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  1. Sword of Light(Solinium Longsword)
  3. Price: 202125(232444) gil
  4. Tempering II(+1.5 to damage modifier)
  5. Augmentation Slots: 4
  6. Slot 1-2: Luminarend(Double damage vs dark-elemental foes, half vs holy-elemental foes)
  7. Slot 3: Spell Effect(Intervention: Casting roll + weapon to-hit, 5000 unsoakable holy damage)
  8. Slot 4: Ing Killer(Double damage vs. Ing)
  9. Roll Bonus: +24
  10. Damage Mod: 38.75(40.25)
  11. DC To Make: N/A
  12. Skill Level To Use: N/A
  14. Way of the Samurai (Solinium Katana) [Melchior]
  16. As Strato walks in, there is a katana on the counter of the shop that has a fine nearly transparent white blade with a rounded guard ahead of it's long handle, carefully cut cloth notches reveal the gilded handle underneath. The sheath beside it has a rather ornate sculpting of a dragon, and the guard itself is somewhat hollowed, a solid brass ring with a carving of a dragon on one side of the ring and a samurai on the other, the same man facing both directions. On the one side, he is using his sword to block the dragons flame, on the other side, he is attacking the dragon head on. The blade is masterfully honed beyond equal, a fly lands on it and cleanly slices in two, flopping to the sides of the blade.  In the end of the blade is carved "Way Of The Samurai" and the name "Melchior".
  17. DC To Make: 4000
  18. Skill Level To Use: 24
  19. Tuning Slots: 25
  20. Aerodynamic Refining VI(+18 to roll bonus)
  21. Tempering V(+3.75 to damage modifier)
  22. Price: 404250 gil
  23. Augmentation Slots: 6
  24. Roll Bonus: +25(+43)
  25. Damage Mod: 39(42.75)
  26. Slots 1-2: Flamerend(L2 Fire Affinity.  200% damage to those weak vs fire; half damage to those resistant.)
  27. Slot 3: Defender[Melchior Specific] - The weapon is enchanted to allow for quick tradeoffs between attack and defense. Once every three rounds, on your turn you may decide to shift up to +10 of this weapons bonus. Doing so affords a penalty to your attack roll with the weapon, but adds a bonus to your block roll.
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