Death Threats

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  1. [18:42] Férus Daigal exclaims, "Oooooi, Niklaus!"
  2. [18:43] Niklaus Rowan asks, "What?"
  3. [18:43] Férus Daigal exclaims, "You've been avoiding me for MONTHS!"
  4. [18:43] Férus Daigal says, "I have been dying to ask some questions, n' you never gave me that fight."
  5. [18:43] Niklaus Rowan says, "I haven't been avoiding you. I just don't care."
  6. [18:43] Niklaus Rowan says, "Now, ask."
  7. [18:43] Férus Daigal asks, "What the hell were those purple winged drakan about?"
  8. [18:44] Niklaus Rowan says, "Gaahaaaahaa..."
  9. [18:47] The Drakanite's wings beat against the air as he hovers over the sign, allowing his axe to make short work of the wood. Splinters flew every which direction and he would observe the destruction in momentary silence.
  11. Farewell, billboard.
  13. "They're here to take my daughter, Brynhild. Back to a land of hate for humanity."
  15. But more and more he pondered it-- how would he fare there if he hadn't caused such a ruckus among their rankings?
  17. "I don't intend on allowing them to do so. Doubly so since they also threatened Folke, who is Skadi's spawn. Completely unrelated to their goals and endeavors."
  18. (Niklaus Rowan)
  19. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  21. [18:47] Férus Daigal says, "That explains a lot."
  22. [18:47] Férus Daigal says, "I never got that spar out of you by the way. You had said we could have it after that dragon expedition, but then you went braindead for a bit."
  23. [18:48] Niklaus Rowan says, "Yeah, and now I simply don't want to."
  24. [18:48] Niklaus Rowan says, "Mainly because I've been busy staining my hands with Drakanite blood."
  25. [18:48] Férus Daigal says, "Ehhh..."
  26. [18:48] Niklaus does seem to have an awful lot of blood hazing around his form. Like, enough for a man and a third of a man.
  27. (Niklaus Rowan)
  28. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  30. [18:49] Férus Daigal says, "I imagine you've had a lot of help for that."
  31. [18:49] Férus Daigal says, "'Cause the ones we fought in the plains were a pain in the ass."
  32. [18:49] Niklaus Rowan says, "Yeah. He's a good undead companion now."
  33. [18:49] Niklaus Rowan says, "Very obidient."
  34. [18:49] Férus Daigal says, "Huh....."
  35. [18:49] Niklaus Rowan says, "All of his will, mine."
  36. [18:50] Férus Daigal says, "What about the girl? Nilla? I only recall Sors'.....-Interrogation.-"
  37. [18:50] Niklaus Rowan says, "Plagued."
  38. [18:50] Niklaus Rowan says, "But that's not something within my control."
  39. [18:51] Niklaus Rowan says, "I had their executioner in my hands, too... But he put up such a pathetic fight I had him send a message for me."
  40. [18:51] Férus Daigal says, "Sounds mighty."
  41. [18:52] Niklaus Rowan says, "..."
  42. [18:52] Férus Daigal says, "That was half sarcasm and half not caring honestly."
  43. [18:53] A hand lifts, and there's a little push of a strange, vile force that puts a bit of distance between himself and Ferus.
  45. "I have work to do. Perhaps some of the more unsavory of Dawn's denizens will give you the fight you desire." He says it in a half sarcastic, half not caring tone of voice, as well.
  47. "If you grow to have any more questions or one of them crops up to try and kill you, do let me know. That's where the majority of my focus is at the moment."
  48. (Niklaus Rowan)
  49. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  51. [18:57] That force..... Was not something he liked touching him. It made him frown in disgust.
  53. As he took those steps back becuase of it, Ferus suddenly thought up a devious method to get Niklaus to act. So, he left a few parting words before dashing off towards the plains.
  55. "You have a point, I'll go ask some of the more unsavory...Like Taiga."
  58. (Férus Daigal)
  59. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  61. [18:57] /flee
  62. (Férus Daigal)
  63. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  65. [18:57] /pursue
  66. (Niklaus Rowan)
  67. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  69. [19:04] There's a glance toward the Daigal for a moment, and he brings his fingers upwards through his hair.
  71. He's not particularly fast enough to catch a coward with nothing but words, but there is a jerking, gripping feeling on Ferus' blood as he absconds that he can't deny. The apex water magi wouldn't be denied his fear tactics, and trying to deny someone with as much prowess as the Rowan in his arcana was... Well, complicated to do.
  73. Even then, he'd manage to flee away for another day.
  75. "One day you'll learn that it's not about them.
  77. It's about me."
  79. One foot touches against the ground as he brushes his cloak behind him, soon aiming to head over toward Vaan and Folke.
  80. (Niklaus Rowan)
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