Battlefleet Gothic Rules Explanation

Mar 5th, 2016
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  1. List of Battlefleet Gothic current rules and Whatcha Need Ta Play
  2. Fortunately, the BF:G rules were released for free online with the move to Specialist Games in the mid-'Naughties. >UN<fortunately, when GW killed the Specialist Games lines in 2013, they Deleted Fucking Everything (tm). Given the already wide spread of the BFG rules across three companies, 6 websites, 15 magazines, and at least 4 large rulebooks, it can be a giant pain in the retro-thrusters to figure out what you actually need to play.
  4. >What ARE the "Official Rules"?
  5. The short version? The 2007 reprint of the Big Rule Book, the 2010 FAQ, and Armada. But it gets complicated when you get to the articles. Some things printed in White Dwarf were "official", including things printed after Armada came out. Others were considered "Experimental" rules to begin with, and required your opponent's consent to play, and some of those got reprinted as >new< "Experimental" rules that replaced the old ones. Others got Official Rules updates and the old Experimental rules were deprecated.
  6. Unless you're using the 2010 update (see below): Adeptus Mechanicus, Rogue Traders, and Craftworld Eldar are only playable with Fanatic Magazine articles. The Forgeworld Tau fleet had rules up on the FW page, but those got taken down with the FW BFG range; some survive in the Badab War and Damocles Crusade books.
  8. The most recent rules revision is the 2010 Update and FAQ; this was produced by the original Battlefleet: Gothic development team after GW corporate stopped paying attention to the game line, so it's debatably not "official". It is, however, a vast improvement to the game in general and accepted in whole or in part by most of the remaining BFG community.
  10. Either way, these changes clarify the way special orders work, adjust points costs or ship options (mostly carriers), buff direct-fire weaponry and torpedoes, and slightly nerf attack craft (You now have a max launch limit but cannot run out of ordnance). Nova Cannon are no longer Guess-range weapons, but also don't have to be Reloaded
  12. See below for details on what each book brings to the game.
  14. You can download all of them, plus Fanatic articles and various fan-created things, from the links at
  16. Warp Storm and White Dwarf articles: Generally replaced by Armada.
  17. Battlefleet Gothic, Fanatic, and Planet Killer Magazines: largely superseded either by Armada or the 2010 update. Some unique ships did not receive updates, and are still optional rules (see the "Reserves" and "Allies" rules in 2010U for including them)
  19. ==========================================================
  20. Main rulebook:
  21. • Basic Rules - Attack Craft, Ordnance, movement, Blast Markers, Nova Cannon, and turrets have all been revised. See 2010 update for details.
  22. • Advanced Rules - Launching Ordnance has been substantially revised, and a few new mods added to Boarding.
  23. • Fleet Lists: Imperial - Segmentum Tempestus, Gothic Sector
  24. Chaos - 12th Black Crusade
  25. Ork - Raiding fleet. (2010u adds options)
  26. Eldar - Corsairs (Holofield rules have been substantially updated)
  27. ○ All of these lists have been updated or partially superseded. Corsair Eldar, for example, now get several additional ships. The points costs of a number of ships have also been adjusted in the intervening years.
  28. • Running a campaign section - Refit and appeal lists have been substantially updated; see Armada and 2010 Update Fleet Lists for details
  29. • Hobby Section: still sexy.
  30. • The Battlefield: Several celestial Phenomena (notably Solar Flare) were revised in 2007 and 2010.
  31. ================================================================
  32. Armada:
  33. Armada replaced the older Warp Storm supplement, and integrated elements from the PK/BFG magazines as well as the Armageddon and 13th Black Crusade online campaign releases - along with some original material - into one book. It also includes a number of rules updates, original campaign materials, etc.
