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  1. CotN = Crypt of the Necrodancer
  3. 1. It's not really a rogue-lite: The overworld map is indeed kinda randomly generated, but in ways that don't matter. All of the important "sectors" and puzzles are exactly the same, just arranged differently on the world map. Think of it more like a classical, top-down, Zelda game where you have to move to the beat of the music.
  5. 2. The puzzles are bad: Like most Zelda games, there are many 1 room sections with a little puzzle to solve. However, you never know if you solved it the right way. There are consumable items you can use to completly side-step a puzzle. I've beaten the game 100% (so I assume I solved all of the puzzles) and there are still some permanent/quest items I haven't used yet. So I don't know if I solved the puzzle the intended way, if there was supposed to be many ways to solve the puzzle, or if I somehow did something the puzzle designer didn't think about.
  7. 3. It's ridiculously easy: If you can beat CotN (full run, floors 1-4) about 50% of the time there won't be much of a challenge. Enemies you face in the open world are extremely easy because you have so much room to move around and you can always go back to the sector you came from if you feel overwhelmed. For most of them, you can just get their attention and kill them one at a time. There are little challenge rooms where you're thrown in a with a bunch of enemies where that strategy won't work, but you can always leave the challenge room and come back once you have a better weapon or more hearts. The bosses are actually really cool, but again, once you have a good weapon and enough hearts, you can just trade damage and the boss will die first. I beat all of the bosses (including the final boss) on my first try (and that's with not even knowing their attack patterns/suprises ahead of time).
  9. 4. Money doesn't really matter: All equipement other than the weapons break over time/usage in this game, but they don't really matter in the first place. Basic shovels and torches drop from enemies if you don't have one yet, so you don't need to buy them. Fancy torches don't really matter, +2 vision? I don't care, unlike CotN, I have all the time in the world to explore everything, I'll just explore it 1 vision at a time. Item find torch? Doesn't really matter, I'm killing and collecting everything in the area anyway. Shovel that gives you +2 damage after a dig? I already kill everything easily. I ended the game with +5000 rupees. I'm guessing I spent about 500 rupees throughout the game for quest/permanent items. You don't have interesting decisions like in CotN like "Oh I can only affort the +1 defence boots or the +1 damage ring, hmm... I'm already low health, so I'll get the defence now and hope to get better offence latter". In this game, you can easily afford everything and everything is mediocre.
  11. 5. The story is bad/non-existent: Can't really say more without spoilers
  13. Basicly, the main feeling I got of it is that things didn't really matter. You can just hack your way through pretty much everything, including puzzles, until you reach the end and then it's over.
  15. Rant over lol
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