Heavyhoof Steve

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  1. Heavyhoof Steve, Lawful Neutral, Male, Earth Pony, Crusader, 9/6
  2. Cutie Mark: Berry Bushes, Not very good at farming himself but a pro at foraging for wild foods, +2 to foraging for food
  3. Racial Skills: Tough (But also if using second race abilities: Stand Firm)
  4. Class Skills: I Can Still Stand, Martial Defender, Slam, Word of Power
  5. Traits: Short-Tempered, Lazy, Stubborn, Forgiving, Remorseful, and Easily Impressed
  7. Inventory: Poor Plank Shield (PQ:Northern Helmet:+2 to navigation rolls;Sick Ass Shield of Slamming:+1 to slam rolls, among other things), a small amount of bits, bandages, incense, and a light sack of veggies
  9. Physical Description: A bigger more heavyset stallion than usual but not too much of an outlier. Green coat and eyes with a dark green mane and tail.
  11. Backstory: After being fed up with his tedious and unchallenging life on his parents' farm and fearing he'd become a slave to its culture, Steve set out on a quest to find the best way of life. On his way from home to Manehattan, he happened upon a beggar pegasus with a broken wing and after splitting his bits with him sat and spoke with him for a while. As time went on and he'd befriended the pegasus, he revealed to him that his wing was not broken and that he was merely faking it to leech off of society. Steve, now being friends with him and all, was convinced in an argument to join in his venture and wrapped bandages around his head to make it seem as though he'd lost an eye. They sat together and begged for a year eating well and building up a nice stash of bits. Whenever they'd run short on food Steve would always scrounge up some more or if it were bits they were after they'd stage a scene in a market square of a bugbear attack or the like. After the other ponies and run inside to hide or off to hunt the beast of the day they'd search through every stall for the loose bit to take, careful not to make it obvious to the former owners that they'd been robbed. One night the pegasus, whose name was never told to Steve, as Steve was never truly one for politeness, always referring to people and you or (s)he, told him of the tale of Sugar Hoof, after whom he'd modeled his life. Steve, upon hearing what was to him an epic, became filled with an almost religious fervor to spread this tale far and wide across Equestria, such that everypony would know the best way to live. Steve, though now a walking contradiction of discipline preaching sloth, still believes that he follows the ways of Sugar Hoof and his old friend by not actively engaging in fights or discussions with anyone but the most blasphemous to convert them, but by letting his strength show the truth of the way of his mentor and messiah.
  13. Permanent minions: Nope
  15. Other: Short tempered and quick to fisticuffs. Always quick to forgive and forget though. Pretty not a smart fella.
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