Celestial Paladin - Chapter 1

Jun 24th, 2012
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  1. >”Are you sure about this, your majesty?” Shining Armor asked.
  2. >”You worry too much, captain” Princess Celestia replied, smiling warmly down at him.
  3. >The duo were walking through a rarely-travelled corridor deep underneath Canterlot castle.
  4. >Aside from their voices, the only sound was the sharp clopping of hooves on stone.
  5. >”Creatures wandering out of the Everfree Forest are nothing new, your majesty. Timber wolves, hydras, it doesn’t matter. My stallions can handle them easily.”
  6. >”I don’t doubt that, captain. But there are too few of you to go around. Besides...” for a second, her voice seemed distant and sad. “It has been so long since he has seen the sun...”
  7. >”You still haven’t told me who ‘he’ is, your majesty” Shining Armour said, with a tinge of impatience.
  8. >The princess did not answer, remaining silent until they had reached a set of large, ornate doors.
  9. >”Tell me, captain. Have you ever wondered why the royal vault is left unguarded?”
  10. >Shining Armor scratched his chin thoughtfully. “I don’t think I have, your majesty. Why is that?”
  11. >The princess pointed her horn at the doors and cast a spell. They gave multiple clicks, whirrs and other metallic noises, before slowly swinging inwards.
  12. >”Because, there is already one inside”
  14. >Inside the vault, treasures of all kinds were on display
  15. >Mountains of bits, rare gems, priceless pottery. Tapestries and weaponry adorned the walls.
  16. >In the centre of the room was a gleaming suit of armour. It did not seem to be built for a pony however.
  17. >It was bipedal, and at least twice as tall as the average pony. And the helmet was enclosed, offering no space for a snout.
  18. >The metal was silvery, with gold lining.
  19. >The mark of Celestia was emblazoned on each shoulder, and a large, dull diamond gleamed in the centre of its chest.
  20. >”What is that?” Shining Armor asked. “Did the castle once have a minotaur as a guard?”
  21. >The princess shakes her head. “No, not quite a minotaur. A human.”
  22. >”What’s a human? I’ve never heard of those before”
  23. >“No, you wouldn’t have captain. He was... before your time. And as far as we know, he was the only one of his kind in Equestria.”
  24. >Shining Armor began to circle the suit of armour, examining the joints and fine details.
  25. >”It seems to be sealed shut” he remarked. “How did the human ever take it off?”
  26. >”Oh, he didn’t” Celestia said. She leaned in close to the face of the armour, her horn glowing.
  27. >”Wake up, Anonymous” she whispered
  29. >Suddenly, piercing blue light flared from the armour’s visor, and a horrible rasping came from within it.
  30. >Shining Armor gasped in shock, and jumped backwards into a pile of bits.
  31. >The light died down to a gentle glow, both from the visor and the gem in its breastplate.
  32. >”My princess” the armour says, in a metallic, echoing voice. “How long have I slept?”
  33. >”Hello, Anonymous” Celestia said to it kindly. “You’ve slept for quite some time now”
  34. >”Is it time to... go home?”
  35. >The princess’s smile falls. “No, I’m afraid not. But there are some things I’d like you to do.”
  36. >The armour seemed to hesitate before speaking again. ”Yes, my princess?”
  37. >”There is a chariot waiting for you outside, which will take you to the town of Ponyville. I would like you to go there, and find a mare named Twilight Sparkle. There, you will receive additional instructions.”
  38. >”...Yes, my princess”
  39. >With deliberate, jerky motions, the armour stepped down from its pedestal and marched out of the room.
  40. >”I suppose we’ll have to start guarding the vault now?” Shining Armor asked from his bit pile.
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