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  1. [16:05] [user]Griotte Street Queen[/user]: Mhmmm...~ Alright boys get her up on the table.
  2. [16:09] *[user]Griotte Street Queen[/user] soon enough to smaller rats would walk in, picking the female off her feet and lifting her up onto a wooden table, placing her down gently. "It will be nice to see you not crying and screaming."
  3. [16:11] *[user]Momoko Hina[/user] was dressed in a simple white frock dress, easily lifted off by so many of her servants. She nods, smiling as she's lifted up and set on the butchers board, laying back with her hair falling over the edge of the table with either pigtail swaying. "Of course not! That'd be silly, Madame Queen! After all I've agreed to it!"
  4. [16:21] *[user]Griotte Street Queen[/user] nodded and used a smaller knife to quickly cut and strip her from her garments, leaving her compleatly nude. "Now now, dearie... Seeing as you are so edger, what would you like me to chop off first?" She added, looking at all of her delcetable limbs. "Or do you want your skull opened first?"
  5. [16:23] *[user]Momoko Hina[/user] gives a few moments thoughts, the little pain slut nearly jumping on the offer the moment it popped up to have her prepped but the idea of having her brain toyed with had her curious to say the least! "Ummm, maybe you can gunk around with my grey matter? Who knows! Maybe you'll cross some wires while you're up there?"
  6. [16:26] *[user]Griotte Street Queen[/user] nodded in agreement as she moved over to the woman's head. "Hmmm..." She would take the clever and press it against her forehead. Griotte slowly pressed down agianst her skull, copping the bone and flesh in a clean line and countined the process all the away around her skull as blood slowly stained the woman's fur and wood below."
  7. [16:29] *[user]Momoko Hina[/user] grit her teeth at the first bite of the razor, eyes nearly going cross eyed as the pain and her screwed up brain chemistry gives her a little dopamine for her trouble as she has her skull split up. Her body trembles, that chubby from of thick and pillowly flesh quivering in waves, breast bouncing as her tits firm and fatten, her thighs pressing together as she has to visibly stop from arching her back in that mix of pain and pleasure.
  8. [16:38] *[user]Griotte Street Queen[/user] would finish up taking off the top part of her skull as most of the hair went with it, she would lay the top of her dome next to the table in view of her pery. She then leaned down, running her finger over the wet brain before licking it. "Mmmph... You taste wonderful..." she said, now reaching down to poke at the different winkles in her brain to see what they would do.
  9. [16:41] *[user]Momoko Hina[/user] started to give her thanks before the sudden intrusion of the queens finger tips to her brain made her giggle. Her toes curled and her legs started to bend as those big, beautiful green eyes dilated from the rush of andrenline running through her body. Tears well up at the corner of her eyes but her mouth is a big, beaming smile. With each heaving of her chest her heavy mounds bounce and sway. "Anngh! T-Thank you, M-Madame Q-queen!"
  10. [16:45] *[user]Griotte Street Queen[/user] giggle and leaned her head towards the exposed brain and began to lap it up with her nasty rat tongue. "Mmmph..." She moaned, it was long and it weaseled its way around her skull to lap up every different portain of her brain, poking at all the different lobes to see how they would effect her.
  11. [16:47] *[user]Momoko Hina[/user]'s back starts to arch in earnest this time, grinding her ass against what remained of her dress as it slides across the wooden table. Her body starts to seize, her tongue lulling past her muzzle as she goes cross eyed! She tries to speak but sputter, her claws grinding into the wood as a shot of hot piss jets from between the mound of her panda peach as she loses motor control below her waist!
  12. [16:54] *[user]Griotte Street Queen[/user] would then pull her tounge out and giggle. "My my... Holding that in darling?" She giggled and took her cleaver once more to look over the spasuming panda and laughed. "Goodness that is so funny... I bet you are enjoying this, little gore slut~" She cooed, licking her plump lips.
  13. [16:57] *[user]Momoko Hina[/user] plump lips where glistening at this point, the retracting of her royal snout causing another spurt but this time a thicker trail of sweet cunt honey made the barely furred skin slick. "Y-yes, Madame Queen. I always get h-horny when I think about becoming a m-meal! Now that it's coming true I can't hold back! I'm sorry if I make a mess!" She murmurs, her voice slurring vowels as she seems unable to focus!
  14. [17:04] *[user]Griotte Street Queen[/user] ginned and held one of the girl's arm down against the table with one hand and had her clever in the other. "I hope you like slow cuts." She adds before pressing the clever into the woman's skin and muscle. She would gradually increse the weight of the clever, blood shooting every witch way before a loud POP was hear, the bone snapping and her arm was now compleatly severed.
  15. [17:07] *[user]Momoko Hina[/user] lets out a shriek as she feels the edge slice through, it's hellishly sharpened edge almost like magic but that little shrill yelp was thick with excitement! She feels the freedom of the weight, spurting out as her heart gives a hard pump from an extra shot of adrenaline that causes her brain to gush in her excitement! "Hanngghh! Hannnnggh! D-Do the other one, pl-please Madame Queen! Make something tasty from them!"
