Occator Basic 5 injectors

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  1. Gallente Industrial I
  2. Gallente Industrial II
  3. Gallente Industrial III
  4. Gallente Industrial IV
  5. Gallente Industrial V
  6. Industry II
  7. Industry III
  8. Industry IV
  9. Industry V
  10. Transport Ships I
  11. Cloaking I
  12. Cloaking II
  13. Cloaking III
  14. Cloaking IV
  15. Transport Ships II
  16. Transport Ships III
  17. Transport Ships IV
  18. Hull Upgrades III
  19. Energy Grid Upgrades II
  20. Energy Grid Upgrades III
  21. Navigation IV
  22. Warp Drive Operation II
  23. Micro Jump Drive Operation I
  24. Warp Drive Operation III
  25. Warp Drive Operation IV
  26. High Speed Maneuvering II
  27. High Speed Maneuvering III
  28. Acceleration Control II
  29. Acceleration Control III
  30. Evasive Maneuvering II
  31. Evasive Maneuvering III
  32. Evasive Maneuvering IV
  33. Capacitor Management IV
  34. Capacitor Systems Operation IV
  35. Mechanics III
  36. Armor Layering I
  37. Armor Layering II
  38. Armor Layering III
  39. Hull Upgrades IV
  40. EM Armor Compensation I
  41. EM Armor Compensation II
  42. EM Armor Compensation III
  43. Explosive Armor Compensation I
  44. Explosive Armor Compensation II
  45. Explosive Armor Compensation III
  46. Kinetic Armor Compensation I
  47. Kinetic Armor Compensation II
  48. Thermal Armor Compensation I
  49. Thermal Armor Compensation II
  50. Explosive Armor Compensation IV
  51. Kinetic Armor Compensation III
  52. Thermal Armor Compensation III
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