Vexd - Hormones

Jan 31st, 2015
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  6. >"Anon! Library! Now!"
  7. >You groaned and you stood up from the dinner table just before you got the chance to chow down on your supper
  8. >What could she possibly want out of you this late at night?
  9. >dutifully, you made your way to the source of the sound and donned the most professional face you could force yourself to make before sticking your head in
  10. >She was already in a bad mood
  11. "You rang?"
  12. >even in the faint candlelight you could make out the her form
  13. >swollen breasts
  14. >overly fecund belly
  15. >grouchy, unamused face
  16. >she was currently sticking one of those fertility books back on the shelf
  17. >a few months back, she started dabbling into those spells
  18. >and decided to self experiment with them
  19. >with you being the unknowing "donator"
  20. >the results were currently shifting in her womb
  21. >the running number was seven according to the doctors
  22. >and it was wrecking havoc on her hormones
  23. >"Bed. Now"
  24. >You sigh
  25. >From one place to another
  26. >you weren't even excited by the prospect of the location you were being called to
  27. >Ever since her pregnancy kicked off, Twi's sex drive became virtually non-existent
  28. >anger however, ever constant
  29. >without a word, you followed Twilight up the stairs to the bedroom
  30. >albeit slowly on account of Twilight's extra girth slowing her down
  31. >when she finally reached her destination, she sat down on the bed with a audible creak
  32. "So, what can I do for you?"
  33. >for the first time in a long while, she looked up at you with tired, no so hostile eyes with a sigh
  34. >"Can I get a hoof rub, please?"
  35. >with a nod, you pull up a stool and prop up her legs in your lap
  36. >with a practiced hand, you went to work on her tiered hooves
  37. >almost instantly her eyes rolled up into her head with a glutted moan
  38. >yep, still got it
  39. >you worked your way up from her hooves to her calves
  40. >tired, cramped muscles became like putty in your hands
  41. >you were draw from your ministrations by an "Uff" above you
  42. >Looking up, you spotted Twilight rubbing a lump on the top of her belly
  43. >"Someone woke up"
  44. >risking incurring her wrath, you reached up to rub right beside where her hand was resting
  45. "Good back to sleep, kiddo. We're having a moment"
  46. >the only reply you got back was a swift kick to your hand
  47. "Well, so much for that"
  48. >you gave her belly a quick pat before going back to her legs
  49. >"Thank you"
  50. "Hm?"
  51. >"Thank you for putting up with me. With all...this" she said gesturing to her body
  52. >"I know I've given you a hard time these past few months. With all the hormones and cramps and cravings"
  53. "Eh, it's nothing I can't handle"
  54. >with that, she leaned back on her palms looking up with a sigh
  55. >" tense all the time. I can't seem to relax"
  56. >and in that moment, you got an idea
  57. >a slightly devious one
  58. "I think I have a way to fix that"
  59. >"I'm all ears"
  60. >without giving an answer, you carefully traced you hands up her legs
  61. >and stopped on the inside of her thighs
  62. >hers eyes immediately shot open and locked onto yours
  63. >"Anon..."
  64. >you picked up a hint of concern
  65. "Oh come on Twi, you've been pent up all through this pregnancy"
  66. >you leaned in close and kissed her along her neck
  67. "It's time you got some relief"
  68. >offering no counter argument, Twilight gave a silent greenlight by opening up her legs more
  69. >with her approval, your hand continued it's journey under her belly
  70. >and stopped on the side of her labia
  71. "Now if you want me to stop just-"
  72. >"DON'T"
  73. "Right"
  74. >you carefully started to trace circles around her entrance
  75. >her breathing was starting to pick up to full-on panting
  76. >once you were sure she was moist enough, you carefully probed your fingers inside
  77. >her breath caught with a hiss and her whole body tensed up, belly and all
  78. >"More!"
  79. >you immediately began to try and stimulate her sensitive tissues
  80. >you could feel her gyrating her hips onto your fingers
  81. >"This...isn't going to cut it"
  82. >Did she just growl?
  83. "Well, what else did you have in-"
  84. >She answered for you by telekinetically grabbing you and pinning you to the back of the bed
  85. >she had also managed to rip your pants and undies off during the flight
  86. >"fingers wont cut it, Anon" she said, hormones raging for a different reason now
  87. >"I want the full package" she said and she crawled and the bed towards you
  88. >engorged breasts and belly sagging and swaying as she moved
  89. >she stopped directly over you
  90. >her glorious milk pillows taking up the entirety of your view
  91. >"Hope you're ready, Anon. Because I'm not waiting"
  92. >and with that, she started to lean back
  93. >poised right over your "Little Anon"
  94. >you gritted your teeth as she began to encompass your girth
  95. >-and immediately lose almost all the air in your lungs as thirty pounds of baby belly came to rest on half your torso
  96. >Oh lord, you didn't think this through
  97. >before you could protest, she began to raise back up
  98. >oh crap
  99. >and came slamming back down on your pelvis
  100. >your brain was sending mixed messages on account of the pain and stimulation coming in all at once
  101. >all "Little Anon" was saying was yesyesyesyesyes
  102. >you were at the mercy of Twilight and her raging hormones
  103. >all you could to was grab onto something for dear life
  104. >in this case, her bulging belly
  105. >anyone in there not woken up by the hormones was definitely awake after all the pounding as you felt them shift under your hands
  106. >you watched Twilight throw her head back with a moan as she began to pick up the pace
  107. >she was getting close
  108. >you tried to speed things along be gyrating in rhythm with her thrusts
  109. >and with a mighty yell, her entire body quaked as you both came
  110. >catching your breath, you looked up to see Twilight, half-lidded and with a slack-jawed smile
  111. >you'd be laughing if there wasn't so much weight bearing down on you
  112. >Carefully, you shifted your weight and hers where she was laying down on the bed
  113. >she immediately closed her eyes and shifted under the covers
  114. >"" she mumbled
  115. >you couldn't help but give a cheeky grin
  116. "Is that you talking, or the hormones?"
  117. >You got a pillow telekinetically slammed in your face for your troubles
  118. >"Don't ruin the moment"
  119. >and with that, you curled up and embraced the love of your life
  120. >her hand splaying yours over her belly
  121. >Yep, hormones were hell
  122. >But damnit, you were happy
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