  16. [17:10] *[user]Griotte Street Queen[/user] giggles and kissed the woman's fingers on the severed arm. "How precious~" She said, passing it down to her underlings. "Send this to the meat locker, and tell then there is more where that came from~!" She added with a cute laugh before moving her far body to the other side. "Now.... For number two.." she said repeating the process as vein's began to snap and the tendins in her arms were severed at the base. "Such a good girl... A shame I cant just butcher you forever."
  17. [17:17] *[user]Momoko Hina[/user] grits her teeth through the next, her toes curling and catching the wood, digging deep gouges that curl around the dull blades. Her breath quicken as her heart pounds in her chest, the flood of that super drug in her system mixing with the endorphines released to relieve the pain! Her pussy lips pulse visibly, squeezing tight as she squirts a fresh jet of mostly panda cunt honey. "M-Madame Queen! M-marinate that one in my p-pussy!? I'm sure yo~oou and y-your followers d-deserve the tastiest!" She sputters, eyes up at the ceiling as they're unfocused state remains in her mind-bending bliss!
  18. [17:22] *[user]Griotte Street Queen[/user] would take the arm and giggle. "Ever fisted yourself? Well you're about to." she added, before moving the dead hand into a fist and pressed it right up against the panda's pussy. With a bit of force she was able to squeeze the hand into the girl's drooling and piss stained cunt. "Mmmm... Might as well feel stuffed." She adds. now grabbing one of her legs and near the base and then pressing her clever into that large thigh. She would slowly incress the weight she put into it, having to saw a bit to push past the fat. Soon enough another loud POP and the leg would slip off the table with a wet splat as blood was now covered all over the rats face and tits,
  19. [17:30] *[user]Momoko Hina[/user]'s pussy spreads under the girth of her own fist. The dainty but thick fingers giving her more than any male had ever given her in her short life! She climaxes in a shower of glistering, dark stream as her natural lube was being used. Her hips buck but are held in place but that fine cutter, her flesh quivering as she sprays her butcher with that hot, fast paced blood that showers them both when it comes free. Her tunnel squeezes tight, forcing her fingers to spread, twitching with tendons and making the panda girl scream out in pleasure as she has the ultimate orgasm make her fur stand on end. Her entire form flops on the table, twitching as her last set of toes flex and curl. Young Momoko looks almost dead if it weren't for the fact that she was still breathing..albeit much slower than before.
  20. [17:35] *[user]Griotte Street Queen[/user] would move over to the last limp she had, licking her lips and repeating the process once more, carving the leg from the torso so she would be amputated from all four limbs from the girl's useless body. "How did you enjoy that, darling? Ready for the next step~?" She giggled, watching as her servents cart off the rest of her limbs.
  21. [17:38] *[user]Momoko Hina[/user] nods meekly, her eyes lidded as she tries to look down towards the rat queen and her dripping clever. "Uh huh..what happens now, Madame Queen? Are ya gonna take my head off? M-maybe my boobies? I'm f-fading fast.." She sighs, her nubs quivering as she moves them, more gouts of blood splashing on the surface, eyes trying hard to focus on the drenched rodent.
  22. [17:42] *[user]Griotte Street Queen[/user] licked her lips. "Oh no no... I am gonna hollow you out." she giggled and then too her clever and placed it at the top of her clit, pushing it down slightly as she traces the blade all the way up her limbless torso to split the skin layer open. She stops right near the base of her neck and placed the clever down, using her own hands to streach open the new hole. "Alright boys, get in there and clean her out for me. You know the drill, no bones. " She added. Soon enough a bunch of small servents would hop up on the table and start to quickly hollow out the female, stripping her of all her organs as she gets to watch,
  23. [17:47] *[user]Momoko Hina[/user] watches with a vaguely distant look on her face. She was beyond doped up, watching the rodents tear her apart from the inside out! Her lungs stretching and the last to go. She watches her bloated pussy pouch with her arm buried deep begin pulled free, her arm being pulled through her pussy lips, rolling her eyes up into her head until it passes. Her guts splatter, spraying them as her stomach is cut free and her liver, kidneys and bladder are shorn of by teeth and claws. Finally she falls backwards, unable to speak or garble or spit as her heart and lungs are carried off. Sparkling jade eyes go wide as she fades off, thumping her head against the board and unseating her brains as they flop onto the wooden surface - a carved out turkey of a panda!
  24. [17:49] *[user]Griotte Street Queen[/user] would order them to take the brain lastly and hand it to the queen herself. She places it in her hands and takes a big bloody bite out of it before swallowing the rest in her gullet. She leaned down and placed a bloody smooch on the panda's plump lips. "I am sure you have some way to come back from this dearie... and I will be seeing you again." she adds.
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