  34. •Fleet Lists:
  35. Imperial Navy - Ships: Adds 10 Navy ships and the Ramilles-class Star Fort
  36. Fleets: Cadian Bastion Fleets and Segmentum Solar, Armageddon Sector fleet
  37. Space Marines - Second incarnation of their list; adds 5 ships and the Codex Astartes list.
  38. Chaos - Ships: The Planet Killer, new Grand Cruisers, and Daemonships (Revised and clarified in 2007/2010 updates)
  39. Fleets: 13th Black Crusade fleet. Also includes Abbadon, Chaos Space Marines rules.
  40. Eldar - Ships: 3 ships added, and new "Late Gothic War" Corsair Eldar list allowing a full battlefleet.
  41. Dark Eldar - List created. 2 heavily-customizable ships
  42. (Points and options for DE were heavily revised in 2010, as well as new options for getting VP)
  43. Orks - Ships: Roks, Hulks, 4 Battleships, and Battlekroozer added (2010u adds options)
  44. - Fleets: WAAAGH fleet list, now a full battlefleet.
  45. Necrons - Fleet created. 5 ships. Rules revisions in the FAQs and the Updates.
  46. Tyranids - Fleet created. 5 customizable ships
  47. - Fleets: Vanguard and Hive Fleet lists
  48. Tau - Fleet created. 6 ships, plus 4 Allied vessels. (Points and rules adjustments in 2010U)
  49. - Fleet: Kor'Vattra (Commerce), Demiurg fleets.
  50. • Scenarios:
  51. No revision required. Adds 10 missions and a new Ork refit table.
  52. • Appendix 1:
  53. Adds in new ordnance types (mines, specialty torpedoes, and torpedo bombers, all of which may be taken as refits)
  54. • Appendix 2:
  55. Adds new transport options. These would be revised and expanded with the creation of the Rogue Trader list.
  56. =======================================================================
  57. Other fleets:
  58. Adeptus Mechanicus, Rogue Traders, Second-wave Tau, Badab War Corsairs, and Craftworld Eldar were released after Armada came out in various places (White Dwarf, Fanatic, Forge World, and websites)
  59. There are unique Adeptus Astartes and other ship options in Imperial Armor 10: The Badab War pt. II
  60. All of these fleets got updates and expansions in 2010u
  61. ========================================================================
  62. 2010 Update:
  63. As noted above, this is mostly a conglomeration of the existing FAQs, final versions of the playtest rules revisions from 2007, and updates to previously-printed but untested ships and lists from the magazines. There is some original material as well. Battlefleet Bakka and several of the more hilariously overpowered ships from BFG mag have been toned down, and the entire ordnance game has changed - largely to prevent covering the entire table in markers or causing 45-minute Ordie phases..
  65. Fleet Lists:
  66. Imperial Navy: Adds 20 ships, 1 special character.
  67. Fleet Lists: Inquisition, Rogue Trader, Adeptus Mechanicus and Battlefleet: Bakka
  68. Space Marines: Heavily revises Barge and Strike Cruiser, adding more options. 1 Special Character, plus Venerable Barge rules
  69. Lists: Crusade Fleet, Dominion Fleet.
  70. Chaos: Adds 9 ships (5 Battle Barges, Hulk, Activated Blackstone, 2 cruisers), plus a new VBB option for Space Marines.
  71. Lists: Berzerker Fleet, Pleasurefleet, Sorcerous Fleet, Plaguefleet. Abbadon now lifts some restrictions.
  72. Eldar: 3 customizable ships, 1 Special Character ship, Ghostships, Haven Spire, Eldar Transports. New Refit table.
  73. Lists: Craftworld Eldar
  74. Dark Eldar: Some rules revisions, no new ships or lists.
  75. Orks: 2 ships (Lite and Assault Kroozer), plus a shitload of options for Klanz ships and refits.
  76. Lists: Klanz
  77. Necrons: Some rules revisions, no new ships or lists.
  78. Tyranids: Some rules revisions - especially to Vanguard lists and weapons - no new ships or lists.
  79. Tau: Big update incorporating FW material. 6 Tau ships, 2 Defenses, new Demiurg vessel, new Nicasser vessel, Special Character
  80. Lists: Kroot and Demiurg Xenos Fleet (predates Tau fleet), Kor'or'Vesh fleet
  81. =======================================================================
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