AdvancedKits - messages.yml

Oct 10th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. no-permission: '&c&l(!) &cYou do not have permission to use this command!'
  2. player-not-found: '&c&l(!) &cThat player does not exist!'
  3. file-not-found: '&c&l(!) &cThat file does not exist!'
  4. reload-all-files: '&e&l(!) &eAll files was reloaded!'
  5. reload-file: '&e&l(!) &eThe {file} file was reloaded!'
  6. reset-all-files: '&c&l(!) &cAll files was reset!'
  7. reset-file: '&c&l(!) &cThe {file} file was reset!'
  8. claim-kit-command-usage: '&c&l(!) &cIncorrect usage! Use "/{command} <kit>" instead!'
  9. kit-preview-command-usage: '&c&l(!) &cIncorrect usage! Use "/{command} <kit> [level]" instead!'
  10. kit-not-found: '&c&l(!) &cThat kit does not exist!'
  11. voucher-not-found: '&c&l(!) &cThat voucher does not exist!'
  12. invalid-voucher-amount: '&c&l(!) &cThat number is invalid!'
  13. level-not-found: '&c&l(!) &cThat level does not exist!'
  14. successfully-edited-kit: '&e&l(!) &eYou have edited the {kit} (Lvl. {level}) items!'
  15. successfully-reset-cooldown: '&e&l(!) &eYou have reset {player}''s cooldown on the {kit} kit!'
  16. main-command-usage: '&c&l(!) &cIncorrect usage! Use "/{command} <give|open|reload|reset|edit|resetcooldown>" instead!'
  17. give-player-kit-command-usage: '&c&l(!) &cIncorrect usage! Use "/{command} give {player} kit <kit> [level]" instead!'
  18. give-player-voucher-command-usage: '&c&l(!) &cIncorrect usage! Use "/{command} give {player} voucher <voucher>" instead!'
  19. give-player-command-usage: '&c&l(!) &cIncorrect usage! Use "/{command} give <player> <kit|voucher>" instead!'
  20. invalid-command: '&c&l(!) &cInvalid command! Use "/{command}" for help!'
  21. no-console-command: '&c&l(!) &cYou must be in game to use this command!'
  22. no-console-open-menu: '&c&l(!) &cIncorrect usage! Use "/{command} open [player]" instead!'
  23. edit-kit-command-usage: '&c&l(!) &cIncorrect usage! Use "/{command} edit <kit> <level>" instead!'
  24. edit-kit-level-command-usage: '&c&l(!) &cIncorrect usage! Use "/{command} edit {kit} <level>" instead!'
  25. reset-cooldown-player-command-usage: '&c&l(!) &cIncorrect usage! Use "/{command} resetcooldown <player> <kit>" instead!'
  26. reset-cooldown-player-kit-command-usage: '&c&l(!) &cIncorrect usage! Use "/{command} resetcooldown {player} <kit>" instead!'
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