoned Anon, an effectively magic-immune /mlp/ user, in her fight with the Elements of Harmony at the beginning of the series. After the initial fight where the Elements tried to attack Anon, thinking he was evil, while he was frantically trying to explain that he isn't evil and figure out what was going on at the same time. Anon is made to serve under NMM under threat of death (Horns don't need magic to kill a person), and given the defeated Mane 6 as slaves to reward his being present at that critical time to ensure her victory.
  9. It's essentially a "Villain's Victory" setting, with Anon doing regular patrols and putting down rebellions to help cement NMM's rule. In his free time, he breaks his slaves to his will, trying to keep their personalities as intact as possible. Since the story has been going on for so long, it's grown from what was once an excuse plot for decent fap fiction into a setting with interesting character dymanics all of it's own.
  11. I just wondered what would happen if Anon had to take a day off because he got sick.
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