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Jul 7th, 2017
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  1. Insect Repellent - To the right of Up 'N Atoms on stacks of wood (spawn)
  2. Racing Fuel - At the gas station across from Tuff Nuff, left of the passage way to the beach (Light grey with a bright red and yellow label)
  3. Vodka - In the market, it is in the left most display that is next to where you refill your card deck (Brown bottle with a white label, looks like a perk bottle)
  4. Baking Soda - When entering the market the entrance closest to Tuff Nuff, in the middle aisle, the box sticking out on the left side (Dark grey and tan box laying down)
  5. Detergent - Do a 180 turn from where the Vodka is and its right on the shelf (Yellow and light blue box)
  6. Food Coloring - In the market, on the farthest aisle from the Liquor sign, the food coloring is the small box in the back corner on the top shelf (Green and blue box with a sun smiling on it)
  7. Nail Polish Remover - In the security office at the pool (Thin yellow bottle with a pink label)
  8. Plant Food - by quickies
  9. Table Salt - in the freezer part of grocery store
  10. Powdered Milk - Same aisle as the food coloring, but on the opposite end (Green and light brown box)
  11. Vinegar - On the table near the entrance from spawn to the market (Just before the office in the market) (Dark brown bottle with a light yellow and blue label)
  12. Wheel Cleaner - In the middle aisle, the purple bottle that is by itself (Purple spray bottle)
  13. Glass Cleaner - Farthest aisle (one with the Holly's sign) at the bottom (Purple spray bottle)
  14. Pool Cleaner - On the edge of the pool by the motel (Orange bottle with a blue cap)
  15. quarters - melee the pay phones
  16. drain opener - campsite restrooms
  17. paint - same building as racing stripes
  18. ice - melee freezer in the market (with crowbar)
  19. bleach - spawn by radio on the floor
  20. motor oil - on the floor in garage where you mix chemicals
  21. fat - melee pig with the shark knife
  22. pennies - blue cash register melee with crowbar (the one near the front door, melee the top of the register)
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