Anonymous Operation Manual

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  1. Anonymous Operation Manual
  3. To the federal agencies, plutocrats and whoever else might be reading this you need to understand one thing and understand it well. We will not be silent, we will not be moved.
  4. Expect Us
  6. GroundOps:
  7. These are the eyes and feet of the collective. Don a mask(or scarf) and take to the streets with a sign or streaming device in tow. This also includes our medical division. You will not make up the main body of a larger protest but you will be needed. We are not leaders but we are the elite.
  9. PsyOps:
  10. Propaganda, Dox and information department. Gather intelligence or produce a video. Make a new infographic to aid protesters around the world. Work within our various sister hives such as reddit and spread knowledge. Before we made memes, now we make fliers and chance perception.
  12. Operator:
  13. Watches over Ops from the sky and keeps coms open. If a Stream is shut down find an alternative. Is someone is stuck in Utah and cries for assistance network within the collective and bring them home. These are often cryptologist as well being entrusted with information that is to dangerous for immediate release and instructing others on how to secure their data and communications.
  15. Hackers:
  16. No one but you can teach you how to do this ;)
  18. Please note many members take on multiple task. Everyone is Anonymous. Some more some less.
  20. To gain members:
  21. Print out fliers and stickers and cover the area. Find a public square and hand out leaflets and encourage others to do the same. If you have a worthy cause you can sometimes generate a local cell if you are consistent in your location and time. They come to Expect you there. Even if you go out alone it will inspire anyone who sees you and this is why we exist. Never be seen unmasked or allow people to follow you home. Always check you tail.
  22. How to sticker:
  25. Anonymity and lack of leadership:
  26. "The police ask to speak to the leader. We told them that there is no leader. They didnt understand." This is why Anonymous can not be stopped. The powers that be are after our leaders so they can arrest them for terrorism. We still exist because there are none. The Anons you have have seen being hauled off to jail or worse are nothing but the mouth pieces of the moment and the most recent wave of martyrs. Many of our members are as active on the ground as they are in cyberspace. It is of vital importance that their true identities never be linked with their online personas. This is often a death sentence for an anon as the authorities will often raid their houses.
  28. Anonymity can be attained online by running a VPN from a safe harbor country through TOR. Let there be no digital trace of your face in existence.
  30. Remember remember the 5th of November and always go forth this day.
  31. Facebook is the worlds largest honey pot and information gathering tool with built in facial recognition technololgy and a nearly all encompassing database. This coupled with their history of working with various governments has led Anonymous to collectively boycott their service. Stay far away from FedBook all it will get you is v&.
  33. Starting your own operation and finding others
  34. Currently the spear head of operations are on twitter. Find others at #Anonymous and #Anonops. While there is some censorship it's really the best we have to reach the masses. Do not take this task lightly. If you fail hard enough strange things will happen to you. Hashtag format #OpOperation. Further support the operation with pastebins, videos and websites unless you have a local cell ground ops are usually best left to national or international calls to action but 3 anons outside is better than none.
  36. Refuse to support any corporation that seeks to limit you whether this be bandwidth caps, restrictions on your files and media or outright censorship. The Genesis of Anonymous was brought about in response to an all out assault on freedom of information and a free and open internet. Let it never be forgot.
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